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Author: Debora Guidi Model: 9781735149714
he centrality of nutrition in the state of health of pets has emerged only in the recent years, both to prolong their life expectancy and to prevent the onset of serious diseases such as obesity, diabetes mellitus or liver lipidosis. The goal of this book is that each veterinarian can clearl..
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Author: Joanna Hedley Model: 9781910443712
Treatment of exotic pets can be challenging because of the wide variety of species and conditions that may be encountered. Although knowledge is progressing all the time, there remains a lack of data on commonly used drugs in these species.  This new edition includes new drugs and expan..
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Author: Fergus Allerton Model: 9781910443705
The BSAVA Formulary has been one of the Association’s most trusted and highly valued publications for over a quarter of a century. The Formulary provides an alphabetical list of drugs available for veterinary use in dogs and cats. Several new drug monographs have been added to this edition, ..
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Author: Edward Hall, David A. Williams, Aarti Kathrani Model: 9781905319961
The busy small animal practitioner is likely to see a dog or cat with GI signs most days and this resource should give them greater insight into the conditions they are treating. This manual is divided into four main sections:  Diagnostic procedures and techniques: this section covers cl..
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Author: Marije Risselada Model: 9781119370130
This book offers practical guidance to making approaches for surgery to treat soft tissue and oncologic conditions in canine and feline patients. Every approach is outlined with step-by-step descriptions on how to handle the incision and covers indications and patient positioning. Detailed, ..
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Author: Lisa Martini-Johnson Model: 9780323680684
Learn to calculate dosages accurately and administer drugs safely! Applied Pharmacology for Veterinary Technicians, 6th Edition shows you how to determine drug dosages, administer prescribed drugs to animals, and instruct clients about side effects and precautions. Coverage of drugs includes p..
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Author: Paul M. Freeman, Edward Ives Model: 9781119514589
A Practical Approach to Neurology for the Small Animal Practitioner provides veterinary practitioners and students with a comprehensive guide to diagnosing and treating neurological cases in small animal practice. Covering the most important considerations for the general practitioner, the ..
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Author: Crowell-Davis Model: 9781119226222
Offers an updated second edition of the comprehensive reference on the use of drugs for veterinary mental health care and behavior modification This fully revised Second Edition of Veterinary Psychopharmacology offers an authoritative reference to the drugs prescribed to treat psychiatric, ..
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Author: Rejas Model: 9788417640453
This guide provides answers to the common questions regardingcutaneous adverse food reactions in cats and dogs.It describes, with great clarity and scientific rigour, the allergensinvolved, the reactions they cause and different clinicalpictures seen in practice, as well as how to diagnose andtreat ..
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Author: Rodriguez Model: 9788417640378
Small animal surgery - The head and neck addresses thediseases that affect the head and neck arranged by anatomicallocation, and the surgical procedures that are usuallyused to solve them. The diseases and surgical techniquesare described in detail and the information provided is accompaniedby numer..
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Author: Calvo, Bermejo, Collado, Solano, Roig Model: 9788417640712
This book describes, with the help of high-quality images, the different surgical techniques used to treat the main orthopaedic conditions affecting the hindlimbs in cats and dogs. Drawing from their experience, the authors provide practical information on how to plan and perform these surgi..
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Author: Litster Model: 9780323678667
This issue of Veterinary Clinics: Small Animal Practice, edited by Dr. Annette Litster, is devoted to Small Animal Infectious Disease. Topics in this issue include: The dynamic nature of infectious disease risk in the 21st century: How dog transport impacts prevalence patterns; Dog tran..
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Author: Horne Model: 9780470958155
Small Animal Dermatology for Technicians and Nurses is a practical manual specifically designed for veterinary technicians, nurses, and other staff members.  This easy-to-read book covers common dermatologic diseases frequently seen in private practice, with information on history takin..
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This is a technical-scientific manual describing the main algorithms used for differential diagnosis in the field of haematology and biochemistry in the small animal clinic. The objective of this book is to optimize the work of clinical veterinarians by providing them with the necessary tool..
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Author: López Model: 9788417640477
This is a technical-scientific manual describing the mainalgorithms used for differential diagnosis in the field of haematologyand biochemistry in the small animal clinic. Theobjective of this book is to optimize the work of veterinariansby providing them with the necessary tools to guide andfacilit..
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Author: Mealey Model: 9781119404545
Delivers the foundational and practical knowledge required for pharmacists to become an integral part of the veterinary health care team, improving therapeutic outcome while preventing serious adverse drug reactions in veterinary patients Pharmacotherapeutics for Veterinary Dispensing enables..
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Author: Molina Model: 9788417225841
Achieving the owners acceptance and implication, both in the required diagnostic tests and the therapeutic compliance, is an essential aspect for the optimal resolution of any clinical case. To this end, it is necessary that he or she understands what is happening to the pet and what diagnos..
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The book Oncology in senior animals shows the neoplasms most commonly diagnosed in animals in the senior age range and describes their most common clinical signs, diagnostic approach, prognosis and treatment. It includes clinical cases...
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Author: Cartagena Model: 9788417640705
This book shows the tumours most commonly diagnosed inanimals in the senior age range and describes their mostcommon clinical signs, diagnostic approach, prognosis, andtreatment. Case studies are included to further the reader’sunderstanding of these pathologies...
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Author: Gomez Model: 9788417640668
This book describes the ideal protocols for the collection ofsamples from live animals and of environmental samplesfrom the facilities, and addresses important aspects of samplecollection. It also provides information about the samplesof choice for the diagnosis of the most common diseasesin comnosi..
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