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Respiratory & Pulmonary Medicine

Author: Gallo de Moraes, Diana Kelm, Kannan Ramar Model: 9780197755877
Mayo Clinic Case Review for Pulmonary and Critical Care Boards is based on cases presented by faculty and fellows at the Mayo Clinic Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Wednesday Morning Case Conference, a weekly conference where interesting cases are presented in a “guess the diagnosis&..
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In this issue of Clinics in Chest Medicine, guest editors Drs. Robert P. Baughman, Elyse E. Lower, and Marc A. Judson bring their considerable expertise to the topic of Sarcoidosis. Top experts in the field discuss the role of bronchoscopy in diagnosis of sarcoidosis; monitoring pulmonary ..
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Author: Albert J. Heuer Model: 9780323696999
Master the patient assessment skills you need to provide effective respiratory care! Wilkins’ Clinical Assessment in Respiratory Care, 9th Edition prepares you to assist physicians in the decision-making process regarding treatment, evaluation of the treatment’s effectiveness, ..
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Author: Ravindran Chetambath, Venugopal Panicker Model: 9780367646783
This text addresses the need for a practical handbook on asthma and allergy in adolescents and young adults, which constitutes an interesting and challenging age group. Asthma may diminish in intensity with age but is still an ongoing concern. In addition, compliance with management is not generally..
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In the newly revised Tenth Edition of Respiratory Medicine: Lecture Notes, a team of distinguished physicians delivers a comprehensive and accessible overview of the essentials of respiratory medicine, including a review of respiratory anatomy and physiology, as we..
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Author: Guy Leschziner Model: 9780192848253
The Oxford Handbook of Sleep Medicine provides a comprehensive, practical guide to clinicians of all backgrounds for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders across clinical specialties. Sleep medicine is encountered in almost every field of medicine yet clinical training and practic..
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Written for sleep technologists, Clinical Atlas of Polysomnography provides basic information regarding normal sleep, sleep disorders, and electrophysiology that is outside of the scope of the AASM manual (AASM Manual for the Scoring of Sleep and Associated Events). It aims to act as a gui..
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Author: Carl Mottram Model: 9780323762618
Use this all-in-one reference in the lab – and to prepare for PFT credentialing exams! Ruppel’s Manual of Pulmonary Function Testing, 12th Edition provides comprehensive coverage of common pulmonary function tests, testing techniques, and the pathophysiology that may ..
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Author: Terry Des Jardins, George G. Burton Model: 9780323871501
A realistic look at treating respiratory diseases! Clinical Manifestations and Assessment of Respiratory Disease, 9th Edition gives you the fundamental knowledge and understanding required to successfully assess and treat patients with respiratory diseases. This foundation helps you l..
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Author: Donald A. Mahler, Rajiv Dhand Model: 9781032215730
Inhaled therapies form the cornerstone for treatment of patients with asthma and COPD. Evolving technology has resulted in availability of a wide range of devices for delivery of inhaled drugs. The four different delivery systems — pressurized metered-dose inhalers, slow mist inhalers, dry pow..
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Author: Douglas S. Gardenhire Model: 9780323871556
You can breathe a little easier knowing there’s a proven way to master respiratory pharmacology! For more than 30 years, Rau’s Respiratory Care Pharmacology has been the preeminent text on the subject. With easy-to-grasp terminology, relatable explanations, and reader-friendly writing, i..
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Author: Najib Rahman, Radhika Banka Model: 9780367533717
Although we live in an era of evidence-based medicine, case histories have always had an important role in medical education. This book aims to provide complex case-based learning in pleural medicine, which is an integral part of respiratory medicine. It delivers practical knowledge learned through ..
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Cystic Fibrosis has seen dramatic advances in treatment since the last edition, including targeted cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) protein modulators for most CFTR gene abnormalities. This new fifth edition is an update and expansion of the rapid clinical and sci..
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Using a concise, understandable approach, Principles of Pulmonary Medicine, 8th Edition, provides a broad overview of this fast-changing field, integrating clinical topics with underlying physiologic, pathophysiologic, and basic science concepts. From cover to cover, it clearly explains and illustra..
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The third edition of Cardiopulmonary Bypass offers a comprehensive, and up-to-date reference text to extracorporeal cardiopulmonary support. This book provides a clinically-focused tutorial with chapters spanning the technical aspects, patient related considerations, and human factors essential to c..
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Author: Meir H. Kryger Model: 9780323654036
Easy to read and richly illustrated, Atlas of Clinical Sleep Medicine, 3rd Edition, provides the tools you need to accurately diagnose and treat the full range of adult and pediatric sleep disorders. Dr. Meir H. Kryger and a team of expert contributing authors detail the physiologic, clinical, morph..
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Respiratory critical care is essential to modern critical care medicine. To successfully support critically ill patients, an understanding of specific lung conditions and syndromes, their pathophysiological basis, and evidence-based management strategies is of vital importance. The Oxford Textbook o..
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Author: Jeremy P. T. Ward, Jane Ward, Richard M. Leach Model: 9781119700197
Respiratory System at a Glance is a comprehensive guide to normal lung structure and function and associated pathophysiology, featuring key information on all major respiratory disorders. As per the familiar, easy-to-use ‘at a Glance’ format, each topic is presented as a double-p..
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Author: Momen M. Wahidi, David E. Ost Model: 9780323709545
Concise, current, and evidence-based, Practical Guide to Interventional Pulmonology provides authoritative guidance on basic and advanced interventional pulmonology (IP) procedures and state-of-the-art technologies. Leading IP experts offer detailed, practical tips ..
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Author: Michael G. Levitzky Model: 9781264270040
For more than 35 years, this trusted review has provided students, residents, and fellows with a solid background in the aspects of pulmonary physiology that are essential for an understanding of clinical medicine. Pulmonary Physiology clearly describes how and why the human respiratory syst..
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