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Medical Epigenetics, 2nd Edition, Volume 29

Medical Epigenetics, 2nd Edition, Volume 29
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Medical Epigenetics, 2nd Edition, Volume 29
  • Author: Tollefsbol
  • ISBN: 9780128239285
  • Publisher: Elsevier
  • Pages: 970
  • Dimensions: 191 X 235 mm
  • Year Published: 2021
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  • Features chapters from leading researchers and clinicians dedicated to the burgeoning role of epigenetics in medical practice
  • Covers emerging topics, including twin epigenetics, as well as epigenetics of gastrointestinal disease, muscle disorders, endocrine disorders, ocular medicine, pediatric diseases, sports medicine, noncoding RNA therapeutics, pain management and regenerative medicine
  • Organized from system disorders to multi-system disorders that involve epigenetic aberrations
  • Examines the role of epigenetics in precision medicine
Table Of Contents:

Section A Overview
1. Advances in medical epigenetics
Section B General medical aspects of epigenetics
2. Environmental epigenetic epidemiology
3. Lifestyle and preventive medical epigenetics
4. Environmental medical epigenetics: A review of epigenetically induced medical risks generated from exposures in our air, food, and personal products
5. Behavioral medical epigenetics
6. Medical epigenetics and twins
7. Epigenetic biomarkers of disease
8. Prognostic epigenetics
Section C Epigenetics of system disorders
9. Autoimmune disease and epigenetics
10. Epigenetics of pulmonary diseases
11. Cardiovascular disorders and epigenetics
12. Epigenomics of intestinal disease
13. Epigenetics of skin disorders
14. Epigenetics in bone and joint disorders
15. Epigenetics of muscle disorders
16. Reproductive disease epigenetics
17. Epigenetics in ocular medicine
Section D Multi-system medical epigenetics
18. Pediatric diseases and epigenetics
19. Epigenetics of infectious diseases
20. Clinical utility of solid tumor epigenetics
21. Epigenetics in acute myeloid leukemia
22. Epigenetic regulation in cancer metastasis
23. Epigenetics in exercise science and sports medicine
Section E Bioinformatics of epigenetic medicine
24. Machine learning in epigenetic diseases
Section F Pharmacology of epigenetics
25. Epigenetics in toxicology and drug development
26. Pharmacoepigenomics in neurodegenerative diseases
Section G Therapeutic epigenetics
27. Therapeutics and DNA methylation inhibitors
28. Histone deacetylase inhibitors in medical therapeutics
29. Sirtuins as NAD+-dependent deacetylases and their potential in medical therapy
30. Experimental approaches toward histone acetyltransferase modulators as therapeutics
31. Histone methylation modifiers in medical therapeutics
32. Modulation of noncoding RNAs (ncRNAs) and their potential role as therapeutics
33. Nutrients and phytonutrients as promising epigenetic nutraceuticals
34. Epigenetics of pain management
35. Precision medical epigenetics
36. Epigenetics and regenerative medicine
37. Stem cell epigenetics in medical therapy
38. The clinical landscape of HDAC inhibitors
Section H Medical epigenetics: Future prospects
39. Epigenetics: Future prospective in human disorders and therapeutics
40. Prospective advances in medical epigenetics

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