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Author: DANIEL J. CARLAT Model: 9781975212971
Focusing on the practical skills needed to establish rapport with patients and gain valuable clinical insights,The Psychiatric Interview, 5th Edition, offers a practical, concise approach to improving interviewing skills. Noted psychiatrist and award-winning mental  health journalist Dr. Daniel..
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Author: J. Gayle Beck, Denise M. Sloan Model: 9780190088224
The experience of traumatic events is a near-universal, albeit unfortunate, part of the human experience. Given how many individuals are exposed to trauma, it is interesting to question why some individuals are resilient in the face of trauma while others go on to develop chronic post-traumatic stre..
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Movement Disorders in Psychiatry examines the complex interface between movement disorders and psychiatry, addressing both specific movement disorders in psychiatry and behavioral syndromes associated with diseases categorized as movement disorders. This volume provides an overview of clinical ..
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Author: Samoon Ahmad Model: 9781975168995
Now in vibrant full color, Kaplan and Sadock’s Pocket Handbook of Psychiatric Drug Treatment, 8th Edition, remains your reference of choice for easy-to-find information on the full spectrum of psychiatric drug therapies. Written by Dr. Samoon Ahmad, this trusted resource provide..
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Author: William Breitbart and Harvey Chochinov Model: 9780197583838
An essential resource for all providers of palliative care, including the members of multidisciplinary medical teams Addresses new therapeutic modalities, approaches, and research topics Written by internationally known psychiatry and palliative care experts..
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Author: Ingrid Agartz Model: 9780323898324
Adolescent Psychosis: Clinical and Scientific Perspectives presents new methodologies and novel scientific findings, with a comprehensive orientation into the genetics, phenomenology, nosology, and long-term outcome of adolescent early-onset psychosis research. This volume discusses recent epid..
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Author: Angelica R. Putnam, Karen S. Thompson Model: 9781615373574
Designed for interviewers at all levels of experience, The Pocket Guide to the DSM-5-TR Diagnostic Exam is the clinician's companion for using DSM-5-TR in diagnostic interviews. Both experienced clinicians and those still in training will benefit from the thoughtful, yet practical, fashion in wh..
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Author: Stephen Strakowski Model: 9780197574522
Bipolar disorder is one of the most common, and disabling, conditions affecting humankind. Each year, millions of individuals struggle with the effects of this illness. Although clinically well recognized for decades, if not centuries, the causes of this condition remain incompletely understood. How..
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This new edition of The American Psychiatric Association Publishing Textbook of Mood Disorders is a systematic and painstaking reconceptualization of its predecessor. Under new editorial direction and with a revised roster of expert contributors, the second edition is an utterly current, c..
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Author: Paul S. Auerbach, MD, MS, FACEP, MFAWM, FAAEM Model: 9783030982621
About this book This textbook aims to provide the reader with knowledge and skills on rare sexual medicine conditions. The aim is to increase awareness in healthcare providers so they improve their ability to support their patients suffering from debilitating symptoms - characterized by sexual dy..
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Author: Dima Abdulrahim, Owen Bowden-Jones Model: 9781009182133
There are global concerns about the proliferation and misuse of club drugs and novel psychoactive substances, yet we know little about their harms and research on clinical management and treatment remains limited. This book fills the knowledge gap by providing a detailed overview of the research evi..
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Author: Eric Hollander, M.D., Randi Hagerman Model: 9781615373048
More than 40 years after the official recognition of infantile autism in DSM-III, numerous questions remain about autism spectrum disorder (ASD)—its possible causes, assessment, and most effective treatments. This second edition of the Textbook of Autism Spectrum Disorders feature..
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Author: Donald W. Black, Nathan J. Kolla Model: 9781615373239
The most current, comprehensive work available to date, the Textbook of Antisocial Personality Disorder is the definitive source of information on this difficult and often poorly understood and underdiagnosed disorder. A group of distinguished international experts, researchers, and clinic..
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Author: Stephen Stahl, Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry Model: 9781009241601
As an excellent source of learning for prescribers specializing in psychiatry, primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, psychologists, and pharmacists, this new edition features approximately 150 questions, divided into ten core areas of psychiatry, helping to identify areas in which you need f..
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Author: Femi Oyebode Model: 9780702085253
Psychopathology – the study of abnormal mental states – is a foundational discipline of psychiatry that is formidable to master. Since 1988, Sims’ Symptoms in the Mind has been the leading introductory textbook in this area and provides the conceptual backbone needed by every psych..
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Author: Bob Garrett, Gerald Hough Model: 9781032114781
Book Description This book explores the interpersonal world of sibling relationships, explaining how these relationships are central to the development of the psyche of the individual, of the group, of society and of the organisation. Sibling Relations and the Horizontal Axis in Theory an..
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Author: Chen and Guyenet Model: 9780323915342
Features: Explores the assessment and treatment of neural disorders of breathing Identifies neural complications of respiratory diseases Includes SIDS, stroke, Parkinson's, dementia, epilepsy, muscular dystrophy, and more Table Of Contents:..
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Author: David Mintz, M.D. Model: 9781615371525
The troubling increase in treatment resistance in psychiatry has many culprits: the rise of biomedical psychiatry and corresponding sidelining of psychodynamic and psychosocial factors; the increased emphasis on treating the symptoms rather than the person; and a greater focus on the electronic medi..
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Author: Robert Feinstein Model: 9780197574393
Personality Disordersis an up-to-date, evidence-based, and accessibly written review to assist psychiatry, psychology, social work, and mental health trainees and seasoned practitioners in their understanding and treatment of patients with various personality styles and personality disorders. The wo..
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