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Handbook of Glomerulonephritis
Concise, readable, and well-illustrated, Handbook of Glomerulonephritis is a convenient, one-stop resource for physicians, residents and fellows, advanced practice professionals, and nurses who are involved with the care of patients with glomerular diseases. Drs. Patrick H. Nachman, Michel..
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The Pituitary, 5E
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Author: Melmed Model: 9780323998994
Features: Provides a detailed description of the wide spectrum of clinical disorders emanating from the dysfunction of the “master gland” and the fundamental science underlying pituitary dysfunctionBrings together pituitary experts from all areas of research and practice ..
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Author: Chandrabose Rex Model: 9780702083273
Description: The Systems of the Body series has established itself as a highly valuable resource for medical and other health science students following today’s systems-based courses. Now thoroughly revised and updated in this third edition, each volume presents the core knowledge of..
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Model: 9789390595051
This book is a guide to endocrine surgery for practising and trainee endocrinologists. Divided into 45 chapters, the text begins with an overview of applied embryology, physiology, and surgical anatomy of the endocrine glands. The next section explains thyroid function tests and their interpr..
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Author: Toshiyuki Matsui Model: 9780198851899
The indispensable guide to all aspects of clinical care, the Oxford Handbook of Endocrinology and Diabetes has been fully updated for its fourth edition, providing comprehensive coverage of both disciplines in a practical and concise format. Featuring new chapters on transition in ..
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Author: McDermott Model: 9780323792622
Description: For more than 30 years, the highly regarded Secrets Series® has provided students and practitioners in all areas of health care with concise, focused, and engaging resources for quick reference and exam review. A new volume in this trusted series, Diabetes Secrets offers pra..
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Model: 9781119785002
Description DIABETES DRUG NOTES Diabetes is becoming more common in both older and younger generations and in keeping with this escalation in cases, there are an ever increasing number of drugs and drug classes that are suitable to treat hyperglycaemia. In a uniqu..
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Author: M. Cecilia Lansang, Richard David Leslie Model: 9781032146454
he book explains the underlying pathophysiology of the disease and covers in detail all its main forms and complications. Separate chapters consider the range of treatment options, together with summaries of key clinical trials. Coverage also includes epidemiology and classification, as well as diag..
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DeGroot's Endocrinology, 8Ε Basic Science and Clinical Practice
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Author: Andrew Blann, Nessar Ahmed Model: 9780323694124
Description: Thoroughly updated to reflect today's recent advances in adult and pediatric endocrinology, DeGroot’s Endocrinology, 8th Edition, remains the comprehensive, international reference of choice for today’s endocrinologists and fellows. A full peer review of the previous edi..
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Clinical Obesity in Adults and Children, 4E
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Author: Darci R. Block Model: 9781119695271
Description Clinical Obesity in Adults and Children A comprehensive and incisive exploration of obesity in society and the clinical setting In the newly revised Fourth Edition of Clinical Obesity in Adults and Children, a team of expert medical practitioners delive..
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Author: Otto, Prendergast & Redwood Model: 9780323792851
Description: Adrenal disorders are often difficult to diagnose due to common symptoms, and challenging to treat due to common comorbidities. Adrenal Disorders: 100 Cases from the Adrenal Clinic provides a comprehensive, case-based approach to the..
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Oxford Textbook of Endocrinology and Diabetes 3E
-10 %
Author: John Wass, Wiebke Arlt, and Robert Semple Model: 9780198870197
Description Now in its third edition, the Oxford Textbook of Endocrinology and Diabetes is an up-to-date, objective and comprehensive text that covers the full scope of endocrinology and diabetes. It contains wide ranging and pragmatic advice on..
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Marcus and Feldman's Osteoporosis 5E
-10 %
Author: D. Dempster, J. Cauley, M. Bouxsein, F. Cosman Model: 9780128130735
Summarizes the latest research in bone biology and translational applications in a range of new therapeutic agents, including essential updates on therapeutic uses of calcium, vitamin D, SERMS, bisphosphonates, parathyroid hormone, and new therapeutic agentsRecognizes the critical importance o..
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Author: Michael C. Singer,David J. Terris Model: 9783030739508
Introduction This book is the first to focus on the range of innovations that have been critical to the emergence of modern endocrine surgery. It provides a state-of-the art review of these developments, providing surgeons a single resource to better understand them. The text is bro..
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Handbook of Diabetes 5E
-4 %
Author: Rudy Bilous, Richard Donnelly, Iskandar Idris Model: 9781118976043
The Handbook of Diabetes provides concise and efficient coverage of the diagnosis, epidemiology, and management of diabetes and its complications. Containing hundreds of attractive colour diagrams, illustrations, and clinical photographs, thi..
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Author: Holt et al Model: 9780128158449
Features: Clinical case studies in every chapterE-book version available with every copy for obtaining images and tables for lectures or notesClinicians added as co-authors to enhance usefulness by physicians and medical students and residentsDetailed molecular biology of hormo..
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Author: Richard I. G. Holt, Neil A. Hanley Model: 9781118763964
The Essentials are an international, best-selling series of textbooks, all of which are designed to support lecture series or themes on core topics within the health sciences. Essential Endocrinology and Diabetes provides the accurate and up-to-date knowledge required for treating all ar..
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Author: Alexander L. Shifrin Model: 9780323760973
Endocrine emergencies are often potentially life-threatening and can be easily overlooked in patients with no history of endocrine disease. Endocrine Emergencies is a practical guide to identification and treatment for today’s clinicians, offering essential coverage of common and serious eme..
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Author: Timothy O White Model: 9783030771102
Introduction This book aims to address a number of controversies concerning the use of testosterone treatment. It explains topics that clinicians regularly encounter such as whether to use free or total testosterone in the evaluation of the patient with testosterone deficiency; what..
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Author: Adrian Vella Model: 9781119603160
Description Clinical Dilemmas in Diabetes answers the clinical questions commonly encountered when diagnosing, treating, and managing patients with diabetes and its associated complications. Designed to support informed, evidence-based care, this authoritative clin..
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