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Author: Igor Nesteruk Model: 9789813364158
This book highlights the estimate of epidemic characteristics for different countries/regions in the world with the use of known SIR (susceptible-infected-removed) model for the dynamics of the epidemic, the known exact solution of the linear differential equations and statistical approach d..
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Author: Devasena T. Model: 9789813362994
This book highlights the role of nanotechnology concepts in the management of COVID-19 pandemic.  The book covers different aspects of the causative agent SARS CoV2 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2) and the COVID-19 pandemic with a special emphasis on nanotechnology.&nbs..
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Author: Al-Turjman, Fadi, Devi V, Ajantha, Nayyar Model: 9783030600389
The book presents recent trends and solutions to help healthcare sectors and medical staff protect themselves and others and limit the spread of the COVID-19. The book also presents the problems and challenges researchers and academics face in tackling this monumental task. Topics include: U..
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Author: Kawachi, Lang, Ricciardi Model: 9780198800125
Provides everything that a public health practitioner needs to know in seven easy-to-navigate sectionsIncludes professional competencies, matched to international standardsEmphasizes practical evidence-based advice, contemporary issues, and emerging topicsFeatures work from expert contributors from ..
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Author: Andrew M. Jones Model: 9780190902179
The Encyclopedia offers an in-depth review of recent developments across the full range of Health Economics.The articles, by leading authorities in the field, are written to be accessible to both a scholarly audience as well as to those outside of the academy, including professionals in the many..
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Author: Davis, Lohm Model: 9780190683764
Provides rare documentation of lived experience of general publics affected by the 2009 swine flu pandemicEstablishes an interdisciplinary narrative approach to health communications and public healthIncludes rigorous qualitative interviews with participants both in Scotland and AustraliaResearch su..
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Author: Peacock & Peacock Model: 9780198743583
Guides the reader through the research process from design to interpretation, emphasizes understanding and interpreting statisticsFeatures all commonly used statistical methods in medicine, using real clinical study examples to aid understandingSuitable for both designing and conducting your own r..
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Author: Eyal, Hurst, Murray, Schroeder, Wikler Model: 9780190082543
Identifies and discusses a range of ethical and philosophical issues connected to the GBD, one of the largest and most important epidemiological studies ever undertakenSheds light on how to interpret and best use epidemiological data and provides a roadmap for future efforts to refine the GB..
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Author: Bertozzi,Bloom,Jha Model: 9781464805240
Infectious diseases are the leading cause of death globally, particularly among children and young adults. The spread of new pathogens and the threat of antimicrobial resistance pose particular challenges in combating these diseases.Major Infectious Diseases identifies feasible, cost-effecti..
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Author: Reid Wilson Model: 9780815738671
A global health catastrophe narrowly averted. A world unprepared for another outbreak. In December 2013, a young boy in a tiny West African village contracted the deadly Ebola virus. The virus spread to his relatives, then to neighbouring communities, then across international borders. The wor..
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Author: Gary W. Miller Model: 9780128140796
The Exposome: A New Paradigm for the Environment and Health, Second Edition, is a thoroughly expanded and updated edition of The Exposome: A Primer, the first book dedicated to the topic. This new release outlines the purpose and scope of this emerging field of study, its practical application..
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Author: Richard K. Thomas Model: 9781640551558
The fourth edition of this essential guide to healthcare marketing features new and updated content reflecting changes in the field, such as the emergence of population health management and value-based care, a focus on preventive care versus sick care, and an overall shift in thinking to ca..
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Author: Pink, Song Model: 9781640551091
Leaders are best positioned for strategically powerful decisions when they approach challenges with a firm grasp of the most pertinent tools of finance. Rich with examples, both real and fictional, this book makes the practical application of abstract concepts comprehensible. This edition ha..
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Author: Evashwick, Turner Model: 9781640551251
Presents a collection of real-world scenarios through which readers can develop and sharpen their ability to manage'beyond the walls of a single institution. For each case, the reader is asked to analyse a health challenge, draw from the data provided, consider target audiences, apply manage..
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This highly respected annual guide to health care trends, will help organisations prepare for the future. An essential tool for strategic planning, Futurescan 2020-2025 includes articles from industry thought leaders on key issues regarding the transformation of healthcare.Futurescan 2020-2025: ..
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Author: Farrokh Alemi Model: 9781640550636
Provides the statistical tools that healthcare leaders need to organise and interpret their data. Designed for accessibility to those with a limited mathematics background, the book demonstrates how to leverage EHR data for applications as diverse as healthcare marketing, pay for performance..
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Author: Perry Model: 9781640551404
Provides guidance for current and future healthcare managers as they confront the ethical challenges of their day-to-day work. Structured around real-life cases, the book explores the ethical implications of medical errors; conflicts of interest; sexual harassment and gender discrimination; ..
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Author: Sanfilippo Model: 9780199332052
Joseph Sanfilippo, Eric Bieber, David Javitch, and Richard Siegrist, Jr. An indispensable introduction to business and management tools for clinicians and medical administratorsOffers a concise, practical approach to real world situations encountered in health care todayWritten..
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Author: MCINNES Model: 9780190456818
Protecting and promoting health is inherently a political endeavor that requires a sophisticated understanding of the distribution and use of power. Yet while the global nature of health is widely recognized, its political nature is less well understood. In recent decades, the interdisciplin..
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