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Laboratory Practices in Microbiology

Laboratory Practices in Microbiology
Laboratory Practices in Microbiology
  • Author: Osman Erkmen
  • ISBN: 9780323910170
  • Publisher: Elsevier
  • Pages: 292
  • Dimensions: 152 X 229 mm
  • Year Published: 2021
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  • Gives complete explanations for all steps in experiments, thus helping readers easily understand experimental procedures
  • Includes certain subjects that tend to be disregarded in other microbiology laboratory books, including microorganisms in the environment, pure culture methods, wet-mount and hanging drop methods, biochemical characteristics of microorganisms, osmotic pressure effects on microorganisms, antiseptic and disinfectants effects on microorganisms, and more
  • Provides groupings and characterizations of microorganisms
  • Functions as a representative reference book for the field of microbiology in the laboratory
Table Of Contents:

About the Author
Introduction to the Student

Section I: Microbiological Media and Cultural Techniques

1. Preparation of Media and Sterilization Techniques
2. Microorganisms in Environment
3. Aseptic Techniques
4. Pure Culture Techniques
5. Culture Preservation Techniques

Section II: Techniques on Morphological Examination of Bacteria

6. Microscope for Study of Microorganisms
7. Microbial Cell Measurement Technique
8. Wet-mount and Hanging-drop Techniques
9. Smear Preparation and Simple Staining Techniques
10. Gram Staining Technique
11. Bacterial Endospore Staining Techniques
12. Bacterial Capsule Staining Techniques
13. Motility Tests

Section III: Biochemical and Cultural Characteristics of Microorganisms

14. Cultural Characteristics of Bacteria
15. Oxidation and Fermentation
16. Hydrolytic Reactions

Section IV: Chemical and Physical Effects on Microorganisms

17. Antiseptic and Disinfectant Effects on Microorganisms
18. Antibiotic Sensitivity Test Technique
19. Effect of Hand Scrubbing on Removal of Microorganisms
20. Temperature Effects on Microorganisms
21. Osmotic Pressure and pH Effects on Microorganisms
22. Ultraviolet Light Effects on Microorganisms
23. Oxygen Effects on Microorganisms

Section V: Fungi and Bacteriophages

24. Morphological Characteristics of Yeasts and Molds
25. Isolation, Enumeration, and Uses of Bacteriophages

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