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Psychology English

Author: Navneet Kapur Model: 9780198791607
Over recent years research into suicidal behaviour has burgeoned, and the third edition of this successful pocketbook reflects major developments in the evidence base and clinical practice. New chapters cover risk assessment and system-wide approaches to suicide prevention, and the role of c..
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Author: Knapp Model: 9781433830808
Suicide Prevention An Ethically and Scientifically Informed ApproachGuides readers through the full process of treating suicidal patients, from screening to relapse prevention, using effective, research-informed interventions. Sam Knapp explains suicidal behaviour through ideation to ac..
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Author: Shapiro Model: 9781516544332
Real-World Couple Counseling and Therapy An Introductory GuideProvides practitioners with an inclusive exploration of the unique features, challenges, and opportunities of contemporary couple counselling. Integrating CBT, existential, and systems approaches, and based on best available ..
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Author: Mongan Model: 9781516542154
Employing a uniquely theoretical approach, Rampage School Shootings: Why They Occur and How to Prevent Them sheds light on the complex issue of school shootings and offers research-based solutions for proactive prevention. The text features an innovative focus on understanding why school shoot..
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Author: John C. Norcross Model: 9780190069292
Now available in a two-volume setFirst published in 2002, the landmark Psychotherapy Relationships That Work broke new ground by focusing renewed and corrective attention on the substantial research behind the crucial (but often overlooked) client-therapist relationship. Now, this thoroughly r..
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Author: Moskowitz Model: 9781119952855
An invaluable sourcebook on the complex relationship between psychosis, trauma, and dissociation, thoroughly revised and updated This revised and updated second edition of Psychosis, Trauma and Dissociation offers an important resource that takes a wide-ranging and in-depth look at the multifac..
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Psychology Volumes 1-5 ICSSR Research Surveys and Explorations
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Author: Misra Model: 9780199499663
The Indian Council for Social Science Research (ICSSR) Survey in Psychology is the last among a series of academic social science surveys undertaken by the nodal governmental agency of social research in India. In five volumes, this Survey evaluate developments in the discipline of psycholog..
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Author: Schumacher Model: 9781433830785
Clinical health psychologists often encounter patients needing interventions for substance use, yet rarely do practitioners receive specialized training in this area. This book is designed for mental health providers in medical settings who need the knowledge and skills to assess and treat c..
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Author: Harris Model: 9780826173324
With a focus on clinical application, this text combines the knowledge and skills of counselling psychology with current theory and research in grief and bereavement. This edition is updated to address issues related to the developmental aspects of grief, including grief in children, grief a..
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Author: Jasper A.J. Smits Model: 9780190602451
Evidence overwhelmingly shows that exposure therapy is effective for the treatment of anxiety and related disorders. Its adoption into clinical practice has been slow, however-in part because the available one-size-fits-all manuals often leave patients and clinicians unsatisfied. Personaliz..
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Author: Stevenson Model: 9781680534870
Suggests that fruitful living is extremely hard work and that social harmony requires the unlocking and the emancipation of the human brain. The authors strongly encourage academic and practitioner psychologists, as well as other students and social scientists, to join a timely framed narrat..
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Author: Bergmann Model: 9780826172662
Now in its second edition, this groundbreaking work incorporates new neuroscientific and psychological research related to human development, traumatic stress, disorders of attachment, and information processing, and its implications for EMDR practice. The second edition of this groun..
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Author: Juslin Model: 9780198753421
Can music really arouse emotions? If so, what emotions, and how? Why do listeners respond with different emotions to the same piece of music? Are emotions to music different from other emotions? Why do we respond to fictional events in art as if they were real, even though we know they're no..
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Author: Baird Model: 9780190075934
Dementia is the most significant health issue facing our aging population. With no cure to date, there is an urgent need for the development of interventions that can alleviate symptoms of dementia and ensure optimal well-being for people with dementia and their caregivers. There is accumula..
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Author: Ellis Model: 9781433831492
Nearly 70 million people today are refugees or forcibly-displaced migrants.  More than half of them are children suffering from the effects of dislocation and violence.This book provides a framework to guide mental health providers who work with refugees and immigrants. The authors desc..
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Author: Daley Model: 9780190926670
Managing Your Substance Use Disorder: Client Workbook is an interactive recovery guide that engages readers who have a substance use disorder in an active process of learning strategies to manage the daily challenges of sobriety and recovery and to reduce the risk of lapse and relapse. Desig..
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Author: Haber Model: 9780826184924
This acclaimed text promotes healthy aging by demonstrating how health practitioners, program developers, and policymakers can prevent or manage disease and make large-scale improvements toward health and wellness in the older adult population. The eighth edition encompasses major new resear..
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Dyslexia and Counselling
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Author: Chavez Model: 9781774071625
Dyslexia and Counselling brings the focus of the readers to the problem of dyslexia among the people and updates them about the spread of disease around the world making them aware about the seriousness of the disease and provides the readers with the ways the affected people can be counsell..
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Author: Anastasi Model: 9781516532285
Cognitive Psychology: An Anthology of Theories, Applications and Readings exposes students to the unique and influential viewpoints of authors and scholars who are currently conducting research related to cognition. The essays and readings introduce readers to a broad spectrum of topics rela..
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Author: Bernhard T. Baune Model: 9780198810940
Major depressive disorder (MDD) is one of the most prevalent mental disorders worldwide, and is estimated to affect 300 million people. Most research defines MDD as a categorical disorder and investigations on clinical, functional, and biological correlates are assessed by established diagno..
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