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Orthopaedic Knowledge Update: Foot and Ankle 5-2018
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Author: Loretta B. Chou Model: 9781975117337
OKU: Foot and Ankle 5 provides a precise blend of relevant information, the current application of knowledge, and supporting references in an all-inclusive foot and ankle resource that will carry you from pre- to post-op, and everything in between.   Developed in partnership with the Am..
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Orthopaedic Knowledge Update 12
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Author: Jonathan N. Grauer Model: 9781975123895
OKU 12 brings you a comprehensive synthesis of the latest clinical thinking and best practices across all orthopaedic specialty areas. Keep pace with the rapidly changing body of orthopaedic knowledge and clinical practice with OKU’s objective, balanced coverage in easily accessible for..
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Author: O'Keefe,Jacobs,Chu,Einhorn Model: 9781975117313
Build your Foundation of Basic Science – from Research to Clinical Application  A great tool for MOC preparation! A 'must have' for residency! This fourth edition, developed in a partnership between the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) and the Orthopaedic Research Society ..
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Author: Lee Model: 9780323508803
Description Part of the practical, highly illustrated Operative Techniques series, this fully revised title by Drs. Donald H. Lee and Robert J. Neviaser brings you up to speed with must-know surgical techniques in today’s technically demanding should..
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The increasing responsibility placed on physicians and hospitals to reduce postoperative infection makes this OKU specialty topic particularly relevant.   Developed in partnership with the Musculoskeletal Infection Society, OKU: Musculoskeletal Infection is the first o..
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Author: Vivek Pandey, Hitesh Shah Model: 9789352703296
This book is a complete guide to musculoskeletal examination for trainees in orthopaedics. Divided into fifteen sections, the text begins with an overview of history taking and the basics of physical examination. The following chapters provide in depth detail on the clinical evaluation of differ..
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Master Techniques in Orthopedic Surgery: Knee Arthroplasty 4E
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Author: Shyam Varadarajulu Model: 9781496315052
Helmed by a brand-new editor from the Mayo Clinic, the latest edition has been updated with new procedures and principles and additional imagery. Each technique is described in step-by-step detail. You will also find an overview of each injury or condition, explanations of indications and pr..
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Author: Bernard F. Morrey Model: 9781451194067
Correctly choosing and executing the exposure needed for a given procedure is one of the orthopedic surgeon's most important tasks, and one that residents work hard to master.  This covers all areas of orthopedic surgery, presenting exposures  for hand & wrist, forearm, elbow, ..
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Key Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgery 2nd Edition
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Author: Stern Model: 9781626232877
Key Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgery, 2nd Edition, by Steven Stern, Matthew Saltzman, and Christopher Bono provides a fully updated, easy-to-follow orthopaedics reference. The book encompasses a full spectrum of core orthopaedic procedures impacting pediatric to adult patients. Unlike dense..
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Instructional Course Lectures, Volume 67, 2018
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Author: Parvizi Model: 9781625527042
This text contains the most comprehensive compilation of current, clinically relevant presentations from the 2017 AAOS Annual Meeting. Written by the expert orthopaedic surgeons who presented the lectures, these are hands-on experience-based solutions, some with streaming surgical technique ..
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Author: Elkousy Model: 9780323529013
Description Covering the entire spectrum of operative shoulder arthroscopy, including both routine and complex shoulder procedures, Gartsman’s Shoulder Arthroscopy, 3rd Edition, provides a straightforward, "classroom" approach that walks you through ..
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Author: Boeckstyns Model: 9783132417205
Hand fractures account for millions of emergency room visits annually. The extraordinary importance of the hand in so many activities of daily living necessitates inordinate surgical competence in repairing fractures, in order to preserve the vast range of motion and functionality of this hi..
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Author: Greisberg,,Vosseller Model: 9780323568388
The latest techniques and advances in the field, cutting-edge clinical and surgical knowledge and a clear, bulleted format are featured in this fully revised 2nd Edition of Core Knowledge in Orthopaedics: Foot and Ankle. Perfect for exam review or in preparation for rotations or a challeng..
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Author: Mazzocca Model: 9780323551403
Designed with the practicing clinician in mind, Biologics in Orthopaedic Surgery provides a succinct, easy-to-digest overview of the integration of biologics (platelet-rich-plasma [PRP], bone marrow aspirate [BMA], and stem cells) into today’s orthopaedic practice. Covering relevant basic ..
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Author: Krajbich,Pinzur,Potter,Stevens Model: 9781975123697
The leading and definitive reference on the surgical and prosthetic management of acquired and congenital limb loss.   The fourth edition of the Atlas of Amputations and Limb Deficiencies is written by recognized experts in the fields of amputation surgery, rehabilitation, and prosthetics..
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Model: 9780702072260
Description: Since its first publication in 1989, Anatomy and Human Movement has grown to become a best-selling seminal textbook, helping students to understand and remember the mechanisms which allow movement to take place. Written specifically for physiotherapists and occupationa..
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An Anatomic Approach to Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
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Author: Perez-Cruet,Fessler,Wang Model: 9781626236431
Learn state-of-the-art MIS techniques from master spine surgeons!Significant advances have been made in minimally invasive spine (MIS) surgery approaches, techniques, and innovative technologies. By preserving normal anatomic integrity during spine surgery, MIS approaches enable spine surgeo..
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Advanced Reconstruction: Shoulder 2-2018
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Get expert insight and practical guidance to master the latest techniques, including minimally invasive techniques for instability, rotator cuff pathology, and arthritis. Now in a case-based format: each author describes the case, addresses alternative approaches and controversies, and offer..
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The world's leading knee reconstruction and sports medicine surgeons guide you to manage the toughest cases you'll see.   Step-by-step guidance for more than 70 advanced reconstruction techniques.   Developed in collaboration with The Knee Society, this powerful resource puts the exper..
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Author: Jay R. Lieberman,Daniel J. Berry Model: 9781975123833
Expert insight and practical guidance help you master every technique and make the best decisions for each patient.Developed in partnership with The Hip Society: • More than 150 leading surgeons share wisdom and expertise for 70+ surgical challenges. • Strategies and step-by-step guidance from a mas..
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