A Nurse's Survival Guide to Children's Nursing - Updated Edition

A Nurse's Survival Guide to Children's Nursing - Updated Edition

Are you working as a children’s nurse or doing a placement on a children’s ward? Are you studying to become a great professional involved in nursing children and young people? This user friendly, easy to carry textbook is a practical and evidence-based guide which provides those in the early stages of their careers with clinical information and insights.

This book will help you to:

  • Gather all the information you need to work with patients, in a concise and structure way;
  • Obtain the knowledge required and clinical skills needed on a wide range of conditions;
  • Have an excellent starting point and great revision aid to refer to when in doubt;

What will you find in this UPDATED edition:

  • Answers to some of your questions about embarking on your career into children’s nursing;
  • How to satisfy children’s requirements and needs in the ward according to their age and stage of their development;
  • Examples on legal, health and safety issues;
  • Completely updated and revised content written by authors with extensive nursing experience in the field.

Part of the A Nurse’s Survival Guide series

Table Of Contents:

1 General principles of children’s nursing

1.1: Introduction

1.2:    Health and Safety

1.3: Emergency care of a child

1.4:    Life threatening complications

2 Assessment and investigations of a child

2.1: Paediatric scoring systems

2.2: Assessment of a child

2.3: Haemodynamic monitoring of a child

2.4: Diagnostic procedures

3 Children’s nursing interventions

3.1: General interventions

3.2: Specific interventions

3.3: Caring for a child in a variety of situations

3.4: Caring for a child in a variety of settings

4 Common conditions in children and reasons for admission

4.1: General condition in children: a systems approach

4.2: Other conditions observed in children

4.3: Mental health conditions in children

5 Psychological and ethical care

5.1: Professional and practice issues

5.2: Psychosocial issues

5.3: Palliative care of a child

6 Drug administration

6.1: General aspects

6.2: Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

6.3: Classification of drugs used in children

6.4: Medication management


Appendix 1 Normal vital signs

Appendix 2 Units of measurement

Appendix 3 Drug measurement and calculations



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