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Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference 41st Edition 2024
Author: Alison Brayfield and Catherine Cadart Model: 9780857114846
Description Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference provides unbiased, evaluated information on drugs and medicines in use around the world. It remains the leading international resource, respected for its objectivity, reliability and global coverage, it's unique offering: Includes en..
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Author: BNF Model: 9780857114808
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Author: Gregory J. Hughes Model: 9780323790079
Offering a unified resource for both clinicians and pharmacists, A Medication Guide to Internal Medicine Tests and Procedures provides concise, focused answers to common medication questions before, during, and after internal medicine tests and procedures. Co-authored by experien..
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Be ready to prescribe and administer drugs safely and effectively, with the fully updated Pharmacotherapeutics for Advanced Practice, 5th Edition. Anchored in pharmacology and the principles of therapeutics, and written by experts in the field, this is your road map to effective drug th..
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Pharmacoepidemiology originally arose from the union of the fields of clinical pharmacology and epidemiology. Pharmacoepidemiology studies the use of and the effects of medical products in large numbers of people and applies the methods of epidemiology to the content area of clinical pharmacolo..
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Author: Peter J. Harrington Model: 9781119722861
This comprehensive workbook helps readers become familiar with the structures and synthetic challenges associated with nearly 300 essential medicines and gain the skills needed for pharmaceutical development. Highlights nearly three hundred medicines on the latest World Health Organization (WH..
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Author: Anthony Guerra Model: 9780323695442
Master the pharmacology essentials that health professionals need in practice! Pharmacology Made Simple: An Introduction for the Health Professions makes it easy to understand and apply pharmacology concepts in healthcare careers. Clear and concise, this text uses colorful illustrations, c..
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Author: Prasan Bhandari Model: 9789390553150
The revision of the Indian medical curriculum in 2018 put an emphasis on learner-centered, integrated, and competency-based learning. This is meant to facilitate the acquisition of skills along with ethical and humanistic values. The revised curriculum for undergraduate medical education enables the..
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For more than 30 years, DiPiro’s Pharmacotherapy has been the essential textbook for learning how to properly select, administer, and monitor drugs?everything needed to provide safe, effective drug therapy across all therapeutic categories. This new edition has been fully updated wit..
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Author: Geralyn Frandsen, Sandra Smith Pennington Model: 9780323793506
Understanding Pharmacology: Essentials for Medication Safety, 3rd Edition uses a unique combination of simplified language, easy-to-follow headers, and engaging boxes and icons — such as Memory Joggers, Critical Points for Safety, Do Not Confuse, and Drug Alerts &..
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Author: Brendan F. Gilmore, Stephen P. Denyer Model: 9781119434498
Microbiology is one of the essential pharmaceutical sciences upon which the study and practice of pharmacy is built. It has a bearing on all aspects of the manufacture of medicines and sterile products, from their design and development to their delivery as quality products. Few interventions are mo..
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The drug information you need to pass the boards and make effective drug therapy decisions―all in one convenient portable guide!! Expertly written and easy to read, Pharmacotherapy Handbook delivers key content for students studying for their boards, and it offers the essential informat..
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Author: Simone Badal McCreath, Yuri N. Clement Model: 9780443186578
Pharmacognosy: Fundamentals, Applications and Strategies, Second Edition represents a comprehensive compilation of the philosophical, scientific and technological aspects of contemporary pharmacognosy. The book examines the impact of the advanced techniques of pharmacognosy on improving the qua..
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Author: Geralyn Frandsen, Sandra Smith Pennington Model: 9781975222338
Abrams’ Clinical Drug Therapy: Rationales for Nursing Practice, 13th Edition continues a long tradition of guiding students and instructors through the practice of safe and effective medication administration. Expert pharmacology educators and clinicians explain the “why”..
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Author: ΚΩΝΣΤΑΝΤΙΝΟΣ ΠΟΥΛΑΣ Model: 9786182016343
Καλώς ήρθατε στον υπέροχο κόσμο της κάνναβης! Μέσα από αυτή τη &sigm..
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Author: ΚΩΝΣΤΑΝΤΙΝΟΣ ΠΟΥΛΑΣ Model: 9786182016350
Καλώς ήρθατε στον υπέροχο κόσμο της κάνναβης! Μέσα από αυτή τη &sigm..
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Author: Τεσσερομμάτη Χριστίνα Model: 9789600115222
Παρά τον πληθωρισμό θεραπευτικών σχημάτων εγκεκριμένων φαρμά&k..
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Author: ΚΩΝΣΤΑΝΤΙΝΟΣ ΠΟΥΛΑΣ Model: 9786182016510
Καλώς ήρθατε στον υπέροχο κόσμο της κάνναβης! Μέσα από αυτή τη &sigm..
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Author: T. Pullaiah Model: 9781774911730
This 2-volume book set, Phytochemistry and Pharmacology of Medicinal Plants, introduces and provides extensive coverage of 79 important medicinal plant species. Each chapter, written by noted experts in the field, focuses on one important medicinal plant, giving a brief introduction about th..
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