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Plastic Surgery

Author: Al Aly, Fabio Nahas Model: 9781626236585
A masterful, how-to resource on body contouring techniques after massive weight loss As a result of the rising incidence of obesity worldwide, there has been an exponential rise in the number of bariatric procedures performed during the last few decades. Massive weight loss patients present with ..
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Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Surgery, 1st Edition
Author: Donald W. Buck II Model: 9780323679879
Using a practical, question-and-answer approach, Evidence-Based Practice of Palliative Medicine, 2nd Edition, helps you provide optimal care for patients and families who are dealing with serious illness. This unique reference focuses on patient and family/caregiver-centered care, highlighting the b..
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Author: Alex Jones, Jeffrey Janis Model: 9781626238916
A unique ethnocentric guide to rhinoplasty anatomy and techniques from globally renowned experts In order for a facial plastic surgeon to create a harmonious relationship between the face and nose, it’s paramount to consider each patient’s ethnicity and gender identity. Nasal anatomy ..
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Author: Alex Jones, Jeffrey Janis Model: 9781684200900
A must-have companion resource to test knowledge of plastic surgery essentials!! Essentials of Plastic Surgery: Q&A Companion, Second Edition by renowned plastic surgeons Alex P. Jones and Jeffrey E. Janis mirrors expanded content and new chapters in the parent book, Essentials of P..
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Author: Christopher B. Harmon, Stanislav N. Tolkachjov Model: 9781684202553
A uniquely authoritative, artistic, and practical atlas on cutting-edge body sculpting techniquesTotal Definer: Atlas of Advanced Body Sculpting by internationally-renowned aesthetic plastic surgeon Alfredo Hoyos is a visually stunning atlas that presents groundbreaking and advanced surgical, ..
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Description: A valuable resource for cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons at all levels of training and expertise, Rhinoplasty: A Case-Based Approach offers systematic, expert coverage of both common and complex  rhinoplasty procedures performed ..
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Author: Robert Murphy, Charles Herman Model: 9781626235175
A reader-friendly, how-to guide on reconstructive plastic surgery from international experts. Reconstructive Plastic Surgery: An Atlas of Essential Procedures edited by esteemed authors, educators, and surgeons Robert X. Murphy Jr. and Charles K. Herman is a comprehensive resource detailing head-to-..
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About this book In this concise, accessible, and comprehensive reference, world experts in the field of lymphedema detail all of the non-surgical and surgical approaches to the multidisciplinary management of patients with upper and lower extremit..
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This book is truly a classic, beloved by plastic surgeons throughout the world. Its strength lies in its simple, elegant approach to solving common reconstructive problems encountered by plastic surgeons at all levels of training. Its appeal transcends specialty interests, with aesthetic and..
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Author: Ashkan Ghavami, Sam Most, Nazim Cerkes Model: 9789354652011
The second edition of Hair Transplant 360: Volume 4 – Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is an illustrated guide to this minimally invasive procedure, involving the grafting of hair follicles that are genetically resistant to balding, onto a bald scalp. This book is edited by Samuel M L..
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Author: Niamtu Model: 9780323795197
Description: As the demand for cosmetic procedures continues to rise, Cosmetic Facial Surgery, 3rd Edition, is your reference of choice for up-to-date, authoritative coverage of today’s most effective, innovative, and sought-after techniques. Internationally recognized edit..
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Author: Zoe Diana Draelos Model: 9781119676836
Description In the Third Edition of Cosmetic Dermatology: Products and Procedures, accomplished dermatologist Dr. Zoe Diana Draelos delivers the latest information on procedural innovations in the rapidly developing field of cosmetic dermatol..
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This book is a practical guide to the use of lasers and other energy-based technologies in dermatologic and aesthetic practice. Divided into seven sections, the text begins with discussion on analysis of the aging face, different devices, and principles and applications. The following secti..
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Author: Pu Model: 9781264264391
This accessible, meticulously illustrated atlas provides everything you need to effectively treat wounds and conduct surgical, reconstructive, and cosmetic repairs with minimal scarring!! Understanding the subtleties of suture choice and placement often makes the difference between positive a..
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This volume on Reconstruction of Trunk, Genitalia, Lower limb, and Maxillofacial Trauma is broadly divided into three sections—trunk and genitalia; lower limb; and maxillofacial trauma. The first section covers the surgical techniques related to the reconstruction of breast, chest abdomen, bac..
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Author: Irene Roberts, Barbara J. Bain Model: 9783132420175
A systematic approach to Mohs surgery and reconstruction from renowned skin cancer surgeons More than 5.4 million cases of nonmelanoma skin cancer, most notably basal cell, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma, occur annually in the United States alone. The Mohs technique, developed in the 1950s..
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Author: Robin Unger, Roland Shapiro Model: 9781626236936
The definitive resource on leading-edge hair transplantation techniques from global experts!This sixth edition of Hair Transplantation, edited by renowned surgeons Robin Unger and Ronald Shapiro and with contributions from innovators worldwide, builds on its longstanding reputation as the one ..
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Author: Lina Triana Model: 9780323757102
Bring your practice fully up to date with the most effective and innovative techniques in aesthetic plastic surgery. Trends and Techniques: Aesthetic Plastic Surgery covers today’s sought-after procedures- from male-specific aesthetic techniques to liposuction technologie..
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Author: Georgalas , Sama Model: 9783132400528
This book will be a valuable resource for novice surgeons approaching one of the most challenging anatomical subsites, since it provides a stepwise approach to understanding the anatomical background, the radiological aspects, and the broad spectrum of different surgical approaches to the fr..
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Author: Richard G. Bennett Model: 9780367511050
Covering the full range of dermatologic surgery, this text will be essential reading for residents in dermatology, family practice, and surgical specialties needing to review a topic in detail quickly and easily. Each chapter is in brief outline form, with tables, line drawings, and the esse..
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