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Author: Pascal Jabbour, Eric Peterson Model: 9780197524176
For the longest time, neuroendovascular procedures have been done through the femoral artery (TFA) located in the thigh and groin region. Over the last decade, interventional cardiologists have pioneered a newer approach: by utilizing the radial artery in the wrist to access the arterial system, a n..
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Author: Vijay Agarwal Model: 9781108782838
Large intracranial lesions are among the most complex and dangerous lesions encountered by neurosurgeons, and a single neurosurgical approach often does not provide a large or safe enough corridor for effective treatment. A combined approach to these surgeries, incorporating open, endoscopic, vascul..
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Author: Luis A.B. Borba, Jean G. de Oliveira Model: 9781626239661
The one-stop guide to microsurgical and endoscopic treatment of skull base lesions from global experts!! A deep knowledge of regional anatomy, improved understanding of pathologies and their behaviors, technological advances, and multidisciplinary collaboration have led to more effective treatmen..
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The definitive practical reference on managing idiopathic scoliosis from world-renowned experts!! Idiopathic Scoliosis: The Harms Study Group Treatment Guide, Second Edition, edited by Peter O. Newton, Amer F. Samdani, Harry L. Shufflebarger, Randal R. Betz, and Jürgen Harms and written..
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Author: Leon T. Lai, Cristian Gragnaniello Model: 9781684200511
A structured, evidence-based approach to neurosurgical decision-making for brain pathologies!! Evidence-based neurosurgery is one of the most important pillars upon which to build decision management pathways. Effective delivery of care involves understanding the natural history of the disease an..
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Author: Jack I. Jallo, David Slottje Model: 9781032155814
This book emphasizes on clinical, radiological and laboratory assessment of operative surgery in common head and neck surgical procedures. It provides a systematic and rational operative approach to management in day-to-day practice. A photographic style is used, wherein high-quality photographs pro..
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Focusing on both the patient’s perspective and the neurosurgeon’s concerns, Intracranial Arteriovenous Malformations: Essentials for Patients and Practitioners, edited by leading experts Drs. Philip E. Stieg, Alexander A. Khalessi, and Michael L. J. Apuzzo, starts with an up-to-date appr..
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Radiosurgery of the Skull Base: A Case-Based Approach explores non-invasive treatment of skull base pathologies using radiosurgery—all with a practical, case-based approach. This succinct, easy-to-navigate clinical reference covers stereotactic radiosurgery of skull base le..
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Author: Narayanan Janakiram, Sampath Prasad Rao Model: 9789395390316
Surgical Nuances of Head Injury is the first of its kind, entirely dedicated to the technical aspect of head injury–related surgeries. This book uniquely compiles all the basic neurosurgical steps for management of head injuries, and includes exemplary case studies of both common as well as un..
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Author: Anoop Singh Model: 9789395390248
Surgical Nuances of Head Injury is the first of its kind, entirely dedicated to the technical aspect of head injury–related surgeries. This book uniquely compiles all the basic neurosurgical steps for management of head injuries and includes exemplary case studies of both common as well a..
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With advances in medicine and medical innovation, the face of neurosurgery has changed dramatically. A new era of surgeons value the need to undertake research in everyday practice and actively participate in the clinic and laboratory in order to improve patient prognosis. Highlighting the principle..
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ranial Anatomy and Surgical Approaches is the masterwork of the legendary neurosurgeon Albert L. Rhoton, Jr.—a distillation of 40 years of work to, in the author’s words, make the “delicate, fateful, and awesome” procedures of neurosurgery more “gentle, accurate, a..
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Author: Mark S. Greenberg Model: 9781684205042
The fundamental, one-stop global resource for neurosurgical practice in updated 10th edition Unlike traditional medical textbooks, the origins of the now legendary Handbook of Neurosurgery by Mark Greenberg took root in the late 1980’s in the notes the author kept while takin..
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Author: Leon Kaplan, Lawrence G. Lenke Model: 9783131730817
Despite attempts to detect and treat spine deformities early in younger and older populations, spine deformity surgeons encounter a wide array of complex spine pathologies in patients across the age and pathology continuum. Corrective Osteotomies of Rigid Spinal Deformities, edited by world-renowned..
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Author: Jörg Klekamp Model: 9783030899639
About this book This atlas provides a selection of operations for intra- and extradural pathologies of the spinal cord and its nerve roots. Pathologies involving the spinal cord threaten the patients´ mobility, independence or even life. Fortunately, the overwhelming majority are of benign ..
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Author: Risheng Xu Model: 9780323756143
Description Written by neurosurgery residents for neurosurgery residents, The Neurosurgical Consult Book focuses on the initial care and treatment of the neurosurgical consult patient, providing the key guidance you need when quick clinical man..
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Author: Mehmet Zileli, J.K.B.C. Parthiban Model: 9789390553204
Description Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy and OPLL: WFNS Spine Committee Book provides an up-to-date information about contemporary care of cervical spondylotic myelopathy (CSM) and ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament (OPLL). It discusses all aspects of the problem from historic..
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Comprising two volumes, this pictorial atlas is a comprehensive guide to operative neurosurgery for trainees. Divided into 21 sections across more than 1700 pages, the book begins with discussion on preoperative and intraoperative considerations, and basic techniques. Each of the following sec..
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