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Author: Evanthia Diamanti-Kandarakis Model: 9780128230459
Women’s healthcare regarding polycystic ovarian syndrome remains challenging. Patients often go from one specialist to another trying to fully understand and management the disorder. Women often go years before a diagnosis, seeing three or more doctors before a confirmed diagnosis. Polycystic ..
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Author: Atul Kalhan Model: 9780198864615
Best of Five MCQs for the Endocrinology and Diabetes SCE is a dedicated revision guide designed to assist candidates in preparing for the Endocrinology and Diabetes Specialty Certificate Examination (SCE). It contains 350 best of five questions covering the main themes of the specialty curricul..
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Author: Patricia E. Molina Model: 9781264278459
Endocrine Physiology delivers unmatched coverage of the fundamental concepts of hormone biological actions?providing the foundation you need to understand the physiologic mechanisms involved in neuroendocrine regulation of organ function. This updated edition has been revised for greater cla..
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This volume provides an overview of the biochemical basis of metabolic diseases and molecular basis of chemical pathologies. Metabolic disorders occur when metabolic processes in the body are disrupted. They contribute a significant burden to human health globally. They can be congenital or acquired..
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Author: Akuffo Quarde Model: 9781119863533
Endocrinology: Pathophysiology to Therapy is a comprehensive resource on medical therapies; in each chapter, the relevant endocrine physiology of the medical therapy is presented, followed by a review of the detailed mechanism of action of selected medical interventions. Where applicable, empha..
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Author: Perrier Model: 9781032379463
This completely revised and updated Fourth Edition of the Atlas of Diabetes Mellitus provides a broad coverage of all aspects of diabetes mellitus and an extensive collection of common and rare clinical images. It aims to provide an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the management of this..
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Author: Jay H. Shubrook Model: 9781975209841
More than 85% of people with diabetes receive their diabetes care in the primary care setting. With the busy primary care practitioner in mind, Everyday Diabetes in Primary Care: A Case-Based Approach offers dozens of diabetes cases in an easy-to-digest format—each representing a com..
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Babies of women with diabetes are nearly five times more likely to be stillborn and almost three times more likely to die in the first three months. The incidence of gestational diabetes mellitus in the U.S. is high—between 3 and 7 percent—and rising. The condition is often complicated b..
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Author: Michael Sabel Model: 9781975176495
With an emphasis on the “hows and whys” of contemporary surgery, Operative Techniques in Breast, Endocrine, and Oncologic Surgery, Second Edition, features concise, bulleted text, full-color illustrations, and intraoperative photographs to clarify exactly what to look for ..
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Author: Amir H. Sam, Karim Meeran, Neil Hill Model: 9781118682241
ENDOCRINOLOGY AND DIABETES Lecture Notes 2nd Edition Balancing depth and accessibility, Endocrinology and Diabetes: Lecture Notes, 2nd Edition, provides medical students and junior doctors with the key information needed to understand mechanisms of endocrine conditions. This popular revisi..
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Author: Anne Phillips Model: 9781119841265
Diabetes affects a large proportion of the population and it is essential that student nurses, dietitians, podiatrists and other health practitioners and allied healthcare professionals be up to date with the support and treatment that people with diabetes need. Diabetes Care at a Glance c..
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Author: Perrier Model: 9780323939775
In this issue, guest editors bring their considerable expertise to this important topic...
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Concise, readable, and well-illustrated, Handbook of Glomerulonephritis is a convenient, one-stop resource for physicians, residents and fellows, advanced practice professionals, and nurses who are involved with the care of patients with glomerular diseases. Drs. Patrick H. Nachman, Michel..
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Author: M. Cecilia Lansang, Richard David Leslie Model: 9781032146454
he book explains the underlying pathophysiology of the disease and covers in detail all its main forms and complications. Separate chapters consider the range of treatment options, together with summaries of key clinical trials. Coverage also includes epidemiology and classification, as well as diag..
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Author: Beate Carriere, Dawn-Marie Ickes Model: 9789390595051
  This book is a guide to endocrine surgery for practising and trainee endocrinologists. Divided into 45 chapters, the text begins with an overview of applied embryology, physiology, and surgical anatomy of the endocrine glands. The next section explains thyroid function tests and their i..
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Cardiodiabetes refers to heart disease that develops in people who have diabetes. Compared with people who don't have diabetes, people who have diabetes are at higher risk of heart disease, have additional causes of heart disease, may develop heart disease at a younger age, and may have more..
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Description DIABETES DRUG NOTES Diabetes is becoming more common in both older and younger generations and in keeping with this escalation in cases, there are an ever increasing number of drugs and drug classes that are suitable to treat hyperglycaemia. In a uniqu..
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