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The Oxford Encyclopedia of Health Economics 3-Volume Set

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Health Economics 3-Volume Set
The Oxford Encyclopedia of Health Economics 3-Volume Set
  • Author: Andrew M. Jones
  • ISBN: 9780190902179
  • Pages: 2000
  • Dimensions: 254x178mm
  • Year Published: 2020
Ex Tax: 404.72€
  • The Encyclopedia offers an in-depth review of recent developments across the full range of Health Economics.
  • The articles, by leading authorities in the field, are written to be accessible to both a scholarly audience as well as to those outside of the academy, including professionals in the many areas related to public health.
  • Articles are published both in print and online as part of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Economics and Finance, a living reference resource.
  • This resource is relevant to a broad audience in health policy, including other disciplines in global health, health services research, and health technology assessment.
  • All articles are commissioned under the editorial leadership of international experts of the highest caliber and are vetted through rigorous peer review.

Health Economics is a large and vibrant area of economics that has expanded rapidly over the past fifty years. This three-volume encyclopedia brings together leading scholars to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date resource on health economics ever produced. In 85 peer-reviewed entries, readers of the Oxford Encyclopedia of Health Economics will find authoritative overviews of all aspects of modern health economics research, organized around four broad themes: population health, global health, health systems, and evaluation.

Students, scholars, researchers, and professionals seeking in-depth, foundational essays on both core and emerging topics will find comprehensive examinations of the vast and growing literature in health economics.

