Psychotherapy Relationships that Work, 2 vol set

Psychotherapy Relationships that Work, 2 vol set

Now available in a two-volume set

First published in 2002, the landmark Psychotherapy Relationships That Work broke new ground by focusing renewed and corrective attention on the substantial research behind the crucial (but often overlooked) client-therapist relationship. Now, this thoroughly revised third edition has become a highly cited, widely adopted classic in the field.

Each chapter features a specific therapist behavior that improves treatment outcome, or a transdiagnostic patient characteristic by which clinicians can effectively tailor psychotherapy.
In addition to updating each chapter, the third edition features new chapters on the real relationship, emotional expression, immediacy, therapist self-disclosure, promoting treatment credibility, and adapting therapy to the patient's gender identity and sexual orientation.

All chapters provide original, meta-analyses of the relevant research; clinical examples; landmark studies; diversity considerations; training implications; and most importantly; research-infused therapeutic practices by distinguished contributors. The result is a compelling synthesis of the best available research, clinical expertise, and patient characteristics in the tradition of evidence-based practice.

As was the original, the third edition of Psychotherapy Relationships that Work is "A veritable gold mine of research related to relationships, a volume that should be an invaluable reference for every student and practitioner of psychotherapy."

Table of Contents


1. Evidence-Based Psychotherapy Relationships: The Third Task Force
John C. Norcross & Michael J. Lambert
2. Alliance in Adult Psychotherapy
Christoph Flückiger, A. C. Del Re, Bruce E. Wampold, & Adam O. Horvath
3. Alliance in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy
Marc S. Karver, Alessandro S. De Nadai, Maureen Monahan, & Stephen R. Shirk
4. Alliances in Couple and Family Therapy
Myrna L. Friedlander, Valentín Escudero, Marianne J. Welmers-van de Poll, & Laurie Heatherington

5. Goal Consensus and Collaboration
Georgiana Shick Tryon, Sarah E. Birch, & Jay Verkuilen
6. Cohesion in Group Therapy
Gary M. Burlingame, Debra Theobald McClendon, & Chongming Yang
7. Empathy
Robert Elliott, Arthur C. Bohart, Jeanne C. Watson, & David Murphy
8. Positive Regard and Affirmation
Barry A. Farber, Jessica Y. Suzuki, & David A. Lynch
9. Congruence/Genuineness
Gregory G. Kolden, Chia-Chiang Wang, Sara B. Austin, Yunling Chang, & Marjorie H. Klein
10. The Real Relationship
Charles J. Gelso, Dennis M. Kivlighan, Jr., & Rayna D. Markin
11. Self-Disclosure and Immediacy
Clara E. Hill, Sarah Knox, & Kristen G. Pinto-Coelho
12. Emotional Expression
Paul R. Peluso & Robert R. Freund
13. Cultivating Positive Outcome Expectation
Michael J. Constantino, Andreea Vîslâ, Alice E. Coyne, & James F. Boswell
14. Promoting Treatment Credibility
Michael J. Constantino, Alice E. Coyne, James F. Boswell, Brittany R. Iles, & Andreea Vîslâ
15. Managing Countertransference
Jeffrey A. Hayes, Charles J. Gelso, D. Martin Kivlighan, & Simon B. Goldberg
16. Repairing Alliance Ruptures
Catherine F. Eubanks, J. Christopher Muran, & Jeremy D. Safran
17. Collecting and Delivering Client Feedback
Michael J. Lambert, Jason L. Whipple, & Maria Kleinstäuber
18. What Works in the Psychotherapy Relationship: Results, Conclusions, and Practices
John C. Norcross & Michael J. Lambert
1. Evidence-Based Psychotherapy Responsiveness: The Third Task Force
John C. Norcross & Bruce E. Wampold
2. Attachment Style
Kenneth N. Levy, Yogev Kivity, Caroline V. Gooch, & Benjamin N. Johnson
3. Coping Style
Larry E. Beutler, Christopher J. Edwards, Satoko Kimpara & Kimberley Miller
4. Cultural Adaptations and Multicultural Competence
Alberto Soto, Timothy B. Smith, Derek Griner, Melanie Domenech Rodríguez, & Guillermo Bernal
5. Gender Identity
Stephanie L. Budge & Bonnie Moradi
6. Preferences
Joshua K. Swift, Jennifer L. Callahan, Mick Cooper, & Susannah R. Parkin
7. Reactance Level
Christopher J. Edwards, Larry E. Beutler, & Kathleen Someah
8. Religion and Spirituality
Joshua N. Hook, Laura E. Captari, William Hoyt, Don E. Davis, Stacey E. McElroy, and Everett L. Worthington Jr.
9. Sexual Orientation
Bonnie Moradi & Stephanie L. Budge
10. Stages of Change
Paul Krebs, John C. Norcross, Joseph M. Nicholson, and James O. Prochaska
11. Personalizing Psychotherapy: Results, Conclusions, and Practices
John C. Norcross & Bruce E. Wampold

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