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Author: David Misselbrook Model: 9781032416731
This introduction to the philosophy of medicine surveys the landscape of western philosophy as it pertains to healthcare in an accessible way. Written by a doctor for doctors and other health professionals, framing the 'toolbox' of philosophy within the community of medicine, it encourages e..
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Author: L. Allen Furr Model: 9781032433660
While transplanting human heads is not a new concept, the idea has largely been relegated to religious lore or as a plot device in science fiction.  But now, a surgical plan to perform the complex procedure exists, and though most physicians question head transplantation’s medical veracit..
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Author: Gale M. Sinatra, Barbara K. Hofer Model: 9780197683330
Offers psychological explanations for why people deny science Provides solutions for individuals, educators, science communicators, and policy makers Allows individuals to examine their own thinking as well as that of others and to become more vigilant about these pitfalls..
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Author: Sue Armstrong Model: 9789605249267
Πώς και γιατί γερνούν οι οργανισμοί, και ιδιαίτερα οι άνθρωπ&o..
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Author: Ζήσης Παπαθανασίου Model: 9786188685406
Μια επανάσταση συντελείται στα χρόνια της ψηφιακής διασύνδ&e..
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The definitive guide to motivational interviewing (MI) for health care practitioners has been completely revised to reflect important developments and make the approach even more accessible. When it comes to helping patients manage chronic and acute conditions and make healthier choices in such..
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Author: ERIC TOPOL Model: 9786182300015
Η επίσκεψη στον γιατρό είναι συχνά κάτι ψυχρό, μηχανικό και απρόσ&..
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Author: Αθανασία Παππά Model: 9786188473560
Η Φίλη μου η Νιάρα . Ένα βιβλίο για παιδιά, αλλιωτικο από τα άλλα...
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Το βιβλίο "Η προστασία του ασθενούς ως καταναλωτή" προσ..
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Author: ΡΟΜΠΕΡΤΟ ΣΑΒΙΑΝΟ Model: 9789601655185
Το να γράφεις για την κοκαΐνη είναι σαν να κάνεις χρήση. Θέλει&si..
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Author: Lois N. Magner, Oliver Kim Model: 9781498796224
Designed for survey courses in the field A History of Medicine presents a wide-ranging overview for those seeking a solid grounding in the medical history of Western and non-Western cultures. Invaluable to instructors promoting the history of medicine in pre-professional training, and stressing majo..
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Author: Harald H.H.W. Schmidt Model: 9783030952921
Medicine itself is sick. We hardly understand any disease and therefore need to chronically treat symptoms but not the causes. Consequently, drugs and other therapies help only very few patients; yet we are pumping more and more money into our healthcare system without any added value.Thus, the inte..
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AI IN CLINICAL MEDICINE An essential overview of the application of artificial intelligence in clinical medicine AI in Clinical Medicine: A Practical Guide for Healthcare Professionals is the definitive reference book for the emerging and exciting use of AI throughout clinical medicine.&n..
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Author: James DeGregori Model: 9783031263569
The Parthenon marbles case is the most famous international cultural heritage dispute concerning repatriation of looted antiquities, the Parthenon marbles in the British Museum’s ‘Elgin Collection’. The case has polarised observers ever since Elgin had the marbles hacked out of the..
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Author: James DeGregori Model: 9789605249298
Γιατί νοσούμε από ασθένειες όπως ο καρκίνος· και γιατί οι &alph..
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Author: Ιπποκράτης Model: 9789603824138
Προγνωστικόν: Έκθεση των γενικών συμπτωμάτων των οξέων νοσημάτ&om..
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Author: Ιπποκράτης Model: 9789603824169
ΠΕΡΙ ΝΟΥΣΩΝ Α΄-Δ΄ Παροχή γενικών οδηγιών προς τους γιατρού&sigm..
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Author: Ιπποκράτης Model: 9789603824152
ΠΕΡΙ ΠΑΘΩΝ: Καταγραφή γενικών γνώσεων και παροχή συμβουλών &g..
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