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Large Animal Internal Medicine, 6th Edition
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Author: Bradford P. Smith Model: 9780323676885
Utilize a problem-oriented approach to the diagnosis of diseases of horses, cattle, sheep, and goats. Large Animal Internal Medicine, 6th Edition covers the diagnosis and management of disease in both ruminant and equine internal medicine. As the first veterinary internal medicine text to use ..
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Author: Castro Model: 9788417640088
This useful guide serves to better diagnose and prevent themost common diseases affecting these fish. It covers infectiousand parasitic diseases as well as the conditions causedby poor water quality. A chapter on biosecurity provides essentialguidelines for both the prevention of diseases and theire..
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Author: Heather Prendergast Model: 9780323570404
Learn to navigate the day-to-day skills you need to be a valuable member of the veterinary office team! Front Office Management for the Veterinary Team, 3rd Edition covers veterinary office duties ranging from: scheduling appointments to billing and accounting, managing inventory and medical rec..
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Author: Feldman Model: 9788821448379
Developed by the most renowned experts in this field, this unique and practical handbook of feline endocrinology will be the most valuable tool for small animal veterinarians who want to deepen their understanding on the pathophysiology, clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of..
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Author: Valenciano Model: 9780323676878
Long-trusted in the field, Cowell & Tyler’s Diagnostic Cytology and Hematology of the Dog and Cat, 5th Edition is the complete resource for helping you learn the necessary skills to diagnosis and treat dogs and cats. This essential clinical reference includes detailed illustrations to help..
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Author: Cohn Model: 9780323676755
The indispensable resource for the busy small animal practitioner. Providing easy-to-use, cutting-edge information, Côté’s Clinical Veterinary Advisor: Dogs and Cats, 4th Edition is like six books in one — with concise coverage of diseases and disorders; procedures and techniques; differentials,..
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Author: Summers Model: 9780323596572
Solidify your understanding of the most common diseases you’ll encounter as a veterinary technician! Common Diseases of Companion Animals, 4th Edition is an easy-to-use reference that’s divided into sections by species, with chapters in each section organized by body system. Each disease is pr..
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Author: Aspinall Model: 9780702073960
The new fourth edition of Clinical Procedures retains the popular format that has been so successful in establishing previous editions. All the principal procedures a nurse is likely to be called on to perform are presented in the most practically useful way, linking the action with the unde..
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Author: Colby Model: 9781119489566
The revised fifth edition of Clinical Laboratory Animal Medicine: An Introduction is an accessible guide to basic information for conducting animal research safely and responsibly. It includes a review of the unique anatomic and physiologic characteristics of laboratory animals, husbandry prac..
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Author: Bussadori Model: 9788821449406
The aim of this text is to lead the reader to a therapeuticmanagement of canine and feline cardiovascular diseasesbased on the understanding of their pathogenic and physiopathologicalmechanisms. The author provides continuousreferences between basic sciences and clinical matter. Thechoice of the fig..
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Author: Elices Mínguez Model: 9788417640248
This book provides veterinary surgeons with a global perspective on obesity in dogs and cats. Moreover, the information and therapeutic strategies presented within can help ensure that pet owners become fully involved in improving the health of their pets...
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Author: Sheldon Middleton Model: 9781910443613
This popular pocketbook has been fully updated with additional quick reference emergency information.  It provides the new (and possibly the not so new) veterinary graduate with a handy guide to the important drugs, tests and procedures most commonly encountered in small animal practice..
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Author: Cordero Model: 9788417640699
This book describes the most common bacterial skin infectionsaffecting cats and dogs, their clinical presentation, andaetiological agents, besides offering practical techniquesand advice for their identification and management usingclear images, tables, and diagrams. It also facilitates veterinarysu..
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Author: Martínez de Merlo, Elena Model: 9788417640613
Atlases of cytology are an essential tool in small animal practice. Diagnostic cytology, which is used extensively in routine clinical practice, requires the most comprehensive cell identification possible. This is best achieved with the help of numerous images that reflect the most characte..
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Veterinary Reproduction and Obstetrics, 10th Edition
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Author: Noakes,Parkinson,England Model: 9780702072338
Description As the standard theriogenology text for veterinary students, Veterinary Reproduction and Obstetrics is also a great reference to keep post-graduation. The 10th edition of this book has been thoroughly updated to include normal reprodu..
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Author: Pérez Alenza Model: 9788417225414
This clinical manual on thyroid gland conditions offers an update on the concepts and clinical reality of canine hypothyroidism and feline hyperthyroidism, two processes that have been the subject of much case-based reasoning.Table of Contents1. General thyroid gland concepts Synthesis of th..
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Author: Thomson Model: 9780323498302
Get instant access to the critical data you need to make accurate diagnoses and effectively plan treatment. Small Animal Medical Differential Diagnosis, 3rd Edition combines over 400 expert resources and boils them down into one easy-to-use reference covering the differential diagnosis, etiology..
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Author: Donald C. Plumb Model: 9781119346494
Description Plumb’s Veterinary Drug Handbook, Ninth Edition updates the most complete, detailed, and trusted source of drug information relevant to veterinary medicine. Provides a fully updated edition of the classic veterinary drug handbook, with carefully curated do..
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Author: Meyer Model: 9788417225230
This new book in the Small Animal Surgery series reviewssome of the surgical errors and complications that may occurin daily practice when performing surgery. It is intendedfor surgeons starting their professional careers and residents,as well as experienced veterinary surgeons, since itmust not be ..
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Author: Santilli Model: 9788821447846
This book is a must-have reference for those learning thebasics of electrocardiography and those who face the challengeof interpreting the most complex arrhythmias in veterinarymedicine.The combined and varied experiences of the authors givetexture to the review of the literature, and the approach t..
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