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Author: Kenneth M. Shaw, Michael H. Cummings Model: 9780470656181
This edition of Diabetes: Chronic Complications provides both the experienced and trainee endocrinologist with easy-to-read, up-to-date practical guidance on the management of the many complications that can result from the onset of diabetes, such as kidney failure, cardiovascular disease, retinal f..
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Author: William F. Young Model: 9781416063889
The long-awaited update of The Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations is now becoming a reality! Master artist-physician, Carlos Machado, and other top medical illustrators have teamed-up with medical experts to make the classic Netter "green books" a reliable effective current-day reference. ..
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Author: Roger P. Smith Model: 9781437705959
The long-awaited update of The Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations is now becoming a reality! Master artist-physician, Carlos Machado, and other top medical illustrators have teamed-up with medical experts to make the classic Netter "green books" a reliable effective current-day ref..
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Author: Ben Greenstein, Diana Wood Model: 9781444332155
The Endocrine System at a Glance provides a highly illustrated and unambiguous introduction to the basic principles and mechanisms of endocrinology and the key endocrine organs, followed by sections on reproductive and metabolic endocrinology. Clinical scenarios contextualise the basic science and i..
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Model: 9781405196345
Practical Endocrinology and Diabetes in Children is the ideal bench-side companion for the practising paediatrician and endocrinologist, bridging the gap between large reference books and short reviews of aspects of endocrinology. This third edition contains a variety of new features such as key web..
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Author: Sorrentino Model: 9781603275019
Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death for men and women in this country, surpassing deaths due to all cancers combined. Better awareness of heart disease risk factors and improved treatment modalities has produced great progress in reducing deaths due to myocardial infarcti..
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Author: Marc A. Fritz Model: 9780781779685
Established for more than thirty years as one of the world's most widely read gynecology texts, Clinical Gynecologic Endocrinology and Infertility is now in its Eighth Edition. In a clear, user-friendly style enhanced by abundant illustrations, algorithms, and tables, the book provides a complete ex..
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Author: Adrian Vella, Robert Rizza Model: 9781405169288
Clinical Dilemmas in Diabetes provides evidence-based clinical guidance on the most common and problematic areas of concern encountered by health professionals when diagnosing, treating, and managing patients with diabetes. Topics reflect current interest, specific recent developments, and areas of ..
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Author: Hinson Model: 978-0-7020-3372-8
This is an integrated textbook on the endocrine system, covering the anatomy, physiology and biochemistry of the system, all presented in a clinically relevant context appropriate for the first two years of the medical student course...
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Author: Richard IG Holt Model: 9781405191814
Over three editions the Textbook of Diabetes has built a reputation as a book that is extremely well-organized and easy to navigate, with exceptional illustrations and an excellent blend of clinical and scientific content. Previously edited by John Pickup and Gareth Williams this fourth edition has ..
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Author: Wayne Katon Model: 9780470688380
In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the multiple interrelationships between depression and various physical diseases. The WPA is providing an update of currently available evidence on these interrelationships by the publication of three books, dealing with the comorbidity of depre..
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Model: 9781405191791
Foot ulcers occur in approximately 15% of the patients with diabetes mellitus in their lifetime, with a major impact on their quality of life. Many hospital admissions related to diabetes are due to foot ulcers, which can result in prolonged hospital stay and increased morbidity and mortality. The m..
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Author: Tim Holt Model: 978-1-4051-7784-9
The ABC of Diabetes provides a complete overview of diabetes including the aetiology, diagnosis and management of Types 1 and 2 diabetes, detection and prevention, and the organization of care and support. With new chapters on psychological aspects, surveillance for complications, and support for pe..
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Author: Schott Model: 978-1-4160-5747-5
From Ernest L. Mazzaferri, MD MACP: ". . . experts in their respective areas, provide succinct editorial comments with references for each article, which the practicing physician will find useful in day-to-day practice." There's no faster or easier way to stay informed! The Year Book of Endocrinolog..
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Author: Terris Model: 9781588905185
Thyroid and Parathyroid Diseases: Medical and Surgical Management is a state-of-the-art reference for optimizing the care of patients with thyroid and parathyroid diseases. The book opens with a thorough discussion of anatomy, physiology, and imaging of the thyroid. The chapters that follow are divi..
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Author: Lebovitz Model: 9781580403047
This is the essential diabetes medical reference. The newly revised edition of "Therapy for Diabetes Mellitus and Related Disorders" will help you deliver proven treatments to your patients. Leading diabetes experts from around the world provide a concise overview of the new advances and updates on ..
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Author: Lawrence A. Lavery Model: 9781420083019
Emphasizing a team approach that includes the podiatrist, endocrinologist, diabetologist, vascular surgeon, orthopedist, and infectious disease specialist, The High Risk Diabetic Foot examines the management of complex diabetic foot problems. It is an essential tool that will help physicians to redu..
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Author: Zgonis Model: 9780781784580
Featuring more than 1,200 illustrations, including over 800 in full colour, this book presents a stepwise approach to the surgical management of the most challenging cases in diabetic limb salvage. The book covers acute and chronic diabetic foot and ankle wounds and guides surgical decision-making i..
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Author: Dr G. Michael Steelman Model: 9781420090024
Obesity: Evaluation and Treatment Essentials presents treatment protocols of obesity, such as exercise, pharmacology, behavior modification, and dietary factors, from the viewpoint of the practicing physician.This resource is an invaluable tool for bariatric physicians and surgeons, endocrinologists..
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Author: Jeffrey K. Aronson, Model: 978-0-444-53271-8
Elsevier now offers a series of derivative works based on the acclaimed Meylers Side Effect of Drugs, 15th Edition. These individual volumes are grouped by specialty to benefit the practicing physician or health care clinician. Endocrine and metabolic diseases are common, includes diseases such as d..
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