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About Us

The ATHENIAN SCIENCE BOOKSTORE began its journey in 1973 when, after many years of experience in the medical book, Christos Perivolaropoulos proceeded to establish it.
He managed to win the trust of the scientists of the Medical and Pharmaceutical field within a short period of time. The knowledge of the subject as well as the perfect response to the individual searches of each buyer brought the bookstore to one of the first positions in the customers' preference.

The ATHENIAN SCIENCE BOOKSTORE continued its course, looking for new ways to communicate with its customers through the internet. The company is currently managed by the daughter of Eleni Perivolaropoulos

In April 2017, the store moved from Neo Psychiko, to the center of Athens. Its welcoming space at 20 Karneadou Street in Kolonaki is more than just a bookstore. It is offered both for searching medical and scientific books, books on health, wellness, self-improvement, as well as for the organization of various events and seminars for Medicine, Health, Psychology, and for Science in general.
The reader can be informed about new books, and of course order any international or Greek scientific journal.
Recently, the needs of our time led to the establishment of a NEW department.

At the NEW URBANZEN ATHENIAN,, our clients, Health Professionals and others, have the opportunity to enjoy Personal Development Services, in individual or group Sessions and Seminars.

Our topics are Wellness, Mental Balance and Personal Development, Evolution of the quality of life, and speakers are our specialized partners Coaches, Mindfulness Professionals and Psychologists.

Thank you very much to you, our customers, for your trust all these years.

We continue together on this path to knowledge and well-being.
Eleni X. Perivolaropoulou