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ranial Anatomy and Surgical Approaches is the masterwork of the legendary neurosurgeon Albert L. Rhoton, Jr.—a distillation of 40 years of work to, in the author’s words, make the “delicate, fateful, and awesome” procedures of neurosurgery more “gentle, accurate, a..
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Author: Thankamma Ajithkumar Model: 9780198722694
Radiotherapy Planning is the new title in the Oxford Specialist Handbooks in Oncology series. It provides a comprehensive guide to modern radiotherapy practice, firmly based on unchanging principles. The author discusses advanced radiotherapy techniques as well as simpler field-based ..
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Offering practical, comprehensive coverage of the many nuanced technical and clinical aspects of this growing field, Palliative Radiation Oncology provides up-to-date clinical guidance in a thorough yet concise manner. In an easy-access format, it integrates basic science, pathologies, and research ..
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Author: Michael Sabel Model: 9781975176495
With an emphasis on the “hows and whys” of contemporary surgery, Operative Techniques in Breast, Endocrine, and Oncologic Surgery, Second Edition, features concise, bulleted text, full-color illustrations, and intraoperative photographs to clarify exactly what to look for ..
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Author: Perrier Model: 9780323939775
In this issue, guest editors bring their considerable expertise to this important topic...
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Author: Alejandro Ariel Gru, ANDRAS SCHAFFER Model: 9781975158552
Description The most comprehensive reference book on diagnosing cutaneous hematologic disorders available, Hematopathology of the Skin: Clinical and Pathological Approach, 2nd Edition, provides interdisciplinary guidance from more than 40 global experts in the fields of dermatopathology, dermato..
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Author: Milind Javle, Mitesh J. Borad Model: 9781975162948
Designed for quick, everyday reference, Handbook of Targeted Cancer Therapy and Immunotherapy: Gastrointestinal Cancer provides a practical overview of this rapidly advancing field. Comprehensive yet concise, this easy-access resource by Dr. Milind Javle of MD Ande..
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Author: William Breitbart and Harvey Chochinov Model: 9780197583838
An essential resource for all providers of palliative care, including the members of multidisciplinary medical teams Addresses new therapeutic modalities, approaches, and research topics Written by internationally known psychiatry and palliative care experts..
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Using a practical, question-and-answer approach, Evidence-Based Practice of Palliative Medicine, 2nd Edition, helps you provide optimal care for patients and families who are dealing with serious illness. This unique reference focuses on patient and family/caregiver-centered care, highlighting the b..
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Author: Gray Model: 9780323913676
Epigenetic Cancer Therapy, Second Edition provides a comprehensive discussion of healthy and aberrant epigenetic biology, along with new discoveries to improve our understanding of cancer epigenetics and therapeutics. The book encompasses large-scale intergovernmental initiatives, as well as recent ..
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Author: NIcole R. LeBoeuf, Allireza Alloo Model: 9781975157890
Many oncologic therapies used to treat cancer have significant implications for the skin. These dermatologic reactions follow recognizable patterns and are closely related to the type of treatment given. Cutaneous Toxicities from Anti-Cancer Therapies,by Drs. Allireza Alloo and Nicole LeBoeuf, ..
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Author: Bertil E. Damato Model: 9783030901264
About this book Many ocular tumours are life-threatening or associated with lethal syndromes but can be difficult to diagnose because of their rarity and diversity. Unlike conventional atlases, this book contains a format that orders lesions according to their colour and ocular location to hel..
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Author: Leonidas C. Platanias Model: 9780443182709
Advances in Oncology reviews the year’s most important findings and updates within the field in order to provide practicing oncologists with the current clinical information they need to improve patient outcomes. A distinguished editorial board, led by Dr. Leonidas C. Platanias, identifies key..
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Author: Άγιος, Αλέξανδρος Ε. Model: 9781260467642
Comprehensive and authoritative, The MD Anderson Manual of Medical Oncology delivers everything you need to accurately diagnose and effectively treat a wide range of cancers—including leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, lung and breast cancer, genitourinary carcinoma, melanoma, and sarcoma. This u..
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Offering up-to-date, authoritative information in a quick-reference format, The Bethesda Handbook of Clinical Oncology, Sixth Edition, is a comprehensive yet concise review of the management of different cancer types. Drs. Jame Abraham, James L. Gulley, and a team of expert contributors emphas..
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Author: Alexander Drilon, Neil Vasan Model: 9781975190811
Pocket-sized and easy to use, Pocket Oncology, 3rd Edition, provides up-to-date information essential to caring for patients with cancer, from cancer biology, prevention, screening, treatment, and supportive care to new advances in all areas of the field for both adult and pediatric patients. Writte..
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Author: d'Avila Model: 9780198779186
Concise yet comprehensive overview of all aspects of diagnosis and care of the child with haematological disorders and cancerFeatures clinical pearls on what to do at every stage of supporting the child and their familyContains handy reference ranges and useful websites New to this Edition..
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Author: Stephen Strakowski Model: 9781975153076
The Operative Standards for Cancer Surgery manuals provide evidence-based recommendations for the proper technical conduct of cancer surgery. Presented by the American College of Surgeons, Operative Standards for Cancer Surgery: Sarcoma, Adrenal, Neuroendocrine, Peri..
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Author: Paul Silverman Model: 9780323695381
  Description: Comprehensive, authoritative, and up to date, Oncologic Imaging: A Multidisciplinary Approach, 2nd Edition, covers every aspect of radiographic imaging for the diagnosis, treatment, and management of the cancer patient. Dr. Paul M. Silverman and an expert..
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Author: Wai-Kay Seto, Mohammed Eslam Model: 9783031059728
  About this book This book is a multidisciplinary guide to head and neck cancer. Head and neck cancer remains one of the most technically complex cancer subsites to manage. This field involves highly specialized collaboration amongst surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, ..
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