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Protein Kinases in Drug Discovery, Volume 124

Protein Kinases in Drug Discovery, Volume 124
Protein Kinases in Drug Discovery, Volume 124
  • Author: Rossen Donev
  • ISBN: 9780323853132
  • Publisher: Elsevier
  • Pages: 350
  • Year Published: 2021
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  • Contains timely chapters written by well-renown authorities in their field
  • Includes a number of high-quality illustrations, figures and tables, and targets a very wide audience of specialists, researchers and students
  • Integrates experimental and computational methods for studying the role of protein kinases in different diseases, along with sections on the design of suitable protein kinase inhibitors for use in the treatment of patients
Table Of Contents:

1. Transport Proteins and AMPs: Implications in Human Disease
Shailza Singh
2. Protein kinase CK2 inhibition as a pharmacological strategy
Maria Ruzzene
3. Emerging role of Protein kinase in diabetes mellitus: From Mechanism to therapy
Imtaiyaz Hassan
4. Dual Roles of ATP-binding site in Protein Kinases: Orthosteric inhibition and Allosteric Regulation
Shaoyong Lu
5. Pseudokinases in drug discovery and development: progress, challenges and future prospects
G Rajanikant
6. Comparison of knowledge-based vs combinatorial peptide library approaches for the identification of protein kinase substrates
Amaury Fernández-Montalván
7. Assessment of sub-kinomes using peptide arrays: A novel platform connecting protein kinase activity and systems pharmacology approaches
Robert Mccullumsmith
8. Chemogenomics and bioinformatics approaches for prioritizing kinases as drug targets for neglected tropical diseases
Carolina Horta Andrade
9. Targeting malaria protein kinases
Fabio Costa
10. Yeast-based high-throughput screen for discovery of kinase inhibitors as antiparasitic drug candidates
Elizabeth Bilsland
11. Predicting nucleophilic hotspots in protein kinases
Jana Shen
12. Structural studies of full-length kinase receptors: Opportunities for drug design
Ho Leung Ng

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