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Diagnostic MRI in Dogs and Cats
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Author: Wilfried Mai Model: 9781498737708
Diagnostic MRI in Dogs and Cats makes the vast and increasingly complex topic of clinical MRI in small animals accessible to all veterinarians. With the increasing availability of MRI technology, there is also a pressing need for expertise in interpreting these images. This is the first refe..
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Author: Verde Model: 9788417225353
This atlas describes and uses many images to show the differentclinical patterns most often observed in the skin ofcanine species and links them, in each case, to their aetiology.It also includes an action protocol for each pattern withthe guidelines to be followed to achieve a correct diagnosis...
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This new edition presents a logically arranged and readily accessible source of practical information for general practitioners, veterinary surgeons studying for certificate level qualifications in surgery, veterinary students, nurses and technicians. The manual covers investigation of lamen..
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This manual provides a practical, up-to-date approach to head, neck and thoracic surgery in dogs and cats. The chapters flow logically from the required surgical instrumentation and then into surgery, starting at the oral cavity and nose and working caudally. Each chapter describes diagnosis..
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Author: Lesley G. King, Amanda Boag Model: 9781905319640
Emergency care is one of the most important areas of veterinary medicine. Building on the success of the previous editions, the international team of editors and authors have reviewed and updated the manual so that it reflects the continued growth in knowledge and understanding in this cruci..
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Author: Alexander M. Reiter, Margherita Gracis Model: 9781905319602
Following the success of previous editions, the BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Dentistry and Oral Surgery 4th edition is a timely publication in what is an internationally growing specialist field. It is an accessible source of core information for general small animal veterinary surgeons, ..
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Author: Miró Model: 9788417225674
The standout feature of this up-to-date, descriptive atlasdedicated to the main endoparasites of dogs and cats is itsdiagnosis-oriented format. Each chapter is divided into fourclosely related sections, which facilitates interpretation ofthe content and turns this atlas into a reference in the field..
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Author: Castillo Model: 9788417225421
This manual is intended to serve as a working tool to helpveterinary surgeons in the management of cancer patients.It compiles practical information related to the diagnosis,prognosis and treatment of cancer, and also explains how tomanage pain and ensure good communication with patients’owners. Num..
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Author: Collados Model: 788417225094
Routine preventative dental care is essential to prevent dentaland oral health problems in cats. With more than 400high-quality images, clear anatomical illustrations, and thoroughdescriptions, this new volume on veterinary dentistryfocused exclusively in cats aims at being a guide for quickvisual i..
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Veterinary Surgery: Small Animal Expert Consult, 2nd Edition
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Author: Torrente Model: 9788416818785
Quick reference guide based on the protocol of primaryassessment and the most frequent pathologies in eachsection. The goal of the work is to put within reach of veterinariansa small book including essential information thatthey can always keep handy in order to make the consultationtime more profit..
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Author: Esteban Martín, Javier Model: 9788416818983
The aim of this book is to provide both the veterinary surgeon and the student with a quick guide that will allow them to easily recognise the ophthalmological conditions most commonly seen in daily practice. All the images shown in this guide correspond to real-life cases and are accompanie..
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Author: Vega Guerrero Model: 9788416818839
This book addresses the main feline infectious diseases that are usually seen in daily veterinary practice and includes all the existing updates regarding the diagnostic approach and management of these conditions. Its main aim is to provide highly practical information in order to offer a n..
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Author: Doménech Model: 9788417225063
This innovative book presents the essential aspects of bovineimmunology and provides key information about themain vaccine-preventable diseases in cattle and vaccinationand disease control procedures. The detailed illustrationsand diagrams will help veterinary practitioners consolidatetheir knowledg..
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Author: Yehia “Mo” Saif Model: 9788417225056
An accessible yet rigorous book on the diagnosis of themain diseases affecting poultry, written by renowned expertswith a wide experience in this field. Each disease has beenthoroughly reviewed to include the most updated information(clinical signs, gross and microscopic lesions, detectionof aetiolo..
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Author: Ruano Model: 9788417225049
This book aims to introduce veterinary surgeons to a newconcept of pain for a better understanding of what pain isand how it occurs. By describing pain pathways and theirregulation, as well as the sophisticated therapeutic systemsthat are currently being developed, this book shows its readershow to ..
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This new edition of the popular manual expands on the conditions covered in the second edition; common problems are assessed and the various treatment options considered. Guidance on long-term management of chronic conditions has also been expanded and extensively revised. Increased focus on ..
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Author: Collados Model: 9788416315772
A good mouth care is paramount to prevent health problemsin dogs. However, some oral conditions may sometimes bereally challenging to diagnose and treat. With almost 500high-quality images, clear anatomical illustrations, and thoroughdescriptions, this new volume on veterinary dentistryaims at being..
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Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine Expert Consult, 8th Edition
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Author: Ettinger Model: 9780323312110
Ensure you have ongoing access to the most reliable veterinary information available! The Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine, 8th Edition remains the internationally acclaimed "gold standard" in veterinary medicine with its unparalleled coverage of pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatme..
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