Ferri's Clinical Advisor 2022

Ferri's Clinical Advisor 2022

Access immediate answers on the medical conditions you’re likely to see with this unique, bestselling resource! Ferri’s Clinical Advisor 2021 uses the popular “5 books in 1” format to deliver vast amounts of information in a clinically relevant, user-friendly manner. This practical reference is updated annually to provide you with easy access to answers on 1,000 common medical conditions, including diseases and disorders, differential diagnoses, clinical algorithms, laboratory tests, and clinical practice guidelines-all carefully reviewed by experts in key clinical fields. Extensive algorithms, along with hundreds of clear figures, tables, and photographs, ensure that you stay current with today's medical practice.
Table Of Contents:

Section 1: Diseases and Disorders (approx.. 1000 medical topics; this is the main portion of the text)

Section 2: Differential Diagnosis

Section 3: Clinical Algorithms

Section 4: Laboratory Tests and Interpretation of Results

Section 5: Clinical Practice Guidelines

APPENDIX I: Definitions of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Terms

APPENDIX II: Nutrition

APPENDIX III: Acute Poisoning

APPENDIX IV: Impairment and Disability Issues

APPENDIX V: Primary Care Procedures

APPENDIX VI: Patient Teaching Guides

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