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Author: Del Pinal Model: 9783132423794
A comprehensive summary of the state of the art in the management of fractures of the distal radius and carpal instabilityHand and wrist fractures account for millions of emergency room visits annually. The extraordinary importance of these structures in activities of daily living necessitates..
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Author: Matthew T Provencher Model: 9780323287845
With a concise, expert focus on one of today’s hottest topics in shoulder surgery, Disorders of the Rotator Cuff and Biceps Tendon provides thorough, up-to-date coverage of all aspects of this fast-changing area. This unique volume covers everything from physical examination and imaging workup t..
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Author: Heary Model: 9781626238534
The definitive textbook on the management of cervical spine trauma from master spine surgeons!Understanding the clinical implications of cervical trauma requires thorough knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the cervical spine. Cervical Trauma: Surgical Management by renowned spine surge..
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Bridwell and DeWald's Textbook of Spinal Surgery 4th edition
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Author: Bridwell Model: 9781496386489
Written by experts from around the world, the latest edition of this leading reference features contributions from both neurosurgeons and orthopaedic surgeons. Presenting the full scope of spinal surgery, chapters discuss anatomy, biomechanics, complications, instrumentation, preoperative an..
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Author: Spranger Model: 9780190626655
The definitive guide to genetic bone disorders, now revised and expanded with glossy photographs and radiographs"Brilliantly written and produced and deserves to be on the shelves of all pediatric radiologists. It should also be available to geneticists, counselors, and pediatricians." —Radiol..
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Author: Waldman Model: 9780323640770
Covering the many relatively uncommon pain conditions that are often misdiagnosed, this one-of-a-kind visual resource clearly presents the extensive knowledge and experience of world-renowned pain expert Steven D. Waldman, MD, JD. Atlas of Uncommon Pain Syndromes, 4th Edition, first and foremost hel..
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Author: Flatow Model: 9781975124861
Covering more than 100 fundamental orthopaedic techniques, Atlas of Essential Orthopaedic Procedures, 2nd edition offers a highly illustrated, step-by-step guide to the wide variety of conditions you’re most likely to see in practice. The easy-to-follow format begins with patient selection, wa..
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Author: Azar Model: 9780323710404
This volume of Orthopedic Clinics will focus on Arthritis and Related Conditions. Edited by members of a distinguished editorial board from the Campbell Clinic, each issue features articles from the key subspecialty areas of knee and hip, hand and wrist, shoulder and elbow, foot and ankle,..
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Author: Ian Winspur Model: 9781909836815
The Musician’s Hand – A Clinical Guide was the first book to focus on the specialised topic of the upper limb and hand in musicians: the conditions they suffer, the modified assessment and treatment they require and the importance of prevention. Since its publication in 1998, scientific and c..
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Author: Buijze Model: 9780323485647
Description Get a quick, expert overview of current diagnosis and management of scaphoid fractures with this concise, practical resource by Drs. Geert Buijze and Jesse B. Jupiter. This easy-to-read reference presents a summary of today’s best e..
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Author: James V. Bono, Richard D. Scott Model: 9783319884165
Now in its fully revised and updated second edition, this comprehensive, how-to text covers all aspects of revision total knee arthroplasty (TKA), complete with step-by-step descriptions of surgical techniques. Divided thematically into three main sections, part I discusses evaluation and di..
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Reconstructive Foot and Ankle Surgery: Management of Complications , 3E
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Author: Matthew R. Lindberg Model: 9780323496933
Description: Packed with superb illustrations, pearls, and pitfalls, Reconstructive Foot and Ankle Surgery: Management of Complications, 3rd Edition, delivers step-by-step guidance on essential elements of complex foot and ankle surgery. World-renowned surgeon Dr. Mark S. Myerson, along with..
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Author: Courtney Model: 9789352702879
The second volume of Recent Advances in Orthopedic Surgery brings clinicians and trainees fully up to date with the latest advances in their field. Divided into twelve sections, each chapter discusses new technologies and techniques for surgery in a specific orthopaedic subspecialty – hip..
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Author: Gregory P. Nicholson Model: 9781975121853
Some of todays most respected orthopaedic surgeons have researched and reviewed the latest, most compelling orthopaedic shoulder and elbow content from around the world to give practicing professional easy access to actionable information, new techniques, and though provoking perspectives. &..
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Author: William M. Ricci,Robert F. Ostrum Model: 9781975123338
Orthopaedic Knowledge Update: Trauma 5 brings together relevant knowledge and new breakthroughs in orthopaedic trauma treatment and management. Developed in partnership with the Orthopaedic Trauma Association (OTA), this new edition features chapters on computer-assisted surgery, new technol..
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Orthopaedic Knowledge Update: Sports Medicine 5, 5e-2018
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Author: Mark D. Miller Model: 9781975123246
OKU: Sports Medicine 5 brings together the most relevant literature and the latest research, including extensive updates in knee and shoulder, from the past five years. Top notch experts collaborated on this succinct review of pertinent advances in sports medicine. Find brand-new content on ..
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Orthopaedic Knowledge Update: Spine 5, 2018
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Author: Eeric Truumees,Heidi Prather Model: 9781975117320
OKU: Spine 5, developed in a partnership between the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) and the North American Spine Society (NASS), is a balanced review of the vastly expanding body of increasingly specialized spine clinical and surgical knowledge to keep you in the forefront o..
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Orthopaedic Knowledge Update: Pediatrics 5-2018
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Author: Jeffrey E. Martus Model: 9781975123758
OKU: Pediatrics 5 reflects the substantial number of high-quality studies in pediatric orthopaedics, as well as the most recent clinical practice guidelines and appropriate use criteria. This comprehensive multispecialty resource explores the latest advances in pediatric trauma, sports-..
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Author: J. Sybil Biermann Model: 9781975122492
Leading orthopaedic surgeons and other specialists collaborated to provide this multi-disciplinary perspective on musculoskeletal tumors. Through their eyes and insights, you will gain a big picture view of the latest innovations in tumor care and optimized treatment. Explore leading-edge re..
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Orthopaedic Knowledge Update: Hip and Knee Reconstruction 5-2018
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Author: Michael A. Mont,Michael Tanzer Model: 9781975123796
Explore the many changes in hip and knee arthroplasty in recent years with completely new information on implants, bearing surfaces, surgical approaches, alternate approaches, risk reduction, and blood management. Expand your knowledge with the standard in adult hip and knee reconstruction, ..
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