Radiology / Nuclear medicine


Specialty Imaging: Arthrography, 2nd Edition

Description Superbly illustrated and thoroughly up..

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Primer of Diagnostic Imaging, 6th Edition

By Mukesh MGH Harisinghani, MD, Instructor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School, Assistant Radi..

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Imaging in Gynecologic Oncology, An Issue of PET Clinics, Volume 13-2

By Drew A. Torigian, MD, MA, Associate Professor of Radiology, Department of Radiology, Hospita..

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Diagnostic Radiology: Chest and Cardiovascular Imaging

This new edition is a complete guide to diagnostic imaging of the chest and cardiovascular system. ..

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Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance, 3rd Edition

By Warren J. Manning, MD, Section Chief, Non-Invasive Cardiac Imaging, Beth Israel Deaconess Me..

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Caffey's Pediatric Diagnostic Imaging, 2-Volume Set, 13th Edition

Description For more than 70 years, Caffey’s Pedia..

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Textbook of Diagnostic Sonography, 8th Edition

Description: Updated to reflect the newest curriculum standards, Textbook of Diagnostic Sono..

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Specialty Imaging: PET

The first text to offer complete, diagnosis-centered guidance on the effective use of emer..

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Skull Base Imaging

Use today’s latest technology and methods to optimize imaging of complex skull base anatomy. Th..

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Rosen's Diagnosis of Breast Pathology by Needle Core Biopsy, 4e

Accurately identify the full range of clinical and pathological entities with Rosen’s Diagnosis of..

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Radiology Noninterpretive Skills: The Requisites

Part of the highly respected Requisites series, Radiology Noninterpretive Skills, by Drs. Hani ..

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Osborn's Brain, 2nd Edition

Comprehensive, visually appealing, and easy to understand, Osborn’s Brain, second edition, by t..

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Obstetric Imaging: Fetal Diagnosis and Care, 2nd Edition

Richly illustrated and comprehensive in scope, Obstetric Imaging, 2nd Edition, provides up-to-d..

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Imaging in Gastroenterology

Description Written specifically for gastroenterol..

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Imaging Anatomy: Knee, Ankle, Foot, 2nd Edition

Designed to help you quickly learn or review normal anatomy and confirm variants, Imaging ..

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ExpertDDx: Musculoskeletal, 2nd Edition

Quickly determine an accurate diagnosis for virtually any musculoskeletal problem you’re likely to s..

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ExpertDDx: Brain and Spine, 2nd Edition

Now fully revised and up-to-date, Expert DDx: Brain and Spine, second edition, quickly gui..

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Diagnostic Imaging: Oral and Maxillofacial , 2nd Edition

Bridging the gap between dentistry and medical radiology, this up-to-date volume covers the anatomic..

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Diagnostic Imaging: Interventional Procedures, 2nd Edition

More than 100 interventional procedures, lavishly illustrated with 800+ outstanding medical ima..

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CT and MRI of the Whole Body, 2-Volume Set, 6th Edition

Description Now more streamlined and focused than ..

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