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Cosmeceuticals and Active Cosmetics discusses the science of nearly two dozen cosmeceuticals used today. This third edition provides ample evidence on specific cosmeceutical substances, their classes of use, skin conditions for which they are used, and points of interest arising from other cons..
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The world's leading book about cosmetic ingredients of natural origin. Sold in 90 countries worldwide. The Modern Cosmetics book is a must-have for everyone interested in natural cosmetics. It is comprehensive and easy to read. Written by scientists. It provides clear, high-quality, reliable s..
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Author: Neil S Sadick, Mary P Lupo, Zoe Diana Draelos Model: 9781138055506
Cosmeceuticals – skin care products that fall between a cosmetic and a pharmaceutical, with active ingredients that counter skin aging and promote skin rejuvenation – are an invaluable adjunct to the cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon performing minimally invasive aesthetic proced..
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Author: Gabriella Baki Model: 9781119709770
DESCRIPTION Introduction to Cosmetic Formulation and Technology An accessible and practical review of cosmetics and OTC drug-cosmetic products In the newly revised second edition of Introduction to Cosmetic Formulation and Technology, veteran educator and researcher Dr. Gabriella Baki ..
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Author: Tizard Model: 9780367402815
Book Description CRC Handbook of Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Excipients provides a comprehensive summary of toxicological issues regarding inactive ingredients in pharmaceutical products, cosmetic products, and food additives. Background information on regulations and labeling requirements f..
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Author: Carpenter & Harms Model: 9780824798055
Book Description "Second Edition provides a thorough, up-to-date treatment of the fundamental behavior of surface active agents in solutions, their interaction with biological structures from proteins and membranes to the stratum corneum and epidermis, and their performance in formulations ..
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Author: Orsini et al Model: 9781842145647
Book Description Written by experienced and internationally renowned contributors, this is the fourth edition of what has become the standard reference for cosmetic scientists and dermatologists seeking the latest innovations and technology for the formulation, design, testing, use, and p..
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Author: Elizabeth Edwards and Peter Lynch Model: 9781032093079
Book Description Cosmetics are the most widely applied products to the skin and include creams, lotions, gels and sprays. Their formulation, design and manufacturing ranges from large cosmetic houses to small private companies. This book covers the current science in the formulations of c..
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Author: Puneet Khanna, Shashikant Sharma Model: 9780367577780
Book Description From anti-aging creams to make-up, surfactants play a key role as delivery systems for skin care and decorative cosmetic products. Surfactants in Personal Care Products and Decorative Cosmetics, Third Edition presents a scientific basis in surfactant science and recent advanc..
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Author: Valerie Ann Worwood Model: 9789603260585
Τα μυστικά των αρωμάτων χρησιμοποιούνται από την αρχή της ανθρώπινης ιστορίας στο πεδίο του έρωτα και της σαγήνευσης. Τώρα, η σύγχρονη επιστήμη ανακαλύπτει αυτό, που οι εραστές και οι αισθησιακοί άνθρωποι ήξεραν πάντα - πως η όσφρηση είναι μια ισχυρή αίσθηση· ακόμη, ότι τα αρώματα επηρεάζουν..
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Author: Philip A. Geis Model: 9781138732919
This updated edition provides research scientists, microbiologists, process engineers, and plant managers with an authoritative resource on basic microbiology, manufacturing hygiene, and product preservation. It offers a contemporary global perspective on the dynamics affecting the industry, includi..
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Author: Αθηνά Μαλαπάνη Model: 9786180021882
Το βιβλίο αυτό παρέχει πολύτιμες πληροφορίες για την αλόη, το γανόδερμα, τον κίσθο και την πρόπολη και πώς αυτές οι ουσίες της Φύσης μπορούν να συνεισφέρουν στην υγεία μας και την ευεξία μας. Ο αναγνώστης μπορεί να βρει μια αναλυτική αναφορά στην ιστορική εξέλιξη αυτών των ουσιών, καθώς χρησ..
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Author: Rashmi Sarkar Model: 9789352705443
  This book is a concise guide to the diagnosis and management of common skin conditions for dermatologists and trainees. The text begins with an introduction to sensitive skin and general skin care methods, followed by chapters dedicated to different dermatologic conditions including ros..
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Author: Nava Dayan Model: 9781119592235
The idea to compile and edit the book is the result of over a decade of work by the editor, Dr. Nava Dayan, on various projects related to skin barrier, innate immunity, microbiome, developing products, testing methods and paths of products to the market, both for pharmaceutical and the cosmetic ind..
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Author: Wittner Model: 9791092544435
Identification, regulations, safety assessment, cosmetic properties of the most commonly used in personal care products, controversies, topics of inspections by control authorities… This dossier brings together the essentials of what it is necessary to know and master in order to properly us..
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Author: Wittner Model: 9791092544374
Definition(s), characterization, safety assessment and regulations, scientific studies, alerts and debates… Here is a dossier at the core of the infinitesimal of nano-ingredients.English version - PDF format. L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques’ edition. Learn more They worry m..
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Author: Wittner Model: 9791092544725
Version française - format PDF. Une publication de L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques.Cosmétique, tu seras naturelle ou tu ne seras pas…. Ce mantra, qui est passé du statut de tendance émergente il y a quelques années à une attente forte des consommateurs aujourd’hui, encore renforcée par la crise..
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Author: Wittner Model: 9791092544411
Essential to protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays, on the beach in summer and in the mountains in winter, sunscreen products are nevertheless the subject of recurring criticism as to their effectiveness or doubts as to their safety. And regularly, debates reappear on the aller..
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Author: Wittner Model: 9791092544473
The label of a cosmetic product cannot be conceived frivolously or too fast, nor according to the sole inspiration of the moment.The set of rules, which must be translated into concrete terms on labelling, are recalled in this ebook, accompanied by advice on how best to implement them, and t..
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Author: Wittner Model: 9791092544510
In this 2019 edition, you will find a list of the most commonly used or suspected endocrine disrupters in cosmetics, with 33 data sheets, current regulations, ongoing evaluations and prospects for the future.English version - PDF format. L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques’ edit..
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