An Introduction to Counselling and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice 6th Edition

 An Introduction to Counselling and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice 6th Edition

Table of Contents

PART ONE: What happens in therapy: The common ground

1. What it’s like to be a client
2. What it’s like to be a therapist
3. Building a therapeutic relationship: Working together
4. The process of therapy: The beginning 
5. The hard work: Choices, learning and change
6. Leaving therapy

PART TWO: Conceptualising the practice of therapy

7. The psychodynamic tradition
8. The cognitive–behavioural perspective
9. Interpersonal therapies
10. Person-centred, humanistic and experiential approaches
11. Transactional analysis: A comprehensive theoretical system
12. Gestalt therapy
13. Existential therapy
14. Narrative approaches to therapy
15. Working with families
16. The use of art in therapy
17. Therapy in nature: Using the outdoor environment
18. Religion and spirituality
19. Embodied conversations: Implications of developmental neuroscience and other biologically informed perspectives
20. Integrative therapies
21. Pluralistic therapy

PART THREE: Therapy as a response to cultural difference and social adversity

22. The historical context of contemporary practice
23. Culturally sensitive therapy
24. Therapy and the social 
25. Gender and sexuality
26. A social justice orientation: Therapy as political action

PART FOUR: Being a therapist

27. The qualities of effective therapists
28. Professional structures for supporting therapist competence
29. Working within an ethical and moral framework
30. Using research to inform practice
31. Making use of different delivery formats to enhance access and effectiveness
32. Looking ahead: Future challenges for the psychotherapeutic professions

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