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Color Atlas of Spinal Cord Surgery
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Author: Jörg Klekamp Model: 9783030899639
About this book This atlas provides a selection of operations for intra- and extradural pathologies of the spinal cord and its nerve roots. Pathologies involving the spinal cord threaten the patients´ mobility, independence or even life. Fortunately, the overwhelming majority are of benign ..
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Youmans and Winn Neurological Surgery, 8E
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Author: Peden, Fleisher & Englesbe Model: 9780323661928
Description: Widely regarded as the definitive reference in the field, Youmans and Winn Neurological Surgery offers unparalleled, multimedia coverage of the entirety of this complex specialty. Fully updated to reflect recent advances in the basic and clinical neurosci..
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Author: Kacharava Model: 9783132421462
A practical and succinct guide to neurophysiological monitoring for safer brain tumor surgery The surgical treatment of infiltrating brain tumors is an extremely challenging and often highly rewarding facet of neurosurgery. The decision-making process involves deeply human interconnections with..
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Video Atlas of Acute Ischemic Stroke Intervention
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Author: Rosenstiel, Land & Walter Model: 9781684202492
The go-to resource for managing a full spectrum of clinical scenarios in acute ischemic stroke Ever-evolving technological advances have created a daunting number of emergent neurointerventional protocols and therapies for treating acute ischemic stroke. This has created an urgent need for re..
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The Neurosurgical Consult Book
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Author: Risheng Xu Model: 9780323756143
Description Written by neurosurgery residents for neurosurgery residents, The Neurosurgical Consult Book focuses on the initial care and treatment of the neurosurgical consult patient, providing the key guidance you need when quick clinical man..
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Robotic and Navigated Spine Surgery Surgical Techniques and Advancements
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Author: Karl Edward Misulis, Evan Johnson Model: 9780323711609
Description: As the benefits of surgical robotic systems in spine surgery become more widely known, spine procedures that utilize these technologies are expected to greatly increase over the next decade. Robotic and Navigated Spine Surgery: Surgical Techniques and Advancements provid..
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Operative Manual of Neurosurgery: A Step by Step Pictorial Atlas
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Model: 9789354654299
Comprising two volumes, this pictorial atlas is a comprehensive guide to operative neurosurgery for trainees. Divided into 21 sections across more than 1700 pages, the book begins with discussion on preoperative and intraoperative considerations, and basic techniques. Each of the following sec..
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Model: 9783030908614
About this book This book presents a basic introduction of the role of robotics in neurological surgery in a systematic organized manner. The work provides thorough explanations of the history, types, uses, application, current practice, and futur..
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Essential Step-by-Step Techniques for Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery
-13 %
Author: Podrid Model: 9781684200092
The ultimate resource for learning and mastering minimally invasive spine surgery techniques An estimated 1.5 million instrumented spinal procedures are performed every year in the US. The majority of decompressions and about 50% of fusion procedures can be performed completely or partially usi..
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Endoscopic Craniosynostosis Surgery , An Illustrated Guide to Endoscopic Techniques
-8 %
Description: Destined to be the definitive reference in this complex surgical area, Endoscopic Craniosynostosis Surgery is the first single resource to offer complete coverage of techniques, outcomes, complications, and results when treating patients with craniosynostosis endoscopica..
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Comparative Management of Spine Pathology
-10 %
Author: Lester & Harrison Model: 9780323825573
Description: Unique in the field, Comparative Management of Spine Pathology presents commonly encountered spinal cases with side-by-side, case-by-case comparisons that clearly show how various experts would handle the same case. This second volume in the Neurosurgery: Case Management..
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Atlas of Sellar, Suprasellar, and Parasellar Lesions, encompassing both transcranial and transsphenoidal routes, recounts the high points and advances that have made minimally invasive approaches to these complex regions possible, as well as their relative indications and technical nuances. ..
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This book has a comprehensive overview of pituitary tumors, craniopharyngioma, meningioma, craniovertebral junction pathologies and chordomaThis book describes the step-by-step description with detailed photographs. More than 2000 high-definition photographs to enhance the understanding of t..
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Author: Mehta Model: 9781626239319
A state-of-the-art resource on current and future advances in the treatment of intradural spinal tumors Tumors of the spinal canal provide unique challenges in terms of surgical approaches and oncological treatment. Management requires in-depth knowledge of the intricate anatomical relationship..
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 Robotics in Neurosurgery  Principles and Practice
-10 %
Model: 9783031083792
About this book This book provides a state-of-the art review of this field and demonstrates the basic applications of robotic surgery in the field of neurosurgery, exposing its basic principles, practical technical nuances, and advantages and limi..
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Model: 9789390553341
Neurovascular surgery, a complex challenge for most surgeons, is a rapidly progressing and continuously evolving field. This comprehensive textbook, Neurosurgery Updates: Controversies in Vascular Surgery, Volume 2, summarizes the opinions, illustrated case reports, and clinical pearls for p..
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Author: Mehmet Zileli, J.K.B.C. Parthiban Model: 9789390553204
Description Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy and OPLL: WFNS Spine Committee Book provides an up-to-date information about contemporary care of cervical spondylotic myelopathy (CSM) and ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament (OPLL). It discusses all aspects of the problem from historic..
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Author: Gardner , Snyderman , Jankowitz Model: 9781684200689
The essential multidisciplinary guide for the prevention and management of vascular injury from master skull base surgeonsVascular injury is the most significant source of morbidity or mortality during skull base surgery, regardless of the surgical approach. While skull base approaches always ..
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Author: Georgalas , Sama Model: 9783132400528
This book will be a valuable resource for novice surgeons approaching one of the most challenging anatomical subsites, since it provides a stepwise approach to understanding the anatomical background, the radiological aspects, and the broad spectrum of different surgical approaches to the fr..
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Author: Christine C. Lim Model: 9781684202324
The quintessential guide to endoscopic skull base reconstruction from multidisciplinary expertsDue to close collaboration between otorhinolaryngologists and neurosurgeons, endoscopic endonasal brain surgery has become part of the surgical armamentarium for successful treatment of various crani..
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