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Author: Barbara L. Oglesbee Model: 9781119456520
BLACKWELL’S FIVE-MINUTE VETERINARY CONSULT:SMALL MAMMAL An up-to-date and practical resource for the diagnosis and treatment of exotic companion mammal diseases and conditions The revised third edition of Blackwell’s Five-Minute Veterinary Consult: Small Mammal provides k..
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Author: Nick Bexfield , Julia Riggs Model: 9781913859138
This Guide combines high-quality imagery and illustrations, access to a suite of procedural videos and clear, comprehensive step-by-step techniques to provide an essential resource for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in small animal practice. All procedures have been fully reviewed and updated..
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Anesthesia and Analgesia in Laboratory Animals focuses on the special anesthetic, analgesic and postoperative care requirements associated with experimental interventions. Fully revised and updated, this new edition provides the reader with agents, methods and techniques for anesthesia and anal..
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Atlas of Small Animal Diagnostic Imaging provides a comprehensive, multimodality atlas of small animal diagnostic imaging, with high-quality images depicting radiography, scintigraphy, ultrasonography, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging. Taking a traditional body systems approach, t..
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Author: Eva Eberspächer-Schweda Model: 9783132444744
Handling anaesthesia and monitoring equipment, established anaesthesia protocols, modern pain management, dealing with complications and associated diseases of the patient – profound knowledge in a practical, compact and easy-to-read format. Benefit from the author’s extensive wealth ..
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Author: Tanmoy Rana Model: 9780443185489
Introduction to Diseases, Diagnosis, and Management of Dogs and Cats covers the diseases of dogs and cats and their remedial measure after drug application. The book describes disease evaluation and its pathogenesis, identification of pathogens and their severity to animals, exhibition of disease ma..
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Fully revised to reflect new advances and information throughout, the Second Edition of Applied Veterinary Clinical Nutrition presents current, authoritative information on all aspects of small companion animal nutrition. The book provides clinically oriented solutions for integrating nutr..
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Author: Ian Self Model: 9780470659472
Fundamentals of Veterinary Microbiology brings together knowledge and understanding of the bacterial pathogens of animals from disease signs and diagnostic methods to the molecular basis of the host pathogen interaction.  A small but focused book, it enables the reader to access important infor..
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Author: Ian Self Model: 9781119862604
Small Animal Microbiomes and Nutrition offers new perspective on the prevention and treatment of common health conditions in dogs and cats that arise from or result in dysbiosis of the body’s microbiomes, along with providing alternative first-line solutions of utilizing nutrients—l..
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Author: Mark Thompson Model: 9780323875905
Pocket-sized and concise, Small Animal Medical Differential Diagnosis: A Book of Lists, 4th Edition, is the essential reference to facilitate rapid diagnosis of medical problems in dogs and cats. This portable, manageable guide covers the differential diagnosis, etiology, clinica..
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Author: Guy Poland, Aidan Raftery Model: 9781905319435
The aim of this new manual is to provide good quality information to help veterinarians provide the level of care to backyard birds that clients expect and deserve. There has been a resurgence in the number of people keeping backyard poultry and they will often be seen as much loved pets. When a bac..
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Author: Rachel Dean, Maggie Roberts, Jenny Stavisky Model: 9781905319848
This brand new manual provides a practical guide on how to deal with various clinical situations that arise when working with cats and dogs in a shelter environment. The first part of the manual describes the principles of shelter medicine and population health. The second part covers the prevention..
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Author: Matthew Rendle, Jo Hinde Model: 9781910443781
Awareness of animal sentience and welfare continues to grow in parallel with that of human mental health. This brand new manual for the whole practice team provides concise practical information on how to assess and maintain the highest standards of welfare in all veterinary environments. Written by..
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Author: Simon J. Girling, Paul Raiti Model: 9781905319794
Fully updated and expanded to keep pace with the developments in this area of small animal practice, this new edition covers all aspects of treating reptile patients, including diagnosis, surgical techniques and euthanasia. Chapter dedicated to anatomy and physiology A consideration of the r..
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Author: Ian Self Model: 9781910443002
The BSAVA Guide to Pain Management in Small Animal Practice is an essential reference guide for use in daily practice by all members of the veterinary team. Presented in an easy-to-read instructional format, this guide is intended to give practitioners practical information on pain management for sm..
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Author: Matt McMillan Model: 9781910443750
The BSAVA Cognitive Aids for Anaesthesia in Small Animal Practice is a quick reference resource for veterinary teams in theatre. It includes checklists that should be completed as part of any anaesthetic procedure as well as troubleshooting guides and crisis checklists. Areas covered inclu..
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Author: Emma Gerrard Model: 9781910443880
The BSAVA Pocketbook for Veterinary Nurses offers quick access to key information on a wealth of procedures. In this second edition, editor Emma Gerrard has built on the excellent work of Louise O’Dwyer to reflect the expanding responsibilities of the profession whilst retaining hand..
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