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Author: AMERICAN WATERWORKS ASSN Model: 9780875532989
Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater™, 24th edition provides the most up-to-date, comprehensive resource for measuring the biological, chemical, and physical attributes of waters and offers guidance for choosing among available methods for specific elements and compound..
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Author: Panos Macheras , Athanasios A. Tsekouras Model: 9783031200243
This book casts new light on the field of oral drug absorption. It outlines both the concept of the past and the novel concept of Finite Absorption Time (FAT). In addition, the authors explore the correlated need for re-definition of bioavailability, bioequivalence providing a plethor..
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Author: Edra Model: informatore23
L'Informatore Farmaceutico è rivolto a tutti i Professionisti della Sanità. Rappresenta il più prestigioso strumento per essere sempre aggiornati attraverso fonti ufficiali su farmaci, parafarmaci, prodotti salutistici e dispositivi medici. Il più completo e autorevol..
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Author: MHRA Model: 9780113230914
ΔΙΑΘΕΣΙΜΗ ΚΑΙ ΣΤΙΣ  ΕΞΗΣ ΕΚΔΟΧΕΣ: -Print only  1260 € + 6% ΦΠΑ   -ONLINE ONLY 1080 € + 24% Φ&Pi..
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Applied Therapeutics by Zeind: The Clinical Use of Drugs, 12th Edition (2-Volume Set)
Celebrating 50 years of excellence, Applied Therapeutics, 12th Edition, features contributions from more than 200 experienced clinicians. This acclaimed case-based approach promotes mastery and application of the fundamentals of drug therapeutics, guiding users from General Principles to s..
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Author: ΔΕΜΕΤΖΟΣ ΚΩΝΣΤΑΝΤΙΝΟΣ Model: 9789605836627
Το σύγγραμμα Σύγχρονη Φαρμακευτική Νανοτεχνολογία. Βασικές αρχές και πρακτικές εφαρμογέςπεριλαμβάνει νέα επιστημονικά δεδομένα, βασισμένα σε πρόσφατες βιβλιογραφικές αναφορέςκαι ερευνητικές προσπάθειες, καθώς και σε εκτενείς και εις βάθος περιγραφές των νέων θεραπευτικώνπροϊόντων αλλά και των νέων κ..
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Author: USP Model: usp-online-single
ΤΙΜΗ 865 € +24% φπαFeatures More than 4,900 monographs with specifications for identity, strength, quality, purity, packaging, and labeling for substances and dosage forms. More than 350 general chapters providing clear, step-by-step guidance for assays, tests, and proceduresHelpful sections ..
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Ullmann's Pharmaceuticals
-11 %
Author: Joseph Varon, Paul Marik Model: 9783527342525
Based on the WHO's Anatomical Therapeutical Chemical drug classification system, virtually all marketed therapeutics are covered here in 48 topical and systematic articles. Each carefully selected section contains a general introduction to the therapeutic class, current developments and chal..
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Author: Nalini Chandar, Susan Viselli Model: 9781119807445
Description A Thorough Guidebook for Assessing and Managing Common Symptoms and Illnesses Seen in the Pharmacy Pharmacies, and pharmacists, are often the first source for information and advice used by a patient when health problems arise. This book supports pharma..
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Side Effects of Drugs Annual, Volume 44 A Worldwide Yearly Survey of New Data in Adverse Drug Reactions
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Author: Ray Model: 9780323989091
Features: Provides a critical yearly survey of the new data and trends regarding the side effects of drugs Authored and reviewed by worldwide pioneers in the clinical and practice sciences Presents an essential clinical guide on the side effects of drugs for practit..
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Model: 9781260469608
This authoritative guide has been updated with important new findings about drug therapy, product performance, and other need-to-know topics! Applied Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics, Eighth Edition delivers the knowledge and skills you need to succeed. The authors provide practical ..
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The 2022 edition of Rules and Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Distributors, known as "The Orange Guide”, is the essential reference for all manufacturers and distributors of medicines in the UK. It provides you with a single authoritative source of European and UK guidance, ..
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The 2022 edition of the Rules and Guidance for Pharmaceutical Distributors, the "Green Guide”, is the essential reference for all distributors, brokers of human medicines, importers and distributors of active substances in the UK. It provides you with the single authoritative source of E..
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Model: 9783946057741
Die aktuelle ROTE LISTE® steht nicht umsonst in vielen Regalen von MedizinerInnen und PharmazeutInnen. Sie bietet jährlich aktuell verlässliche und profunde Informationen zu Arzneimitteln und ausgewählten Medizinprodukten in Deutschland - und das schon seit Jahrzehnten. Die ROTE LISTE® im..
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Author: Scott Steele Model: 9781032135168
Book Description This book presents an overview of the current status of translating the RNAi cancer therapeutics in the clinic, a brief description of the biological barriers in drug delivery, and the roles of imaging in aspects of administration route, systemic circulation, and cellular..
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Author: Yanoff & Duker Model: 9781264259083
A fully updated edition of the most popular guide to managing toxic exposures and ingestions―now streamlined to help you find the right answers more quickly than ever Designed for speed of use during toxicologic emergencies, Poisoning and Drug Overdose delivers the critical information you need t..
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Model: 9781264278183
Providing a solid evidence-based approach, Pharmacotherapy Principles & Practice explains how to design, implement, monitor, and evaluate medication therapy. You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of the underlying principles of the pharmacotherapy of disease―and their practical..
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Author: Joe & Lee Model: 9781032030883
Book Description This book provides stepwise guidance on how to evaluate, audit, qualify and approve an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and packaging material manufacturer and supplier to enhance the GMP within the industry. The book will also be beneficial for institutions conduct..
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Medical Regulatory Affairs An International Handbook for Medical Devices and Healthcare Products 3E
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Author: William McArdle, Frank I. Katch Model: 9789814877862
Book Description This handbook covers medical device regulatory systems in different countries, ISO standards for medical devices, clinical trial and regulatory requirements, and documentation for application. It is the first to cover the medical device regulatory affairs in Asia. Experts..
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