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Psychology English

Author: Choca Model: 9781433828812
The Rorschach is perhaps the most famous psychological instrument of all time, yet its purpose and utility are often misunderstood. In this introductory guide, authors James Choca and Edward Rossini demonstrate the Rorschach's value to modern psychology as an essential clinical tool for asse..
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APA Handbook of Psychopathology Volume 1: Psychopathology: Understanding, Assessing, and Treating Adult Mental Disorders; Volume 2: Psychopathology in Children and Adolescents
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Author: Butcher Model: 9781433828362
The APA Handbook of Psychopathology provides a broad perspective on new scientific developments in the study of mental disorders. In addition to providing an overview of symptoms and classification of disorders, the handbook discusses the history of psychopathology, behavioural genetics, cog..
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Author: Smith Model: 9781433828799
The APA Handbook of Dementia addresses assessment, comorbidity, evaluation, and treatment of various forms of dementia. The handbook reviews common dementias including Alzheimer�s disease, Lewy body disease, vascular dementia, frontotemporal dementia, and other less common dementias. ..
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Author: Tanner Model: 9781630912680
Brain damage predisposes many persons with aphasia to a variety of psychological reactions, which are precipitated by stress and loss, and perpetuated by impaired verbal defense mechanisms and coping styles. Most of the literature on recovery from aphasia does not sufficiently address the ov..
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Author: Hallam, Cross, Thaut Model: 9780198818830
A new and updated edition of a landmark text in the field of music psychology, providing a broad overview of this rapidly growing field of researchIncludes a range of international experts in this field - both as section editors and chapter authors, resulting in a volume which presents the b..
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Author: Irvin Yalom Model: 0061719617
Acclaimed author and renowned psychiatrist Irvin D. Yalom distills thirty-five years of psychotherapy wisdom into one brilliant volume.The culmination of master psychiatrist Dr. Irvin D. Yalom’s more than thirty-five years in clinical practice, The Gift of Therapy is a remarkable and essential..
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Author: Vsevolod Rozanov Model: 9780128051993
Features: Explores the neurobiology of stress and stress-related epigenetics, including discussion of the role of stress-induced epigenetic changes in behavioral, emotional, and cognitive mechanisms and whether these epigenetic marks are transgenerationalProvides compelli..
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Author: Dornelas Model: 9781433828058
Mental health providers working in oncology encounter a broad spectrum of patients and situations.  From innumerable forms of disease at various stages of progression, to the wide range of medication side effects and varying prognoses, cancer treatment is incredibly complex. And practit..
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Author: Berenson Model: 9781433827099
In the behavioral sciences today, there is increasing emphasis on transparency, and the need for research studies to be made replicable. This book presents a straightforward approach to managing and documenting one�s data so that other researchers can repeat the study.While data management..
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Author: Pinsof Model: 9781433828126
Many psychotherapists today work in agencies where they see individuals, couples, and families from a variety of backgrounds who present with a broad range of problems. Integrative Systemic Therapy (IST) is a framework for these professionals, whether they are training in the basics of thera..
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Author: David Byrne Model: 9780804188937
How Music Works is David Byrne’s incisive and enthusiastic look at the musical art form, from its very inceptions to the influences that shape it, whether acoustical, economic, social or technological. Utilizing his incomparable career and inspired collaborations with Talking Heads, Brian En..
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Features: Analyzes 1200+ suicide cases from one coroner’s officeIdentifies the top motivations for suicide that are based on suicide notesDiscusses the extent to which suicides are impulsive vs. plannedLeads to a better understanding on how to prevent suicideEmphasizes resilien..
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Author: Marich Model: 9780826149145
Description  Based on the belief that mindfulness is a critical component in the delivery of EMDR, this innovative text integrates mindfulness-informed practice with EMDR therapy to create an effective new approach for healing trauma. Based on current evidence-based researc..
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Author: Neukrug Model: 9781516506309
Developed for helping professionals, Counseling Theory and Practice explains what it means to be an effective helper, discusses foundations of classic counseling and psychotherapy theories, provides an overview of emerging theories, and gives students the opportunity to develop their..
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APA Handbook of Trauma Psychology 2 Vol. Set
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Author: Gold Model: 9781433826535
The two volume APA Handbook of Trauma Psychology is the most comprehensive guide, text, and reference work on the subject to date. It provides a survey of all the major areas and subtopics of empirical knowledge and practical applications in the field of trauma psychology, written by top exp..
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APA Handbook of the Psychology of Women Volume 1: History, Theory, and Battlegrounds, Volume 2: Perspectives on Women's Private and Public Lives
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Author: Travis Model: 9781433827921
As a formal field of study, the psychology of women has pushed the boundaries of traditional theory, produced breakthroughs in methodology, and built links to some of the most challenging problems of our time. It remains an intellectually vibrant and socially relevant area, including initiat..
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APA Handbook of Forensic Neuropsychology
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Author: Bush Model: 9781433826948
Clinical neuropsychology is a constantly evolving specialty, with important and exciting advances in many aspects of practice, and the application of clinical neuropsychology to forensic questions and issues is growing at a tremendous rate.This handbook covers the scientific and clinical neuro..
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Author: Cryan Model: 9780128039496
Contains the expertise of contributors in the field who discuss the gut microbiome and its effect on the brain and behaviorDefines the scope of the influence of the gut microbiome and the potential mechanisms and implicationsCharts the way forward in this frontier area of research ..
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Author: Silvia Model: 9781433818141
How do you write good research articles – articles that are interesting, compelling, and easy to understand? How do you write papers that influence the field instead of falling into obscurity?Write It Up offers a practical and revealing look at how productive researchers write strong article..
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Author: Froh Model: 9781433812361
Positive psychology is a rapidly expanding area of study that is of great interest to students at the graduate, undergraduate, and high school levels. But the field is so broad that teachers who want to cover all the bases when designing a positive psychology course may have difficulty locat..
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