Table of Contents

Aging and Healthcare Costs (Martin Karlsson, Tor Iversen, and Henning Øien)
Bayesian Statistical Economic Evaluation Methods for Health Technology Assessment (Andrea
Gabrio, Gianluca Baio, and Andrea Manca)
Behavioral Experiments in Health Economics (Matteo M. Galizzi and Daniel Wiesen)
The Business Cycle and Health (Cristina Bellés-Obrero and Judit Vall Castello)
Challenges in Financing Universal Health Coverage in Sub-Saharan Africa (Diane McIntyre,
Amarech G. Obse, Edwine W. Barasa, and John E. Ataguba)
Changes in Hospital Financing and Organization and Their Impact on Hospital Performance
(Jonas Schreyögg)
Choice Inconsistencies in the Demand for Private Health Insurance (Olena Stavrunova)
Competition and Quality in Healthcare (Peter Sivey and Yijuan Chen)
Considering Health-Systems Constraints in Economic Evaluation in Low- and Middle-Income
Settings (Anna Vassall, Fiammetta Bozzani, and Kara Hanson)
Contracts and Working Conditions in Medicine (Helen Hayes and Matt Sutton)
Design of Discrete Choice Experiments (Deborah J. Street and Rosalie Viney)
Developmental Origins of Health Inequality (Gabriella Conti, Giacomo Mason, and Stavros
Disability and Economic Development (Marc Suhrcke)
Econometrics of Stated Preferences (Denzil G. Fiebig and Hong Il Yoo)
Economic Evaluation of Medical Devices (Michael Drummond, Rosanna Tarricone, and
Aleksandra Torbica)
Economic Evaluation of Medical Screening (Eline Aas, Emily Burger, and Kine Pedersen)
Economic Incentives, Risk Behaviors, and HIV (Sandra G. Sosa-Rubí and Omar Galárraga)
Economics and Genetics (Jason M. Fletcher)
The Economics of Cancer Prevention and Control (Ya-Chen Tina Shih)
The Economics of Childhood and Adolescent Obesity (Nathan Tefft)
The Economics of Cognitive Aging (Fabrizio Mazzonna and Franco Peracchi)
The Economics of Diet and Obesity: Public Policy (Fabrice Etilé)
The Economics of Diet and Obesity: Understanding the Global Trends (Fabrice Etilé and Lisa
The Economics of Early Interventions Aimed at Child Development (Samuel Berlinski and
Marcos Vera-Hernández)
The Economics of End-of-Life Spending (Hans Olav Melberg)
The Economics of Families and Health (Susan Averett and Jennifer Kohn)
The Economics of Infectious Diseases (Katharina Hauck)
The Economics of Informal Care (Courtney Van Houtven, Fiona Carmichael, Josephine Jacobs,
and Peter C. Coyte)
The Economics of Long-Term Care (Norman Bannenberg, Martin Karlsson, and Hendrik
The Economics of Malaria Prevention (Bénédicte Apouey, Gabriel Picone, and Joshua Wilde)
The Economics of Smoking Prevention (Philip DeCicca, Donald S. Kenkel, Michael F.
Lovenheim, and Erik Nesson)
Effectiveness and Availability of Treatment for Substance Use Disorders (Dominic Hodgkin and
Hilary S. Connery)
The Effect of Education on Health and Mortality: A Review of Experimental and Quasi-
Experimental Evidence (Titus Galama, Adriana Lleras-Muney, and Hans van
The Effect of Government Policy on Pharmaceutical Drug Innovation (Ayman Chit and Paul
The Effects of Prenatal Care on Birth Outcomes: Reconciling a Messy Literature (Hope Corman,
Dhaval Dave, and Nancy E. Reichman)
Equality of Opportunity in Health and Healthcare (Florence Jusot and Sandy Tubeuf)
Evaluation of Mental Health Interventions (Martin Knapp)
The Evolution of Mental Health Policy and Economics (Sherry Glied and Richard Frank)
Famines, Hunger, and Later-Life Health (Gerard J. van den Berg and Maarten Lindeboom)
Financial Protection Against Medical Expense (Owen O'Donnell)
Financial Strain and Health (Irina Grafova)
Financing and Policy for Long-Term Care (Alexandrina Stoyanova and David Cantarero-Prieto)
Frameworks for Priority Setting in Health and Social Care (Marissa Collins, Neil McHugh,
Rachel Baker, Alec Morton, Lucy Frith, Keith Syrett, and Cam Donaldson)
From Clinical Outcomes to Health Utilities: The Role of Mapping to Bridge the Evidence Gap
(Mónica Hernández Alava)
Globalization, Trade, and Health Economics (Richard Smith and Johanna Hanefeld)
The Growth of Health Spending in the United States from 1776 to 2026 (Thomas E. Getzen)
Health and Economic Growth (David E. Bloom, Michael Kuhn, and Klaus Prettner)
Healthcare System Challenges in Asia (Winnie Yip)
Health Economics of the Workplace: Workplace Accidents and Effects of Job Loss and
Retirement (Jan C. van Ours)
Health Information Technology (Jordan Everson and Melinda Beeuwkes Buntin)
Health Insurance and Labor Supply (Gregory Colman, Dhaval Dave, and Otto Lenhart)
Health Insurance and the Demand for Healthcare (Michael Gerfin)
Health Insurance Plan Choice and Switching (Joachim Winter and Amelie Wuppermann)
Health Policy and Finance Challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean: An Economic
Perspective (André Medici and Maureen Lewis)
Health Status Measurement (John Mullahy)
Heterogeneity in Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (Ciaran N. Kohli-Lynch and Andrew H. Briggs)
Incentives and Performance of Healthcare Professionals (Martin Chalkley)
Incentives in Healthcare Payment Systems (Ching-to Albert Ma and Henry Y. Mak)
Information, Risk Aversion, and Healthcare Economics (Hendrik Schmitz and Svenja Winkler)
Investments in Children's Mental Health (Daniel Eisenberg and Ramesh Raghavan)
The Lifetime Dynamics of Health and Wealth (Pascal St-Amour)
Machine Learning in Policy Evaluation: New Tools for Causal Inference (Noémi Kreif and Karla
Measuring Health Utility in Economics (José Luis Pinto-Prades, Arthur Attema, and Fernando
Ignacio Sánchez-Martínez)
Microinsurance and Rural Health (Syed Abdul Hamid)
Modeling Chronic Diseases in Relation to Risk Factors (Pieter van Baal and Hendriek
Models of Health and Addiction (Audrey Laporte and Brian S. Ferguson)
Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) in Healthcare Decision-Making (Paul Hansen and
Nancy Devlin)
New Technologies and Costs in Healthcare (Vincenzo Atella and Joanna Kopinska)
Noncompliance and Missing Data in Health Economic Evaluation (Karla DiazOrdaz and Richard
Pay-for-Performance and Long-Term Care (Jun Li and Edward C. Norton)
Price Regulation and Pay-for-Performance in Public Health Systems (Luigi Siciliani)
Price Regulation and Pharmaceuticals (A. McGuire)
Public Finance and Soft Budgets (Rosella Levaggi)
Qualitative Methods in Health Economics (Joanna Coast and Manuela De Allegri)
Quality in Nursing Homes (Matteo Lippi Bruni, Irene Mammi, and Rossella Verzulli)
The Rationale for Interventions to Foster Child Development (Samuel Berlinski and Marcos
Returns to Health Spending in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (Ijeoma Peace Edoka)
Social Interactions in Health Behaviors and Conditions (Ana Balsa and Carlos Díaz)
The Spatial Dimension of Health Systems (Elisa Tosetti, Rita Santos, Francesco Moscone, and
Giuseppe Arbia)
Strategies to Counteract Risk Selection in Social Health Insurance Markets (Richard C. van
Kleef, Thomas G. McGuire, Frederik T. Schut, and Wynand P. M. M. van de Ven)
Supplementary Health Insurance and the Regulation of Healthcare Systems (Brigitte Dormont)
Technology, Productivity, and Costs in Healthcare (Albert A. Okunade and Ahmad Reshad
Time Preferences for Health (Marjon van der Pol and Alastair Irvine)
Valuation of Health Risks (Henrik Andersson, Arne Risa Hole, and Mikael Svensson)
Variations in the Adoption of Healthcare Innovation: A Literature Review (Marisa Miraldo,
Katharina Hauck, Antoine Vernet, and Ana Wheelock)

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