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Nutrition & Diet

Author: Janice L. Raymond, Kelly Morrow Model: 9780323810265
Provide optimal nutritional care with the latest guidelines to evidence-based practice! Krause and Mahan’s Food & the Nutrition Care Process, 16th Edition provides an all-in-one resource for the dietetics information you need to care for patients throughout the entire life cycle...
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Author: Bagchi and Ohia Model: 9780128212325
Description Nutrition and Functional Foods in Boosting Digestion, Metabolism and Immune Health explores the role of appropriate nutrition and digestive enzymes in healthy digestion.The book addresses salient gastrointestinal features involved in healthy dig..
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Wardlaw's Contemporary Nutrition is a complete and balanced resource for nutrition information written at a level non-science majors can understand. Current research is at the core of every new edition with revised statistics, incorporation of new results of clinical trials, and updated reco..
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Author: Tammy J. Stephenson Model: 9781265176464
Human Nutrition: Science for Healthy Living is an interesting, engaging, reliable, and evidence-based introductory textbook with a wide variety of features to promote active learning. A clinical emphasis appeals to all, but is of particular relevance to those studying nutrition, dietetics, o..
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Author: J. Glenn Morris, Duc J. J. Vugia Model: 9780128195192
Covers all major foodborne pathogens and toxins, and new emerging pathogens Includes newly updated information on the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and other regulatory approaches to food safety Includes new chapters on foodborne disease outbreak investigations and use of molecular epidem..
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Author: David Heber,Zhaoping Li,Vay Liang Model: 9781032002613
Nutritional Oncology: Nutrition in Cancer Prevention, Treatment, and Survivorship presents evidence-based approaches to the study and application of nutrition in all phases of cancer including prevention, treatment, and survivorship. There is a long history of interest in the role of nutritio..
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Author: Vittorio Unfer (editor) Model: 9781536175165
This book addresses a very interesting topic and offers a novel insight of the well-known Vitamin D. In the past, this molecule has been wrongly considered from health professionals and researchers as a “Vitamin”. The scientific community has now extensively accepted that calcitriol, commonl..
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Author: Chen Model: 9781138337992
Vitamin C holds a unique place in scientific and cultural history. In this book, a group of leading scientific researchers describe new insights into the myriad ways vitamin C is employed during normal physiological functioning. In addition, the text provides an extensive overview of the fol..
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Author: Sophie Soto Model: 9798677238178
The Ultimate Keto Diet Cookbook: 1000 Wholesome Low-Carb Recipes You’ll Want to Make EverydayThe essence of the Ketogenic diet (keto diet) involves the complete exclusion of carbohydrates from the diet. Such a diet is effective for weight loss. It happens because of the complete absence of car..
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Author: Nelson Model: 9781118930649
Statistics in Nutrition and Dietetics is a clear and accessible volume introducing the basic concepts of the scientific method, statistical analysis, and research in the context of the increasingly evidence-based field of nutrition and dietetics. Focusing on quantitative analysis and drawing..
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Author: Marriott Model: 9780128184608
Present Knowledge in Nutrition, Eleventh Edition, provides an accessible, highly readable, referenced, source of the most current, reliable, and comprehensive information in the broad field of nutrition. Now broken into two, separate volumes, and updated to reflect scientific advancements si..
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Author: Marriott Model: 9780323661621
Present Knowledge in Nutrition: Basic Nutrition and Metabolism, Eleventh Edition, provides an accessible, referenced source on the most current information in the broad field of nutrition. Now broken into two volumes and updated to reflect scientific advancements since the publication of the l..
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Author: Maulik Model: 9781138082687
Personalized nutrition involves the formulation of individualized nutritional recommendations to promote and maintain health based on an individual's genetic makeup and other unique intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Implementing personalized nutrition plans for individuals with certain diseas..
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Author: Webster-Gandy, Madden, Holdsworth Model: 9780198800132
Fully updated with the latest evidence-based guidelines and knowledgePractical and concise quick reference guide to the whole field of nutrition and dieteticsCovers the important and growing problem of obesityIncludes the nutritional science which underpins the application of nutritionCovers the ent..
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Author: Sullivan Model: 9781911612254
This handbook provides easily accessible information on the aetiology, assessment and management of nutritional disorders in children with neurodisability. Succinct review of current evidence and guidelines is used to inform best practice. Early chapters outline the normal anatomy and physiology of ..
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Author: Spagnuolo Model: 9781788014168
Nutraceuticals is a broad umbrella term used to describe any product derived from food sources with extra health benefits in addition to the basic nutritional value found in foods. This book is a comprehensive look at two themes in the area: technical and biological considerations. Technical..
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Author: Aliza Silva Model: 9798674994282
Keto Diet Cookbook For Beginners: The Keto diet basic principles and easy-to-cook delicious recipes-This keto diet cookbook make following a low-carb, high-fat diet so much easier.Do you want the healthy lifestyle you have always dreamt of?If you have heard about the keto diet, but simply do..
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Author: Attilio Speciani Model: 9788821451966
The inflammatory relationship between food and health is finally explained in a scientific way The immunologist and bestselling author Attilio Speciani dispels the clichés about so-called food intolerances and guides the reader to a healthy and better relationship with food. Colitis, migra..
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Author: Chen Model: 9780367858049
Vitamin C may offer significant therapeutic benefits in the treatment of cancer. This book includes chapters by a group of leading scientific researchers documenting the ways cancer can be affected by high doses of ascorbate. After an initial chapter providing a historical perspective, subse..
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