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Psychology English

Author: Vaughan Smith Model: 9780335248421
Table of ContentsIntroductionWhat are we talking about?The internalisation of traumaA way of conceptualising traumaThe Surviving SelfThe Survival dynamicsTrauma, Leadership and TeamsBoundaries, Challenges and Healing..
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Author: Wilkins Model: 9780335248087
TABLE OF CONTENTSChapter 1: Childhood, child abuse and history                                       &nbs..
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Author: Sadigh Model: 9781476677514
Autogenic Training A Mind-Body Approach to the Treatment of Chronic Pain Syndrome and Stress-Related DisordersAutogenic training equips patients to deal with chronic conditions such as anxiety disorders, recurring pain and stress. This expanded edition presents practitioners with a concis..
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Author: Hinrichsen Model: 9781433831102
Every day ten thousand baby boomers turn 65, and by 2030 more than 20% of US residents will be 65 or older. Mental health professionals must become familiar with the unique needs of this growing population. Using the APA Guidelines for Psychological Practice With Older Adults and the Pikes P..
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APA Handbook of Contemporary Family Psychology
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Author: Fiese Model: 9781433829642
Edited and authored by leaders in the field, this comprehensive three-volume set lays a solid foundation for integrating theory, research, practice, and policy in contemporary family psychology. Volume 1 describes the theoretical and methodological underpinnings of the discipline, including ..
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Author: Haroon Model: 9781119317258
ABC of Autism provides clinicians and medical students with a succinct, evidence-based overview of the symptoms, evaluation, treatment, and management of autism in both daily practice and for ongoing patient support plans. This accessible and informative guide allows primary healthcare ..
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Author: Luca Model: 9780335262489
Table of Contents 1. Introduction2. The History of the Integrative Quest3. The Challenges of Becoming an Integrative Therapist4. A Framework for Personal Integration5. The Therapeutic Relationship at the Core of Integration6. Postmodern Integration7. An Example of Phenomen..
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Author: Ogden Model: 9781526847126
TABLE OF CONTENTS1. Introduction to health psychology: Theories and Methods2. Health beliefs3. Addictive behaviours: Smoking and alcohol and other addictions    4. Eating behaviour5. Exercise6. Sex  7. Health promotion: changing health behaviours 8. Illness cognitions&n..
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Author: McLeod Model: 9780335243198
Table of ContentsPART ONE: What happens in therapy: The common ground1. What it’s like to be a client 2. What it’s like to be a therapist3. Building a therapeutic relationship: Working together4. The process of therapy: The beginning  5. The hard work: Choices, learning..
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Author: Magnavita Model: 9781433829062
This comprehensive guide describes evolving technologies in the field of mental and behavioral health. Contributors to this book demonstrate how technology fosters better access to care, through video teleconferencing systems, mental health-related apps, and other tools.  Technological ..
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Author: Fraser Model: 9781433828676
Mental health professionals have long debated what makes effective psychotherapy work. Is it a specific treatment modality, or a set of common factors such as a strong therapeutic relationship?In this book, J. Scott Fraser argues that both perspectives are correct. His transtheoretical, tran..
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Author: Keo-Meier Model: 9781433829123
This warm and timely book provides mental health professionals with a guide to the Gender Affirmative Model, the leading approach for working with transgender and gender expansive children and their families. Using an easy-to-follow framework, readers will learn how to facilitate and enable ..
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Author: Pressman Model: 9781433829192
When a person who is charged with a violent crime claims "the sleepwalking defense," sleep experts are often retained by one or both sides of the case to examine and argue the validity of the claim. This book provides a method and essential background knowledge for examining scientific evide..
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Author: Theory Model: 9781433828591
Challenging current definitions of trauma, Kevin L. Nadal distills the latest research on the effects of microaggressions, looking at how regular exposure to subtle discrimination can, over time, elicit similar symptoms to severe trauma.    Previous research on trauma has suggested..
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Author: Weisgram Model: 9781433828867
What is the difference between "boy toys" and "girl toys?"What social, cognitive, and biological factors influence the design and marketing of gender-typed toys, and children's interest in such toys?What are the long term implications of gendered toy play, for children's development and later ad..
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Author: Degraffenried Model: 9780826169044
Brings a unique focus to therapeutic treatment of violent crime victimsThis innovative, hands-on manual provides clinicians with solution-focused EMDR therapy treatment tools specifically geared for use with victims of violent crimes, such as homicide survivors and victims of domestic violen..
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Author: Mratinkovic Model: 9781773612942
Criminal psychology, and its affiliation to the practice of law, has become a subject of major consequence over the last three decades. This book provides an accessible introduction to the increasingly popular subject of criminal psychology, covering prisons, police methods, and eyewitness r..
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Author: Strizovi Model: 9781773612928
Clinical psychology is one of the most important domains of general psychology. It includes psychopathology, clinical assessment, and many other aspects and it is used in the various institutions in order to improve mental health and treat certain mental disorders. This text provides and int..
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Author: Leslie S. Greenberg,Rhonda N. Goldman Model: 9781433829772
Through Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT), clients learn to rule their emotions, instead of letting their emotions rule them. With guidance from a skilled EFT therapist to help them identify, experience, accept, and tolerate difficult emotions, people can learn to regulate, explore, make sense o..
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Author: Choca Model: 9781433828812
The Rorschach is perhaps the most famous psychological instrument of all time, yet its purpose and utility are often misunderstood. In this introductory guide, authors James Choca and Edward Rossini demonstrate the Rorschach's value to modern psychology as an essential clinical tool for asse..
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