Biochemistry & Biotechnology


Reproductive Immunology, Basic Concepts

The role of the immune system during pregnancy: Gener..

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Protein Kinases in Drug Discovery, Volume 124

Features: Contains timely chapters writ..

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Principles of Cell Biology, 3E

Principles of Cell Biology, Third Edition builds a conceptual framework of cell biology using 14, ..

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Medical Biochemistry: Preparatory Manual for Undergraduates, 2E

The second edition of this book is thoroughly revised as per guidelines of National Medical Comm..

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Medical Biochemistry: An Essential Textbook, 2E

Medical Biochemistry: An Essential Textbook, Second Edition by Sankhavaram Panini covers the clini..

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Lippincott Illustrated Reviews: Biochemistry 8E

Purchase the new print edition of this Lippincott® Connect title includes lifetime access to the d..

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Essential Cell Biology 5E

This text features lively, clear writing and exceptional illustrations, making it the ideal textbo..

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Clinical Chemistry, Immunology and Laboratory Quality Control A Comprehensive Review for Board Preparation, Certification and Clinical Practice 2E

DescriptionClinical Chemistry, Immunology and Laboratory Quality Control: A Comprehensive Review..

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Cellular Endocrinology in Health and Disease, 2E

Features: Explores endocrine cells biol..

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Biotechnology and its Applications 2E, Using Cells to Change the World

Features: Takes an integrated approach ..

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Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, and Genetics

Integrates biochemical, molecular, and cellular health and disease processes into one essential text..

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Biochemistry 2E

Book DescriptionBiochemistry Second Edition, is a single-semester text designed for undergra..

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Advances and Challenges in Pharmaceutical Technology, Materials, Process Development and Drug Delivery Strategies

Features: Provides extensive information and analysis on recent ad..

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The Microbiome in Health and Disease, Volume 171 ( Molecular Biology and Traslational Science Series )

Provides a novel theme and multiple disciplinary topics of microbiome research in basic and translat..

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Protocols in Biochemistry and Clinical Biochemistry

By Shweta Pandey, Assistant Professor, Government P G College, ..

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Protein Homeostasis Diseases, Mechanisms and Novel Therapies

Features: Provides an interdisciplinary..

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Protein Biosynthesis Interference in Disease

Features: Enables biochemists, molecular biologists and disease re..

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Nutraceuticals and Human Health: The Food-to-supplement Paradigm

Nutraceuticals is a broad umbrella term used to describe any product derived from food sources wit..

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Molecular & Cell Biology For Dummies, 2E

3.8 billion years old and counting, there’s more than a little to know about the fundamentals of h..

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Lipid Signaling and Metabolism

Features: Provides a clear, up-to-date ..

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Computational Methods and Data Analysis for Metabolomics

This book provides a comprehensive guide to scientists, engineers, and students that employ metabo..

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Clinical Bioenergetics, From Pathophysiology to Clinical Translation

Features: Provides a thorough discussio..

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Science of Synthesis: Knowledge Updates 2018/4

The Science of Synthesis Editorial Board, together with the volume editors and authors, is constan..

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Science of Synthesis: Flow Chemistry in Organic Synthesis

The aim of this work is to convey the practice, power, and potential of flow chemistry to a larger a..

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Principles of Nanomedicine 1st Edition

The scope of nanotechnology in medical applications has expanded fast in the last two decades. Wit..

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Phytochemistry: Volume 2: Pharmacognosy, Nanomedicine, and Contemporary Issues 1st Edition

As volume 2 of this three-volume set on phytochemistry, this book features chapters that comprehen..

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Nutrition and Cancer Prevention: From Molecular Mechanisms to Dietary Recommendations

Cancer is a major global public health problem. Among different environmental and lifestyle factor..

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Nano-Enabled Medical Applications 1st Edition

This book is the second in a series presenting articles that received the most citations in recent..

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Metabolomics, Practical Guide to Design and Analysis

Metabolomics is the scientific study of the chemical processes in a living system, environment a..

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Metabolomics, Methods and Protocols

The volume brings together some of the best experts in the field of modern metabolomics to discuss..

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Metabolomics and Systems Biology in Human Health and Medicine

The metabolomics and systems biology approach to research can be applied to many disciplines. This..

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Mechanobiology, From Molecular Sensing to Disease

Features: Presents our current understanding of the main molecular..

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Biochemistry Practical Manual

This book will serve as a practical manual for undergraduate students in MBBS. Related clinical ..

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Βιολογία των μικροοργανισμών

Το βιβλίο αυτό είναι η νέα ελληνική έκδοση ενός από τα κορυφαία παγκοσμίως εισαγωγικά εγχειρίδια μ..

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Thieme Test Prep for the USMLE: Medical Biochemistry QA

Ensure readiness for the USMLE® or any other high-stakes exam covering biochemistry!Thieme Test Prep..

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Science of Synthesis: Photocatalysis in Organic Synthesis

The field of photocatalysis has developed rapidly over the last decade and it is time to clarify i..

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Lippincott Illustrated Reviews: Cell and Molecular Biology Second edition

Efficiently master essential cell and molecular bio..

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Lewin's GENES XII Edition

Molecular Biology. It's All Here.Molecular Biology Texts Don't Get Any Better Than This - 10 Rea..

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Harper's Illustrated Biochemistry 31/e

Gain a full understanding of the principles of biochemistry as it relates to clinical medicineThe Th..

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Clinical Biochemistry, 6th Edition An Illustrated Colour Text

Description  Now over 70,000 copies sold..

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Netter's Essential Biochemistry

By Peter Ronner, PhD, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Professor of Pharmaceuti..

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Metabolomics: From Fundamentals to Clinical Applications

This book provides a comprehensive view of metabolomics, from the ba..

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Marks' Basic Medical Biochemistry, 5e

Connect biochemistry to clinical practice!Marks’ Basic Medical Biochemistry links biochemistry ..

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Drugs of Natural Origin: A Treatise of Pharmacognosy, 7th Edition

Drugs of Natural Origin is a unique multidisciplinary book suitable for undergraduate and graduate..

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Continuous Biomanufacturing: Innovative Technologies and Methods

This is the most comprehensive treatise of this topic available, providing invaluable information ..

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Cell Biology, 3rd Edition

The much-anticipated 3rd edition of Cell Biology delivers comprehensive, clearly writ..

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