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Vascular Surgery and Angiology

50 Studies Every Vascular Surgeon Should Know
Author: Julien Al Shakarchi Model: 9780197637906
50 Studies every Vascular Surgeon Should Know presents key studies that have shaped the practice of Vascular Surgery. Selected using a rigorous methodology, the studies cover topics including carotid artery disease, aortic aneurysm, peripheral artery disease, trauma, venous disease and vascular..
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Video Atlas of Acute Ischemic Stroke Intervention
-9 %
Author: Rosenstiel, Land & Walter Model: 9781684202492
The go-to resource for managing a full spectrum of clinical scenarios in acute ischemic stroke Ever-evolving technological advances have created a daunting number of emergent neurointerventional protocols and therapies for treating acute ischemic stroke. This has created an urgent need for re..
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Model: 9780702046568
Description: Now in its fourth edition, Vascular Ultrasound offers a compact yet comprehensive practical guide for anyone working in the field of vascular sonography. The book is written by expert practitioners as an easily accessible reference, providing key information suited to sonogra..
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Rutherford's Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Therapy, 2-Volume Set, 10E
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Author: Davi-Ellen Chabner Model: 9780323775571
Description: Encyclopedic, definitive, and state-of-the-art in the field of vascular disease and its medical, surgical, and interventional management, Rutherford's Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Therapy offers authoritative guidance from the most respected and innovative global th..
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Genesis, Pathophysiology and Management of Venous and Lymphatic Disorders
-11 %
Author: Radhakrishnan Model: 9780323884334
Features: Provides complete, up-to-date developments in the field of phlebolymphology, including the history of venous surgery, lymphatic system and anatomy, pathophysiology of various venous disease, and moreIncludes new etiological and pathophysiological conce..
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Author: Ann Marie Kupinski Model: 9781975175269
Part of the highly regarded Diagnostic Medical Sonography series, Ann Marie Kupinski’s The Vascular System, 3rd Edition, thoroughly covers the core content students need to master in today’s rigorous sonography programs. Careful, collaborative editing ensures consistency across..
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Model: 9789390553341
Neurovascular surgery, a complex challenge for most surgeons, is a rapidly progressing and continuously evolving field. This comprehensive textbook, Neurosurgery Updates: Controversies in Vascular Surgery, Volume 2, summarizes the opinions, illustrated case reports, and clinical pearls for p..
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Vascular and Endovascular Complications: A Practical Approach
-5 %
Author: Sachinder Singh Hans, Mark F Conrad Model: 9781138352933
Prevention of complications in vascular and endovascular surgery is an important consideration for all practicing surgeons. The keys to achieving clinical success are based on careful selection of both patient and procedure, along with meticulous operative and endovascular techniques. Mana..
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Complications in Endovascular Surgery: Peri-Procedural Prevention and Treatment
-10 %
Author: Maciej Dryjski and Linda M Harris Model: 9780323554480
As devices, technologies, and imaging techniques continue to evolve, today’s endovascular surgical techniques have increased in both number and complexity. Complications in Endovascular Surgery provides a unique focus on potential complications encountered in the operating r..
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Author: Rangel-Castilla Model: 9781684201181
The go-to guide on safely performing state-of-the-art neuroendovascular procedures from top experts!Unlike traditional textbooks that detail natural history, physiology, and morphology, Video Atlas of Neuroendovascular Procedures presents basic and complex neuroendovascular procedures and cases wi..
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Venous Ultrasound 2nd edition
-5 %
Author: Joseph A. Zygmunt Jr. Model: 9780367354145
Venous Ultrasound 2e is the essential text for anyone involved in the treatment of chronic venous disease. It provides specific information on ultrasound as it is applied to chronic insufficiency, including history, general techniques, examples of anatomy, and protocols for performing ultras..
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Vascular Decision Making: Medical, Endovascular, Surgical
-6 %
With concise text and a simple, easy-to-follow organizational structure, the brand-new Vascular Decision Making: Medical, Endovascular, Surgical helps you make well-informed treatment and procedural decisions on a variety of vascular conditions and diseases you encounter in clinical settings w..
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Uflacker's Atlas of Vascular Anatomy, 3rd edition - An Angiographic Approach
-10 %
Author: Marcelo Guimaraes Model: 9781496356017
Offering detailed, well-illustrated coverage of the vascular anatomy seen on all imaging modalities, Atlas of Vascular Anatomy: An Angiographic Approach, 3rd Edition, presents the complete anatomy of the arteries, veins, and lymphatic system by body region. Experts in the field, each trained by ..
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Anatomic Exposures in Vascular Surgery 4th Edition
-12 %
Author: Valentine, Wind Model: 9781975152765
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Vascular Malformations: Advances and Controversies in Contemporary Management
-6 %
This new book on vascular malformations brings together international experts to present advances and discuss controversies in the multidisciplinary management of patients with congenital vascular malformations. Major advances in recent years in medical genetics, and tremendous progress in ..
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Author: Carlos Mena and Sasanka Jayasuriya Model: 9781496349408
Part of the new Clinical Approach series—which focuses on key topics in cardiology—this pragmatic, comprehensive guide is intended for residents, practitioners, advanced practice nurses, and physician assistants, and covers arterial, venous, and lymphatic diseases. Easy-to-read chapters are ..
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Author: Krishna M. Jain Model: 9780323679695
Recent years have seen a rapidly increasing movement of endovascular treatment and procedures away from hospital settings to outpatient venues (office-based labs). New technologies offer enhanced capabilities that make it easier and more cost-effective to treat even complex cases on an out..
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Author: John Pellerito and Joseph F Polak Model: 9780323428828
Focused content, an easy-to-read writing style, and abundant illustrations make Introduction to Vascular Ultrasonography the definitive reference on arterial and venous ultrasound. Trusted by radiologists, interventional radiologists, vascular and interventional fellows, residents, and sonogra..
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Endovascular Skills Guidewire and Catheter Skills for Endovascular Surgery 4E
-6 %
Author: Peter A. Schneider Model: 9781482217377
The goal of Endovascular Skills: Guidewire and Catheter Skills for Endovascular Surgery has always been to provide a “step-by-step” approach to techniques and procedures that comprise one of the most exciting and rapidly developing specialties in medicine today: minimally invasive management o..
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A practical resource covering both elective and emergency procedures for the practicing vascular and endovascular clinician This book provides medical professionals (vascular surgeons, interventional cardiologists, interventional radiologists, endovascular neurologists, vascular medicine spec..
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