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Gray's Anatomy Review, 3E

Gray's Anatomy Review, 3E
Gray's Anatomy Review, 3E
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With the most extensive, comprehensive collection of anatomy multiple-choice questions in strict, current USMLE format, Gray’s Anatomy Review, 3rd Edition, is an easy-to-use study tool that helps you relate anatomy to clinical practice and pass your exams. Whether used as a companion to Gray’s Anatomy for Students or as a stand-alone resource, this medical textbook is your indispensable review book for both in-course examinations and the USMLE Step 1.  


Table Of Contents:
1. Back
2. Thorax
3. Abdomen
4. Pelvis/Perineum
5. Lower Limb
6. Upper Limb
7. Head and Neck
8. Neuroanatomy
9. Embryology

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