Gastroenterology - Hepatology


Yamada's Textbook of Gastroenterology, 2 Volume Set

OverviewFor over 25 years, Yamada's Textbook of Gastroenterology has been the most compre..

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Yamada's Atlas of Gastroenterology

YAMADA'S Atlas of GastroenterologyGastroenterology and Hepatology remain highly visual specialti..

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The Digestive System, 3E Systems of the Body Series

Description: The Systems of the Body series has establi..

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Oxford Handbook of Gastroenterology & Hepatology 3E

Comprehensive A-Z of conditions allows fast access to focused key information about the range of c..

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Hepatic Fibrosis: Mechanisms and Targets

Features: Presents progression from inf..

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Greenberger’s Current Diagnosis & Treatment: Gastroenterology, Hepatology, & Endoscopy, 4E

The peerless guide to clinical management of digestive and liver diseases—updated to reflect th..

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Gastrointestinal Imaging Q&A for the Radiology Boards

The quintessential study prep for the gastrointestinal section on the ABR core examPreparing for t..

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Gastrointestinal and Pancreatico-Biliary Diseases: Advanced Diagnostic and Therapeutic Endoscopy

Introduction This unique book is the first to focus on diagnostic and therapeutic endos..

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Digestive System Malignancies

Digestive System Malignancies provides an up-to-date overview on the most relevant diagnostic t..

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Clinical Cases in Hepatology

Introduction This book provides a comprehensive resource for clinical hepatology. It de..

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Atlas of Endoscopic Ultrasonography, 2Ε

Description Atlas of Endoscopic Ultrasonography Atla..

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The Esophagus 6E

THE ESOPHAGUS The Esophagus investigates the anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the esophagus...

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Textbook of Gastrointestinal Radiology, 5E

Ideal for both trainees and experienced practitioners, Textbook of Gastrointestinal Radiology, 5th..

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Surgical Management of Advanced Pelvic Cancer

An innovative guide to the practice of pelvic exenterative surgery ..

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Successful Training in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 2E

Successful Training in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy is a key purchase for all gastroenterologis..

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Sleisenger and Fordtran's Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease Review and Assessment, 11E

Fully updated to include recent advances in the field Sleisenger and Fordtran's Gastroi..

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Pediatric Liver Transplantation: A Clinical Guide

Written and edited by global leaders in the field, Pediatric Liver Transplantation: A Clinical G..

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No Stones Left Unturned

IntroductionThis book is a tribute to early pioneers and later innovators in applications of sur..

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Multidisciplinary Treatment of Colorectal Cancer 2E

This book is a comprehensive reference work on the multidisciplinary team (MDT) management of colo..

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Liver Transplantation: Clinical Assessment and Management 2E

The newly revised Second Edition of Liver Transplantation: Clinical Assessment and Management&n..

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Liver Disease in Children, 5E

Liver disease in children is increasing in prevalence, placing a huge burden on healthcare systems..

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Imaging for Clinical Oncology Second Edition

Description Imaging is a critical component in the ..

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Gastrointestinal Pathology: Correlative Endoscopic and Histologic Assessment

An illustrated guide to best practices when performing and assessing biopsies for GI conditions of a..

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Diagnostic Imaging: Gastrointestinal, 4E

Covering the entire spectrum of this fast-changing field, Diagnostic Imaging: Gastrointestina..

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Colon Polyps and Colorectal Cancer 2E

This thoroughly revised and extended second edition of the book clearly explains the nature of col..

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Clinical Pancreatology for Practising Gastroenterologists and Surgeons 2E

Clinical Pancreatology Since the book Clinical Pancreatology for Practising Gast..

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Best of Five MCQS for the European Specialty Examination in Gastroenterology and Hepatology 2E

Designed to assist in preparations for the European Specialty Examination in Gastroente..

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Telemedicine, Telehealth and Telepresence Principles, Strategies, Applications, and New Directions

Introduction Telemedicine and telehealth have consistently been shown to be effective for..

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Video Atlas: Liver, Biliary & Pancreatic Surgery, 2E

During his years at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Dr. Leslie H. Blumgart developed an exte..

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The Washington Manual Gastroenterology Subspecialty Consult 4th edition

Concise, portable, and user-friendly, The Washington Manual® Gastroenterology Subspecialty Consult, ..

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The SAGES Manual of Colorectal Surgery

This book provides essential didactic content for the SAGES University Masters Program Colorectal ..

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The Microbiome in Health and Disease, Volume 171 ( Molecular Biology and Traslational Science Series )

Provides a novel theme and multiple disciplinary topics of microbiome research in basic and translat..

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The Liver: Biology and Pathobiology, 6th Edition

Bridging the gap between basic scientific advances and the understanding of live..

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Sleisenger and Fordtran's Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease - 2 Volume Set, 11th Edition

Sleisenger and Fordtran's Gastrointestinal and Li..

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Pediatric Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease, 6th Edition

Now with full-color illustrations throughout, doz..

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Minimally Invasive Surgical Techniques for Cancers of the Gastrointestinal Tract A Step-by-Step Approach

Similar to the 1st edition, the 2nd edition of Minimally Invasive Surgical Techniques for Cancers of..

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Provides an integrated approach for realizing the potential of microbiomics across the life, envir..

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Handbook of Gastroenterologic Procedures 5th edition

The only handbook to cover both endoscopic and non-endoscopic GI procedures, Handbook of Gastroenter..

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Gastroenterology, An Issue of Clinics in Geriatric Medicine, Volume 37-1

This issue of Clinics in Geriatric Medicine, guest edited by Dr. Amir Soumekh and Dr. Philip O. Ka..

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ERCP: The Fundamentals 3E

Authored by the very best in the field, this “how-to” guide to mastering the crucial yet complex g..

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Dilemmas in Abdominal Surgery, A Case-Based Approach 1E

This book covers the management of surgical diseases "through the eyes" of a clinician by provid..

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Clinical Dilemmas in Viral Liver Disease 2E

Although viral hepatitis is a growing public health risk around the world, the World Health Organi..

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Autoimmune Liver Disease: Management and Clinical Practice

A practical guide to autoimmune liver diseases through pathogenesis, diagnosis, an..

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Atlas of Endoscopy Imaging in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Provides systemic classification and characterization of endoscopy imaging in the surgically alter..

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Yamada's Handbook of Gastroenterology, 4th Edition

This 4th edition of Yamada's Handbook of Gastroenterology provides a portable, well-illustrat..

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The microbiome: Interactions with organ systems, diet, and genetics, An Issue of Gastroenterology Clinics of North America

In consultation with Consulting Editor, Dr. Alan Buchman, Dr. Rocheyllys Diaz Heijtz has put toget..

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Netter's Gastroenterology, 3rd Edition

Perfect for residents, generalists, medical students, nurses, and other healthcare professionals..

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Microbiome and Metabolome in Diagnosis, Therapy, and other Strategic Applications

Provides comprehensive coverage on diagnosis, therapy, pharmacotherapy and disease prevention in c..

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