Microbiology & Virology


Wallach's Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests 11th edition

An excellent resource for appropriate test ordering and interpretation, Wallach’s Interpretation of ..

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The Microbiome in Health and Disease, Volume 171 ( Molecular Biology and Traslational Science Series )

Provides a novel theme and multiple disciplinary topics of microbiome research in basic and translat..

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Retroviral Testing Essentials For Quality Control and Laboratory Diagnosis [e-book]

[e-book]First published in 1992, Retroviral Testing: Essentials for Quality Control and Laboratory..

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Oxford Case Histories in Infectious Diseases and Microbiology 3rd Edition

Oxford Case Histories in Infection and Microbiology contains over 45 well structured cases, provid..

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Provides an integrated approach for realizing the potential of microbiomics across the life, envir..

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Medical Microbiology, 9th Edition

The foremost text in this complex and fast-changing field, Medical Microbiology, 9th Edition, provid..

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Learning Microbiology and Infectious Diseases: Clinical Case Prep for the USMLE

High-yield microbiology cases help students apply knowledge and prepare for board examsLearning Micr..

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Gram-Positive Pathogens, 3rd Edition

Gram-positive bacteria, lacking an outer membrane and related secretory systems and having a thick..

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Fields Virology: Emerging Viruses 7th edition

Now in four convenient volumes, Fields Virology remains the most authoritative reference in this f..

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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) - Epidemiology, Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, and Therapeutics

Provides collated information on novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) biology, including replication, gene..

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Clinical Neurovirology 2nd Edition

This is a comprehensive reference that includes the basic science, clinical features, imaging, pat..

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Clinical Epidemiology 6th edition

Now in its Sixth Edition, Clinical Epidemiology: The Essentials is a comprehensive, concise, and c..

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Thieme Test Prep for the USMLE: Medical Microbiology and Immunology QA

Ensure readiness for the USMLE® or any other high-stakes exam covering microbiology and immunology!T..

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The Power of Plagues, 2nd Edition

The Power of Plagues presents a rogues' gallery of epidemic- causing microorgani..

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The microbiome: Interactions with organ systems, diet, and genetics, An Issue of Gastroenterology Clinics of North America

In consultation with Consulting Editor, Dr. Alan Buchman, Dr. Rocheyllys Diaz Heijtz has put toget..

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Principles of Virology, Volume 2: Pathogenesis and Control, 4th Edition

Principles of Virology is the leading virology textbook because it does more than collect and pres..

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Principles of Virology, Volume 1: Molecular Biology, 4th Edition

Principles of Virology is the leading virology textbook because it does more than collect and pres..

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Oral Microbiology and Immunology, 3rd Edition

The field of oral microbiology has seen fundamental conceptual changes in recent..

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Mosby's Diagnostic and Laboratory Test Reference, 14th Edition

Get the latest research and easy access to today’s most important diagnostic and lab tests! Know..

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Microbiome and Metabolome in Diagnosis, Therapy, and other Strategic Applications

Provides comprehensive coverage on diagnosis, therapy, pharmacotherapy and disease prevention in c..

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Microbial Transmission

Microbial transmission, the processes by which microbes transit to new environme..

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Lippincott® Illustrated Reviews: Microbiology Fourth edition

Mastering essential microbiology concepts is easier with this vividly illustrated review resource. P..

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Jawetz Melnick & Adelbergs Medical Microbiology 28 E

Understand the clinically relevant aspects of microbiology with this student-acclaimed, full-color..

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Guide to Clinical and Diagnostic Virology

The explosion in clinical testing has been especially rapid in virology, where e..

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Defrosting Ancient Microbes - Emerging Genomes in a Warmer World

Ice is melting around the world and glaciers are disappearing. Water, which has been solid for t..

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Communicable Disease Control and Health Protection Handbook, 4th Edition

The essential guide to controlling and managing today’s communicable diseases The..

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The New Microbiology: From Microbiomes to CRISPR

Microbiology has undergone radical changes over the past few decades, ushering in an exciting new er..

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The Gut Microbiome in Health and Disease

Provides a comprehensive overview on the complex functions of the human gut floraDiscusses common ..

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Review of Medical Microbiology and Immunology 15E

The most concise, clinically relevant, and current review of medical microbiology and immunologyRevi..

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Oxford Handbook of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation 4th Edition

An indispensable guide to investigative techniques written by an experienced team of active clinicia..

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Mims' Medical Microbiology and Immunology, 6th Edition

Description Learn all the microbiology and basic i..

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Mayo Clinic Antimicrobial Therapy Quick Guide 3rd Edition

Fully updated and revised to reflect the latest guidelines and drug development since the publicat..

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The Human Microbiome, Volume 44

Written by recognized leaders and experts in the fieldProvides a comprehensive and cutting-edge revi..

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Inflammation: From Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms to the Clinic, 4 Volume Set

The leading reference on this topic of increasing medical relevance is unique in offering unparallel..

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Toxicology and Drug Testing, An Issue of Clinics in Laboratory Medicine, Volume 36-4

Description This issue of Clinics in Laboratory Me..

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Paleomicrobiology of Humans

Only recently was it determined that two of the world's most devastating plagues..

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Koneman's Color Atlas and Textbook of Diagnostic Microbiology, 7e

Now in striking full color, this 7th Edition of Koneman’s gold standard text presents all the..

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Gut Microbiome and Behavior, Volume 131

Contains the expertise of contributors in the field who discuss the gut microbiome and its effect on..

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"Reset your metabolism and free yourself from food cravings and an uncontrollable appetite with Dr..

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Metabolism and Bacterial Pathogenesis

Groundbreaking thinking on how bacterial metabolism is foundational to pathogenesi..

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Medical Microbiology Murray, 8th Edition

Turn to Medical Microbiology, 8th Edition for a thorough, clinically relevant underst..

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Sherris Medical Microbiology, 5th Edition

For more than a quarter-of-a-century Sherris has been unmatched in its ability to help you..

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Review of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, 12th Edition

 Essential for USMLE and medical microbiology course exam preparation, Review of Medical M..

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Mycoviruses, Volume 86

  This volume of Advances in Virus Research focuses on..

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Microbiology and Immunology.6/e (Board Review Series)

BRS Microbiology and Immunology is a popular volume in the Board Review Series for medical students...

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Jawetz Melnick and Adelbergs Medical Microbiology, 26th Edition

A full-color review of the clinically important aspects of microbiology  Includes more ..

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Foodborne Infections and Intoxications, 4th Edition

 The accelerated globalization of the food supply, coupled with toughening government standards..

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Microbiology, 8th Edition

Microbiology has been a best-selling textbook for several editions due to the author’s engagin..

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Microbiology Case Studies: A Personal Approach

This first edition text developed and evolved to meet three pedagogical goals we deemed essential fo..

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