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Microbiology & Virology

Gordis Epidemiology, 7th Edition
Author: David D Celentano, Moyses Szklo, Youssef Farag Model: 9780323877756
Continuing in the tradition of award-winning educator and epidemiologist Dr. Leon Gordis, Gordis Epidemiology, 7th Edition, provides a solid introduction to basic epidemiologic principles as well as practical applications in public health and clinical practice, highlighted by rea..
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MIMS’ Medical Microbiology and Immunology is loved internationally for its thorough yet easy-to-follow coverage of microbiology, infectious diseases, and immunology as a dynamic interplay between microbes and host. Covering the fundamentals of these closely linked disciplines, MIMS’..
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Author: Manzoor Ahmad Mir Model: 9780323961271
Considering the global emerging human pathogenic microbial diseases and trends, Human Pathogenic Microbes is framed to provide deep insights into the epidemic and emerging bacterial and fungal infections and diseases in humans. It presents novel, up-to-date, and cutting-edge knowledge regarding vari..
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Author: Joanne Willey, Kathleen Sandman, Dorothy Wood Model: 9781265123031
The author team of Prescott’s Microbiology continues to provide a modern approach to microbiology using evolution as a framework. This new 12th edition integrates impactful new changes to include a fresh new design to engage students and important content updates including SARS-CoV-2 and COVID..
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Author: Alan Gunn, Sarah J. Pitt Model: 9781119641193
The fully revised edition of Parasitology: An Integrated Approach holds true to its engaging and easy-to-read approach. It comprehensively covers the complex and dynamic interaction between the parasite and its host ranging from invertebrates to vertebrates. Following an integrated approac..
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Author: Eric S. Loker, Bruce V. Hofkin Model: 9780367228873
Produced amidst the still rippling effects of a pandemic and as the world experiences the increasing burden of global warming and a rapidly changing biosphere, the second edition of Parasitology: A Conceptual Approach offers a timely overview of the eukaryotic parasites affecting human hea..
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Author: Amy L. Leber, Carey-Ann D. Burnham Model: 9781683673989
The Clinical Microbiology Procedures Handbook, 5th edition, provides those engaged in microbial analysis of clinical specimens with procedures for the detection, identification, and characterization of microorganisms involved in human infections. This unique and valuable collection of..
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Author: Brendan F. Gilmore, Stephen P. Denyer Model: 9781119434498
Microbiology is one of the essential pharmaceutical sciences upon which the study and practice of pharmacy is built. It has a bearing on all aspects of the manufacture of medicines and sterile products, from their design and development to their delivery as quality products. Few interventions are mo..
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With a new team of authors, Larone’s Medically Important Fungi, Seventh Edition, continues the longstanding tradition of high-quality content to expand your knowledge and support your work in clinical mycology by: Providing detailed descriptions of the major mycoses as viewed in pat..
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Author: Beatrix Fahnert, Phoebe Lostroh Model: 9781032043470
As with the much-praised prior editions, the third edition of Strelkauskas’ Microbiology: A Clinical Approach remains a comprehensive introductory textbook written specifically for pre-nursing, nursing and allied health students. Clinically relevant throughout, it uses the theme of i..
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Author: Karen C. Carroll, Michael A. Pfaller Model: 9781683674290
Revised by a collaborative, international, interdisciplinary team of editors and authors, this edition of the Manual of Clinical Microbiology includes the latest applications of genomics and proteomics and is filled with current findings regarding infectious agents, leading-edge diagnostic methods, ..
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The human gut contains an extraordinary array of microorganisms existing in intricate symbiosis with the body. The gut microbiota plays a crucial role in maintaining overall gut health and warding off disease. With up to 15% of the global population suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) caus..
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Author: William A. Haseltine, Roberto Patarca Model: 9781975202330
The COVID-19 Textbook: Science, Medicine, and Public Health explores every facet of SARS-COV-2, giving the reader an understanding of what is needed to control the spread of the virus, prevent and manage its pathological effects, as well as mitigate the impact of future pandemics. Each chapter is au..
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Author: Yehuda Shoenfeld, Naim Mahroum, Abdulla Watad Model: 9780323991308
In 2020 we lost Noel Rose, co-editor of the classic Infection and Autoimmunity. To honor and respect his work, a group of experts in the field have taken the initiative to make this book perpetual. The third edition of Infection and Autoimmunity updates all the recent and leading papers on..
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Author: Edin Pujagic Model: 9780323872317
Filling the need for a clinically relevant, concise, and affordable infectious disease exam preparation tool, A Case-Based Review of Infectious Disease offers a practical, proven approach to increasing your understanding and knowledge of this critical area of medicine. This comprehensive text is bot..
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Author: Murray Model: 9780323878104
Concise and easy to read, Murray’s Basic Medical Microbiology: Foundations and Clinical Cases, 2nd Edition, provides a solid foundation in the principles of microbiology, preparing you not only for examinations but also for the transition to clinical application. Authored by Dr. Patrick Murray..
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Author: Ali Gholamrezanezhad, Michael P. Dube Model: 9781119789680
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): A Clinical Guide provides healthcare professionals at all levels with up-to-date knowledge about the clinical, epidemiological, genomic, virological, and radiologic features of COVID-19. Consolidating multiple systematic reviews and meta-analyses into a sing..
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Author: Connie R. Mahon, Donald C. Lehman Model: 9780323829977
Gain the knowledge and skills you need to succeed as a clinical lab technician! Textbook of Diagnostic Microbiology, 7th Edition uses a reader-friendly “building-block” approach to help you learn the essentials of diagnostic microbiology. Featuring full-color drawings and photo..
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Author: Joseph Varon, Paul Marik Model: 9789390553426
The pandemic is by no means over. Although we have vaccines, many conflicting reports regarding their efficacy and safety have confused many. This has resulted in a substantial size of the population to stay away from being vaccinated. Until now there are no antiviral medications that we can use to ..
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Author: Alt and Murphy Model: 9780323989473
Features: Presents current developments and comprehensive reviews in immunology Provides the latest in a longstanding and respected serial on the subject matter Focuses on recent advances in the advancing area of the mechanisms involved in the evolution of regulator..
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