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Author: Suzanne H. Kimball, Marc Fagelson Model: 9781684201679
Tinnitus and sound disorder case studies provide invaluable guidance on enhancing quality and scope of patient care! Tinnitus affects nearly one in 10 people around the world and tinnitus-related disabilities are considered among the most common chronic conditions reported. Historically, many pat..
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Author: Raj Sindwani, Christopher Roxbury Model: 9780323870726
Offering up-to-date, multidisciplinary coverage of this nuanced and evolving field, Cerebrospinal Fluid Rhinorrhea provides a comprehensive overview of the evaluation and diagnosis, as well as the medical and surgical management options, for all causes of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) rhinorrhea. It cov..
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Author: James Tysome, Rahul Kanegaonkar Model: 9781032259611
The third edition of ENT: An Introduction and Practical Guide provides an essential introduction to the clinical examination, treatment options and surgical procedures within ENT. It encompasses the most frequently encountered conditions in the emergency setting, on the ward and in the out..
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Author: Suresh Pillai, Kailesh Pujary Model: 9789395390200
An update to the Indian otolaryngology curriculum has necessitated changes in the way students interact with, understand, and progress thinking in the subject. Changes in the field of otorhinolaryngology over the last three decades have seen newer concepts and technologies being incorporated. Textbo..
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Author: Madhuri Mehta Model: 9789392819131
Atlas of Facial Nerve Surgeries and Reanimation Procedures is more than a project for the author. It is the culmination of her passion, as well as lifelong quest and pursuit, for perfecting the execution of management of facial nerve in different situations. The main objective of this atlas is to pr..
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Cummings Review of Otolaryngology, 2nd Edition, offers a unique, effective review of the entire spectrum of otolaryngology—perfect for in-service exams, the ABO oral and written boards, and the recertification exam. More than simply a summary of essential information in otolaryngology, this pr..
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Author: Kern & Friedman Model: 9780443107153
The first publication devoted entirely to management of this potentially devastating syndrome, Empty Nose Syndrome: Evidence Based Proposals for Inferior Turbinate Management takes a comprehensive, state-of-the-art look at ENS, serving as a valuable addition to the literature for physicians, surgeon..
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Author: Kost & Jefferson Model: 9780443182228
In this issue of Otolaryngologic Clinics, guest editors Drs. Karen M. Kost and Gina D. Jefferson bring their considerable expertise to the topic of Larynx Cancer. Top experts in the field cover key topics such as perioperative assessment/prehabilitation; dysplastic lesions of the larynx; radiation f..
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Author: Clark A. Rosen Model: 9781975162665
Designed to enhance the learning experience for both practicing otolaryngologists and otolaryngology residents, Bailey’s Head & Neck Surgery—Otolaryngology, 6th Edition, delivers concise, practical information in all areas of this complex field. Dr. Clark A. Rosen (Laryngology) and h..
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Author: Daniel Egan Model: 9781975183547
Based on the highly regarded Walls Manual of Emergency Airway Management and part of the Manual of Emergency Medicine series envisioned by leading authority in emergency medicine, Dr. Ron M. Walls, Manual of Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Emergencies provides evidence-based, easy-to-read coverage of the..
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Author: Dimitris Malamos, Crispian Scully Model: 9781119328117
DESCRIPTION A quick reference and revision guide on the most common oral and perioral diseases seen in clinical practice Clinical Guide to Oral Diseases is a concise reference on the common diseases encountered in daily practice. Presenting a large selection of clinical cases, this user-f..
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Author: Kozin Model: 9780323874823
Description: The first book of its kind to explore this timely topic in depth, Otologic and Lateral Skull Base Trauma addresses the many facets of temporal bone trauma, including its epidemiology, diagnosis, and medical and surgical management, and contemporary research. Ideal for ..
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Author: Stanley A. Gelfand, Lauren Calandruccio Model: 9781684203987
Description Every essential topic in audiology, from acoustics and anatomy to auditory disorders and hearing loss, is covered in this book. It gives audiology students a solid understanding of core audiologic concepts. With thorough coverage of the essentials of clinical practice, it is also a go..
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Author: Edin Pujagic Model: 9789390553761
Color Atlas of Otology: Diagnosis and Management presents brilliant photographs of different otological disorders. The book has been divided into four sections covering all aspects of ear pathology, radiology, and surgical and postsurgical outcomes. All images are accompanied by a brief disc..
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Author: Tanmoy Rana Model: 9789390553105
Description An Approach to Successful Stapedectomy is a comprehensive book covering most of the real-world topics related to stapedectomy. The innovation from pick and perforator to microdrill and then to CO2 laser is a big landmark in the development of instruments for sta..
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Author: Wai-Kay Seto, Mohammed Eslam Model: 9783031059728
  About this book This book is a multidisciplinary guide to head and neck cancer. Head and neck cancer remains one of the most technically complex cancer subsites to manage. This field involves highly specialized collaboration amongst surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, ..
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Author: Johns Hopkins Hospital Model: 9781138608481
A portable handbook that provides a concise summary of  ENT surgery based on Scott-Brown’s Otorhinolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery 8e. Of practical use in clinics, the ward and the operating room, this evidence -based resource provides easy access to information ..
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Description The aim of this new third edition of the Oxford Handbook of ENT and Head and Neck Surgery, like all other Oxford Handbooks, is to provide a compact, comprehensive, and easily accessible guide to all areas of the field. The co..
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Author: Mezzich, Appleyard,Glare, Snaedal, Wilson Model: 9781119775942
Description A case-focused Otolaryngology primer for trainees and practicing clinicians alike As disorders of the head and neck continue to become more prevalent, otolaryngologic head and neck surgeons are in greater demand than ever before. Many schools of medicine..
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Author: Donald W. Black, Nathan J. Kolla Model: 9780323733571
Description: For more than 30 years, the highly regarded Secrets Series® has provided students and practitioners in all areas of health care with concise, focused, and engaging resources for quick reference and exam review. ENT Secrets, 5th Edition, offers practical..
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