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Author: Michel Aliani, Michael N.A. Eskin Model: 9780323917476
Functional Foods and Chronic Disease: Role of Sensory, Chemistry and Nutrition explores the range of functional foods that are effective against a wide range of chronic diseases and addresses the impact of functional food bioactive compounds on organoleptic properties. Beginning with an introdu..
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Oncological Functional Nutrition: Phytochemicals and Medicinal Plants presents the anticancer activities, metabolism, mechanism of action, doses, and sources of various phytochemicals and medicinal plants. Broken into five parts, this book addresses cancer epidemiology, molecular and therapeutic bas..
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Author: Ram B. Singh Model: 9780128198155
Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals in Metabolic and Non-communicable Diseases presents strategies for the prevention of non-communicable diseases and undernutrition through the use of functional foods and nutraceuticals. Research has shown that the use of certain functional foods and nutraceuticals..
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Author: Adriano Brandelli Model: 9780323851701
Probiotics: Advanced Food and Health Applications presents the functional properties and advanced technological aspects of probiotics for food formulation, nutrition, and health implications. Specifically, the book addresses the fundamentals of probiotics, from their discovery to actual de..
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Current Advances for Development of Functional Foods Modulating Inflammation and Oxidative Stress presents the nutritional and technological aspects related to the development of functional foods with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Specifically, analytical approaches for the characteriza..
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Author: Jasmeet Kour, Ahmad Nayik Model: 9780323897792
Nutraceuticals and Health Care explores the role of plant-based nutraceuticals as food ingredients and as therapeutic agents for preventing various diseases. The book assesses the role of nutraceuticals in addressing cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity by highlighting the derivativ..
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Designed for busy clinicians struggling to fit the critical issue of nutrition into their routine patient encounters, Nutrition in Clinical Practice translates the robust evidence base underlying nutrition in health and disease into actiona..
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Author: Gerald F. Combs, James P. McClung Model: 9780323904735
Presents complete information about vitamins in a format useful as both a teaching text and desk reference. Includes coverage of vitamin-related topics not typically found in general nutrition texts (e.g., enteric microbial biosynthesis of vitamins, global prevalence of deficiencies, diagnosing &l..
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Diet, Inflammation, and Health introduces concepts of inflammation, the role of acute inflammatory responses in good health, and the association of chronic systemic inflammation with mental distress, cognitive decline, and chronic diseases, ranging from diabetes to cardiovascular diseases, stroke, a..
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This authoritative textbook examines the independent and combined impact of diet and physical activity in the prevention and management of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, with special emphasis on the elderly populations. In this book the authors: Provide the latest data on the associ..
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Author: Mary E. Phillips Model: 9781119809098
Nutritional Management of the Surgical Patient provides the first comprehensive evidence-based overview of the nutritional and dietary therapies for surgical patients. It takes clinicians through every stage of surgery, from pre-operative and immediate post-operative care, through to long term ..
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Author: Joyce Ann Gilbert, Eleanor Schlenker Model: 9780323847124
Master the essentials of nutrition science and patient care with this concise text! Williams’ Essentials of Nutrition and Diet Therapy, 13th Edition helps you understand and apply nutrition concepts in the treatment of disease, disease prevention, and life enhancement. The text is br..
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Author: Sumantra Ray, Mariana Markell Model: 9780702080401
Good nutrition is essential for health and the treatment of disease. This new handbook aims to provide students, doctors and healthcare professionals with essential information to apply medical nutrition theory in their everyday practice. Essentials of Nutrition in Medicine and Healthcare: A Practic..
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Author: Janice L. Raymond, Kelly Morrow Model: 9780323810265
Provide optimal nutritional care with the latest guidelines to evidence-based practice! Krause and Mahan’s Food & the Nutrition Care Process, 16th Edition provides an all-in-one resource for the dietetics information you need to care for patients throughout the entire life cycle...
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ntegrative Weight Management: A Guide for Clinicians intends to educate physicians and nutritionists about the wide ranges of approaches to weight control from non-traditional sources. The options for weight management in conventional practices are limited to a small number of medications, a..
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Author: Bray, George A. Model: 9781617377860
The Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity presents an up-to-date survey of the current scientific understanding of obesity and the metabolic syndrome, as well as an overview of the most significant changes to the field over the past 30 years. By first presenting a historical context for overweight,..
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Author: Munro, J.F. Model: 9789401511346
During the last few years, there has been growing medical interest in the problem of obesity. Although this may not have resulted in a dramatic breakthrough in our understanding of the condition, at least we are now more aware of our ignorance. Possibly this partly explains the increasing me..
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Author: Bagchi and Ohia Model: 9780128212325
Description Nutrition and Functional Foods in Boosting Digestion, Metabolism and Immune Health explores the role of appropriate nutrition and digestive enzymes in healthy digestion.The book addresses salient gastrointestinal features involved in healthy dig..
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Author: Bart Weimer,Carolyn Slupsky Model: 9781845695125
Table of Contents Contributor contact details Woodhead Publishing Series in Food Science, Technology and Nutrition Introduction Part I: Equipment, methods and data interpretation in metabolomics Chapter 1: Equipment and metabolite identification (ID) strategies for ma..
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Author: Sebedio and Brennan Model: 9781782420842
Table of Contents List of contributorsWoodhead Publishing Series in Food Science, Technology and NutritionPrefacePart One: Principles1. Challenges in nutritional metabolomics: from experimental design to interpretation of data setsAbstract1.1 Introduction1.2 The experi..
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