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Laboratory Medicine and Cytology

Author: Alejandro Ariel Gru, ANDRAS SCHAFFER Model: 9781975158552
Description The most comprehensive reference book on diagnosing cutaneous hematologic disorders available, Hematopathology of the Skin: Clinical and Pathological Approach, 2nd Edition, provides interdisciplinary guidance from more than 40 global experts in the fields of dermatopathology, dermato..
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Author: Dover, Innes & Fairhurst Model: 9780323775724
Description: Use THE definitive reference for laboratory medicine and clinical pathology! Tietz Textbook of Laboratory Medicine, 7th Edition provides the guidance necessary to select, perform, and evaluate the results of new and established laboratory tests. Comprehensive coverage includ..
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Λεπτομέρειες The perfect point-of-care guide for nurses and health professionals caring for patients undergoing diagnostic tests and procedures, Fischbach’s A Manual of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests, 11th Edition, provides an e..
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Author: Sougata Ghosh Model: 9788194802884
The new updated edition of the book is planned at a much-needed time when Medical Council of India (MCI)has implemented competency -based medical education (CBME)and there was a strong need for a Medical Parasitology textbook conforming to the current revised competency-based MBBS curriculum..
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Author: Pagana, Pagana & Pagana Model: 9780323697033
Understanding and performing tests, interpreting lab results, and performing patient teaching are made easier with Mosby’s® Manual of Diagnostic and Laboratory Tests, 7th Edition. This one-stop resource provides clear, concise, and consistent coverage of the most commonly performed diagnostic an..
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Author: Stephen Gillespie, Kathleen Bamford Model: 9781119592167
Description In the newly revised and expanded fifth edition of Medical Microbiology and Infection at a Glance, distinguished authors Stephen H. Gillespie and Kathleen Bamford deliver a concise and popular introduction to medical microbiology&nb..
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Purchase the new print edition of this Lippincott® Connect title includes lifetime access to the digital version of the book, plus related materials such as videos and multiple-choice Q&A and self-assessments. Praised by faculty and students for more than two decades, Lippincott® Illustrat..
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Book Description The seventh edition of this concise, highly practical guide to the interpretation of normal and abnormal laboratory results is fully revised and expanded, with updates on established and familiar tests, as well as interpretations on recent developments.With increasing res..
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Author: Gerald McDonnell Model: 9781496381491
With more international contributors than ever before, Block’s Disinfection, Sterilization, and Preservation, 6th Edition, is the first new edition in nearly 20 years of the definitive technical manual for anyone involved in physical and chemical disinfection and sterilization methods. The boo..
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Author: Rifai Model: 9780323530446
Get the foundational knowledge you need to successfully work in a real-world, clinical lab with Tietz Fundamentals of Clinical Chemistry and Molecular Diagnostics, 8th Edition. From highly respected clinical chemistry expert Nader Rifai, this condensed, easier-to-understand version of the acclaimed ..
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Author: Lajos P. Balogh Model: 9789814800327
This book is the second in a series presenting articles that received the most citations in recent years in nanomedicine. The series is edited by, a prominent nanotechnology researcher and editor-in-chief of Precision Nanomedicine. The theme of the second volume is about nano-enabled medical..
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Author: Colby Model: 9781119489566
The revised fifth edition of Clinical Laboratory Animal Medicine: An Introduction is an accessible guide to basic information for conducting animal research safely and responsibly. It includes a review of the unique anatomic and physiologic characteristics of laboratory animals, husbandry prac..
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Author: Orell, Sterrett, Model: 9780702031519
Expert Consult: Online and PrintDescription A major revision of the leading textbook of FNA cytology Both text and illustrations provide a systematic and logical approach to the acquisition, interpretation and diagnosis of Fine Needle Aspirate biopsy specimens. Orell’s FNA Cytology will assist in e..
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Author: Mary Louise Turgeon Model: 9780323067829
The Basics and Routine TechniquesDescription: Updated and easy-to-use, Linne & Ringsrud's Clinical Laboratory Science: The Basics and Routine Techniques, 6th Edition delivers a fundamental overview of the laboratory skills and techniques essential for success in your classes and your career. Aut..
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Author: Wildemann Model: 9783131441010
Up-to-date, comprehensive, and beautifully illustrated, Laboratory Diagnosis in Neurology presents all the measuring parameters and methods relevant to the analysis of cerebrospinal fluid, serum, and tissues affected by neurologic disease and syndromes. Following an introduction to basic concepts, t..
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Author: Dr.Cyril Fisher MD Model: 9780781795593
Biopsy Interpretation of Soft Tissue Tumors is a practical guide and bench reference for surgical pathologists for the interpretation of soft tissue biopsies, including open and percutaneous core needle biopsies. Each chapter guides readers in a logical way, with the key differential diagnostic feat..
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Author: Baldwin Model: 978-0-7020-3045-1
Wheater's Review of Histology & Basic Pathology, by Kate M. Bladwin, PhD, Lekidelu Taddesse-Heath, John K. Young, PhD, and Raziel S. Hakim, PhD, helps you master the knowledge you need for histology exams and the USMLE Step 1. Based on the widely respected textbooks Wheater’s Functional Histolog..
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Author: Kent B. Crossley Model: 9781405163323
Staphylococci remain the most important cause of hospital-acquired infections in the U.S. and MRSA has become the most common cause of skin and soft tissue infection in many parts of the world. There is now a much greater understanding of the physiology and evolution of the staphylococci and this ne..
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Author: MARY LEE Model: 978-1-58528-180-0
Basic Skills in Interpreting Laboratory Data has been one of ASHP’s all-time best-sellers.It’s the only reference on this subject written by pharmacists for pharmacists. Studentsfind this guide a clear and useful introduction to the fundamentals of interpreting lab testresults. Practitioners value i..
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