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Nutrition and Functional Foods in Boosting Digestion, Metabolism and Immune Health 1E

Nutrition and Functional Foods in Boosting Digestion, Metabolism and Immune Health 1E
Nutrition and Functional Foods in Boosting Digestion, Metabolism and Immune Health 1E
  • Author: Bagchi and Ohia
  • ISBN: 9780128212325
  • Publisher: Elsevier
  • Pages: 440
  • Dimensions: 21x27
  • Year Published: 2021
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Nutrition and Functional Foods in Boosting Digestion, Metabolism and Immune Health explores the role of appropriate nutrition and digestive enzymes in healthy digestion.

The book addresses salient gastrointestinal features involved in healthy digestion pathophysiology, including coverage of the enzyme-microbiome connection and linkage, features of indigestion problems, roles of traditional and conventional ethnic foods, structurally diverse digestive enzymes, drugs, nutraceuticals and novel digestive formulations.

Nutrition and Functional Foods in Boosting Digestion, Metabolism and Immune Health also addresses technological breakthroughs that have led to recent, novel discoveries and outlines nutritional guidelines and recommendations to achieve healthy digestion.

This book is a useful resource for nutrition researchers, nutritionists, physicians working in the field of digestive health, pharmacists, food experts, health professionals, nurses and general practitioners, and public health officials as well as those teaching or studying related fields.

Key Features

  • Provides coverage of digestion, human physiology and enzyme-microbiome linkage
  • Covers indigestion problems, including gut dysbiosis and its role in chronic disease
  • Addresses traditional and conventional ethic foods
  • Discusses digestive enzymes, as well as digestive drugs, enzymes, nutraceuticals, and novel formulations

Table of Contents

A. Preface - From the Editor's Desk

B. Introduction
1. Chemistry and Mechanism of the Diseases Caused by Digestive Disorders
2. Current Trends in the Pharmacotherapy of Digestive Disorders
3. Food derived ACE inhibitory Peptides: Science to Application
4. Age and Obesity-Related Metabolic Changes and Their Impact on the Incidence of Digestion, Metabolism and Immune Health

C. Digestion, Human Physiology and Enzyme-Microbiome Linkage
5. Digestion and Immune Health
6. Influence of Diet on Gastrointestinal Immunology
7. Immune Dysregulation in Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis
8. Digestion and Inflammatory Responses
9. Digestion and Gut Microbiome
10. Hyperlipidemia in Cardiovascular Health and Digestion
11. Role of food structure in digestion and health
12. High-fat diet and constipation
13. Effect of Functional Food Ingredients on Nutrient Absorption and Digestion

D. Indigestion Problems
14. Impact of Helicobacter pylori on Human Physiology and Its Impact on Digestion

E. Traditional and Conventional Ethnic Foods
15. Role of Turmeric and Cinnamon Spices in Digestive, Metabolic and Immune Systems
16. Ayurvedic Digestion Recipes – Jal Jeera and Churan
17. Korean Kimchi and Other Fermented Foods in Digestion
18. Pyroglutamyl peptides in Japanese fermented foods and protein hydrolysate enhance production of host-antimicrobial peptides and ameliorate microbial imbalance
19. Jackfruit and its Beneficial Effects in Boosting Digestion and Immune-Enhancing Properties
20. Combatting Chronic Metabolic Disorders and Delaying Aging By Improving Glucose-Insulin Metabolism and Fat Accumulation in Non-Diabetics: Emphasizing Dietary Links

F. Digestive Enzymes
21. Efficacy of N-SORB, a Proprietary KD120 MEC Metabolically Activated Enzyme Formulation in Digestion: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Investigation and Case Studies

G. Digestive Drugs, Nutraceuticals and Novel Formulations
22. Fat soluble vitamins: The key role players in immunomodulation and Digestion
23. Health Benefits of Inulin-Type Fructan on Gut Microbiome, Digestive Health, Immunity and Nutrition
24. Gut Health Benefits of Licorice and its Flavonoids
25. Prebiotics and Probiotics In The Prevention of Food Allergies
26. Nutraceuticals and Phytopharmaceuticals in Digestion
27. Nutraceuticals in Digestive Therapy
28. Role of Probiotics and Prebiotics in Digestion, Metabolism, and Immunity
29. Edible Insects and Gut Health

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