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Biochemistry & Biotechnology

Author: Ronald Cohn, Stephen Scherer, Ada Hamosh Model: 9780323547628
First published in 1966, Thompson and Thompson Genetics and Genomics in Medicine has become an essential textbook for medical students, genetic counseling students, students in laboratory medicine, and more advanced trainees. With its focus on fundamental principles in human genetics and g..
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Author: Panos Macheras , Athanasios A. Tsekouras Model: 9783031200243
This book casts new light on the field of oral drug absorption. It outlines both the concept of the past and the novel concept of Finite Absorption Time (FAT). In addition, the authors explore the correlated need for re-definition of bioavailability, bioequivalence providing a plethor..
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Author: Darci R. Block Model: 9780443185311
Quick Guide to Body Fluid Testing, Second Edition comprehensively covers the latest updates in three parts devoted to preanalytic considerations such as collection, labeling, handling, transport, specimen pretreatment, test ordering practices, analytic validation and postanalytic considerations. Thi..
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Author: Michael Murphy, Rajeev Srivastava, Kevin Deans Model: 9780323880572
Clinical Biochemistry is a best-selling textbook, with global sales of well over 80,000. It is used across the world, and has been translated into ten languages. Over six successive editions, it has provided students with just the right amount of information they need to understand and apply cl..
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Author: Emine E. Abali, Roy Carman and Douglas Spicer Model: 9781975191474
Biochemistry Behind the Symptoms takes a problem-based approach to understanding and applying biochemistry for superior clinical outcomes. Organized around the common symptoms encountered by clinicians, this engaging text clarifies the connections between foundational science and clinical manif..
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Author: Ρούγγας Π. Κωνσταντίνος Model: 9780323834506
Description: Written by carefully selected global experts, practicing physicians, and educators in the various sub-disciplines of biochemistry, Medical Biochemistry, 6th Edition, offers a unique combination of research and clinical practice tailored to today's integrated courses. Covering c..
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Author: Leesa M. Galatz Model: 9780323915991
Features: Integrates basic biochemistry principles with molecular biology and molecular physiologyIllustrates basic biochemical concepts through medical and physiological examplesUtilizes a systems approach to understanding biological phenomenaFully updated for rece..
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Author: Todd Albert and Thomas A. Zdeblick Model: 9781975174712
Marks’ Basic Medical Biochemistry: A Clinical Approach, 6th Edition links biochemistry to physiology and pathophysiology, empowering students to confidently apply fundamental concepts to the practice of medicine — from diagnosing patients to recommending effective treatments. T..
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Author: Cameron, Browne, Mitra, Dalziel & Craig Model: 9780323857185
Features: Presents an update on a past edition winner of the 2018 Most Promising New Textbook (College) Award (Texty) from the Textbook and Academic Authors Association and the PROSE Award of the Association of American PublishersProvides a fully updated resou..
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Author: Michael W. King Model: 9781260474046
This full-color review offers a fast and effective way for you to prepare for regular course examinations in biochemistry and medical biochemistry, as well as medical board exams and the USMLE Step 1. A unique feature of this review is the integration of medical biochemistry with physiology, pathoph..
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Author: Ph.D. Kennelly, Peter J. Model: 9781264795673
The Thirty-Second Edition of Harper’s Illustrated Biochemistry combines top-quality full-color illustrations with authoritative integrated coverage of biochemical disease and clinical information. Featuring numerous medically relevant examples, this respected text presents a clear, s..
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Author: Gillmann and Mansouri Model: 9780323858571
Features: Ties basic biology to clinical application and drug discoveryProvides methods and protocols for lab-based cholesterol research and clinical testingExamines the latest pharmacological discoveries employed to tackle cholesterol related disordersIncludes chap..
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Author: Nessar Ahmed, Hedley Glencross, Qiuyu Wang Model: 9780198831228
The Fundamentals of Biomedical Science series has been written to reflect the challenges of practicing biomedical scientists today. It draws together essential basic science, with insights into laboratory practice, to show how an understanding of the biology of disease is linked to analytical approa..
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Author: John T. Tansey Model: 9781119820802
Biochemistry, An Integrative Approach with Expanded Topics, offers a unique approach to the subject, emphasizing problem-solving and critical thinking over rote memorization. It integrates subjects of interest to undergraduates majoring in, biochemistry, life science, and beyond while preservin..
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Author: Ackerman & Landsberg Model: 9789811676710
About this book The human microbiome refers to the complete microorganisms inhabiting the human body sites including skin, ear, nose, oral cavity, the genital, gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts, and body fluids such as breast milk, saliva, a..
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Author: Gil Mor Model: 9780128185087
The role of the immune system during pregnancy: General concepts Presentation and recognition of placental, fetal, and pathogen-derived antigens in human pregnancy Uterine macrophages: Essential roles for a successful human pregnancy Natural killer cells in reproduction: Before, during and after ..
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Author: Rossen Donev Model: 9780323853132
Features: Contains timely chapters written by well-renown authorities in their fieldIncludes a number of high-quality illustrations, figures and tables, and targets a very wide audience of specialists, researchers and studentsIntegrates experimental and computational method..
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Principles of Cell Biology, Third Edition builds a conceptual framework of cell biology using 14, easy-to-understand principles to show how cells function and why we study them.  The text begins with an introduction to the fundamental molecular building blocks of cells: sugars, prote..
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Author: Dandekar & Mahdi Model: 9788131261507
The second edition of this book is thoroughly revised as per guidelines of National Medical Commission in accordance with the competency-based curriculum of Biochemistry. The questions not only test the knowledge but also incorporate the clinical/applied aspects of biochemistry which are s..
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Author: Sankhavaram R. Panini Model: 9781626237445
Medical Biochemistry: An Essential Textbook, Second Edition by Sankhavaram Panini covers the clinically relevant biochemistry facts and concepts necessary for success in the classroom and on board examinations. This clear and concise new edition includes an expanded number of clinical questi..
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