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Thompson & Thompson Genetics and Genomics in Medicine, 9th Edition
Author: Ronald Cohn, Stephen Scherer, Ada Hamosh Model: 9780323547628
First published in 1966, Thompson and Thompson Genetics and Genomics in Medicine has become an essential textbook for medical students, genetic counseling students, students in laboratory medicine, and more advanced trainees. With its focus on fundamental principles in human genetics and g..
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Author: Mezzich, Appleyard,Glare, Snaedal, Wilson Model: 9783031176494
The 21st is being recognized as the Century of the Person, particularly in Medicine and Health. Person Centered Medicine, as a concept and global programmatic movement developed in collaboration with the World Medical Association, World Health Organization, International Council of Nurses ..
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Author: Nalini Chandar, Susan Viselli Model: 9781975180959
Up to date, easy to use, and rich with vibrant illustrations, Lippincott® Illustrated Reviews: Cell and Molecular Biology, 3rd Edition, provides a highly visual presentation of essential cell and molecular biology with a focus on topics related to human health and disease. This engaging app..
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Author: Gray Model: 9780323913676
Epigenetic Cancer Therapy, Second Edition provides a comprehensive discussion of healthy and aberrant epigenetic biology, along with new discoveries to improve our understanding of cancer epigenetics and therapeutics. The book encompasses large-scale intergovernmental initiatives, as well as recent ..
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Author: Pablo Pelegrin Model: 9780323918022
Inflammasome Biology: Fundamentals, Role in Disease States, and Therapeutic Opportunities is a complete reference on the role of inflammasomes in health and disease. Sections cover the different types of inflammasomes, including cellular signaling, structural and evolutive aspects, overview the..
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Author: Trygve O. Tollefsbol Model: 9780323919098
Handbook of Epigenetics: The New Molecular and Medical Genetics, Third Edition provides a comprehensive analysis of epigenetics, from basic biology to clinical application. This new edition has been fully revised to cover the latest and evolving topics in epigenetics, with chapters updated and new c..
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Author: Tom Strachan, Anneke Lucassen Model: 9780367490812
The second edition of this textbook written for undergraduate students, graduate students and medical researchers, Genetics and Genomics in Medicine explains the science behind the uses of genetics and genomics in medicine today, and how it is being applied. Maintaining the features that made the fi..
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Author: Jones, Jones & del Campo Model: 9780323638821
Long known as the go-to resource for superbly illustrated, up-to-date coverage in this complex field, Smith's Recognizable Patterns of Human Malformation, 8th Edition, provides a wealth of information on malformation syndromes of environmental and genetic etiology, recogniza..
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Author: Rossen Donev Model: 9780323853132
Features: Contains timely chapters written by well-renown authorities in their fieldIncludes a number of high-quality illustrations, figures and tables, and targets a very wide audience of specialists, researchers and studentsIntegrates experimental and computational method..
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Author: Tollefsbol Model: 9780128239285
Features: Features chapters from leading researchers and clinicians dedicated to the burgeoning role of epigenetics in medical practiceCovers emerging topics, including twin epigenetics, as well as epigenetics of gastrointestinal disease, muscle disorders, endocrine disorde..
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Author: Aubrey Milunsky and Jeff M. Milunsky Model: 9781119676935
Genetic Disorders and the Fetus: Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment, Eighth Edition is the eagerly awaited new edition of the discipline-leading work that has been at the forefront of diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of fetal genetic disorders for over 36 years. This timely update b..
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Now in four convenient volumes, Field’s Virology remains the most authoritative reference in this fast-changing field, providing definitive coverage of virology, including virus biology as well as replication and medical aspects of specific virus families. This volume of Field..
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Author: Subhash Pandey Model: 9780128172384
Epigenetics, Volume 151, the latest release in the International Review of Neurobiology series, highlights new advances in the field, with this new volume presenting interesting chapters on a variety of comprehensive topics, including Histone modifications in Alcohol use disorder, Non-coding ..
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Author: Yvan Devaux, Emma Robinson Model: 9780128222584
Epigenetics in Cardiovascular Disease, a new volume in the Translational Epigenetics series, offers a comprehensive overview of the epigenetics mechanisms governing cardiovascular disease development, as well as instructions in research methods and guidance in pursing new studies. More than ..
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Author: Peter Turnpenny, Sian Ellard, Ruth Cleaver Model: 9780702079665
Long recognized as a leading textbook in this fast-moving field, Emery's Elements of Medical Genetics and Genomics offers current, complete information with a strong basis in practical clinical genetics and genomics for medical school and beyond. The 16th Edition of this award-winning text h..
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Author: Xavier Llor, Erin Wysong Hofstatter Model: 9781260440270
The ultimate guide to caring for and communicating with patients suffering with hereditary cancer syndromes!! Providing the essential tools needed to understand clinical cancer genetics, Cancer Genetics: A Clinical Approach builds your mastery of differential diagnosis formulation, all ..
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Author: Dhavendra Kumar Model: 9780128241233
Advances in Genetics, Volume 107, provides the latest information on the rapidly evolving field of genetics, presenting new medical breakthroughs that are occurring as a result of advances in our knowledge of the topic. The book continually publishes important reviews of the broadest interes..
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Author: Kasselman Model: 9780128207970
Features: Provides a comprehensive review of the bidirectional interactions between gut microbes and the brainIncludes data across the lifespanFocuses on microbiome related therapies with broad appeal within, and beyond, the medical and scientific community ..
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Author: Gary W. Miller Model: 9780128140796
The Exposome: A New Paradigm for the Environment and Health, Second Edition, is a thoroughly expanded and updated edition of The Exposome: A Primer, the first book dedicated to the topic. This new release outlines the purpose and scope of this emerging field of study, its practical application..
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Author: George Fink Model: 9780128131565
This fourth volume in the Handbook of Stress series, Stress: Genetics, Epigenetics and Genomics, deals with the influence that genetics, epigenetics, and genomics have on the effects of and responses to stress. Chapters refer to epigenetic mechanisms that involve DNA methylation, histone modif..
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