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Mastology / Breast Management

Author: Michael Sabel Model: 9781975176495
With an emphasis on the “hows and whys” of contemporary surgery, Operative Techniques in Breast, Endocrine, and Oncologic Surgery, Second Edition, features concise, bulleted text, full-color illustrations, and intraoperative photographs to clarify exactly what to look for ..
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Author: J Michael Dixon, Matthew Barber Model: 9780702084799
Breast Surgery provides a short, up-to-date and practical reference guide for general surgical trainees and established consultants needing a refresher. The seventh edition has been edited and fully revised by respected experts in their fields, and provides a full list of current references ..
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Multidisciplinary in scope and fully up to date with the latest advances in medical oncology and more, Bland and Copeland's The Breast, 6th Edition, covers every clinically relevant aspect of the field: cancer, congenital abnormalities, hormones, reconstruction, anatomy and physiology, benign br..
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Author: Biren A Shah and Sabala Mandava Model: 9781975195687
Prepare for success on the breast imaging component of the radiology Core Exam! Breast Imaging: A Core Review, 3rd Edition, by Drs. Biren A. Shah and Sabala Mandava, is an up-to-date, practical review tool written specifically for the Core Exam. This helpful resource contains 300 image-rich, multipl..
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Author: Senthil Damodaran, Debu Tripathy Model: 9781975184568
Designed for quick, everyday reference, Handbook of Targeted Cancer Therapy and Immunotherapy: Breast Cancer provides a practical overview of this rapidly advancing field. Comprehensive yet concise, this easy-access resource by Drs. Senthil Damodaran and Debu Tripathy of MD Anderson Cancer Center he..
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Model: QMP3
For years, A Woman's Decision has been the "go-to reference" for doctors, nurses, and patients as they deal with the physical and emotional trauma surrounding breast cancer and reconstruction. The fourth edition has been totally revised and updated to reflect the latest developments in..
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Author: Joe & Lee Model: 9780323758499
Description: Focusing on high-yield information, Breast Imaging: The Core Requisites, 4th Edition emphasizes the basics to help you establish a foundational understanding of breast imaging during rotations, prepare for the core and certifying exams, refresh your knowled..
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Author: Susan B. Promes Model: 9789811645457
About this bookThe book provides detailed information on breast cancer and covers all the aspects of this rapidly spreading disease, such as applied anatomy and physiology, causative factors, various Investigations to reach a concise, definitive and complete diagnosis. The management of brea..
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Author: By Tao Le, Vikas Bhushan Model: 9780826196033
Evidence-based research underscores the importance of breastfeeding for the healthy development of late preterm infants, yet significant challenges can impede successful breastfeeding. This is a groundbreaking, problem-solving guide to the most effective techniques for breastfeeding this vul..
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Author: Kedar D. Sankholkar Model: 9789388257947
Upgrade your Breast Cancer Screening and Diagnostic Skills! Breast Cancer Mimics is an enthralling collection of case scenarios collected by radiologists across the globe, highlighting the one common line of thought—benign breast lesions which resemble malignancies. Composed by dedicated bre..
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Introduction This book provides a clinically useful resource for evaluation and management of the symptoms and issues that burden survivors of breast cancer. Improvements to breast cancer screening and treatment have resulted in more patients than ever before having been cured after..
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This expert volume in the Diagnostic Pathology series is an excellent point-of-care resource for practitioners at all levels of experience and training. Covering all areas of breast pathology, it incorporates the most recent clinical, pathological, radiological, staging, and molecular knowle..
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Author: Lawrence & Lawrence Model: 9780323680134
Description: Written and edited by leading physicians, Breastfeeding: A Guide for the Medical Profession, 9th Edition, offers comprehensive, dependable information and guidance in this multifaceted field. Award-winning author and co-founder of the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine, D..
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This book provides an introduction to next generation smart screening technology for medical image analysis that combines artificial intelligence (AI) techniques with digital screening to develop innovative methods for detecting breast cancer. The authors begin with a discussion of breast ca..
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Author: J Michael Dixon and Matthew D. Barber Model: 9780702072413
Breast Surgery meets the needs of surgeons in higher training and practising consultants for a contemporary and evidence-based account of this sub-specialty that is relevant to their general surgical practice. It is a practical reference source incorporating the most current information on..
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Author: Jones Model: 9781626238121
Few surgical texts are able to provide readers with a level of descriptive and visual detail sufficient to be considered a primary manual for surgical procedures. Surgeons typically face the daunting task of extensive research through various texts to piece together a picture comprehensive e..
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Author: Mahesh K. Shetty Model: 9783030694753
This book is primarily a symptom-based guide to Breast and Gynecologic Imaging. Most clinical publications focus on a specific pathology such as "Imaging and/or management of ovarian cancer," but in clinical practice, patients do not present with a diagnosis. Physicians are presented with cl..
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The thorax has a fundamental role in the aesthetic of the male body: congenital or acquired alterations are experienced as extremely frustrating clinical situations. Most breast surgery texts briefly mention  gynecomastia, but no text comprehensively addresses the male breast and thorax..
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Author: Brian Leyland-Jones Model: 9781420086379
Pharmacogenetics is becoming increasingly relevant in the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery of cancer patients. A major problem facing oncologists is the outstanding varied efficacy of treatment. Promising advances in pharmacogenetics have allowed the development of effective agents which ..
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Author: Lee L.Q Pu & Mark L. Jewell Model: 9780323511131
Concise, practical, and highly illustrated, Atlas of Aesthetic Breast Surgery focuses exclusively on the procedures and techniques of cosmetic breast surgery that lead to optimal aesthetic appeal, symmetry, and proportion. Each chapter is presented in a consistent, user-friend..
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