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Author: Heary Model: 9781626238534
The definitive textbook on the management of cervical spine trauma from master spine surgeons!Understanding the clinical implications of cervical trauma requires thorough knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the cervical spine. Cervical Trauma: Surgical Management by renowned spine surge..
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Author: Nakaji Model: 9780190887728
Part of the Neurosurgery by Example series, this volume on cerebrovascular neurosurgery presents exemplary cases in which renowned authors guide readers through the assessment and planning, decision making, surgical procedure, after care, and complication management of common and uncommon di..
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Author: Bridwell Model: 9781496386489
Written by experts from around the world, the latest edition of this leading reference features contributions from both neurosurgeons and orthopaedic surgeons. Presenting the full scope of spinal surgery, chapters discuss anatomy, biomechanics, complications, instrumentation, preoperative an..
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Author: Hofstetter Model: 9781684200238
Endoscopic spine surgery essentials from expert spine surgeonsAtlas of Full-Endoscopic Spine Surgery by internationally renowned spine surgeons Christoph Hofstetter, Sebastian Ruetten, Yue Zhou, and Michael Wang provides concise, step-by-step guidance on the latest full endoscopic spine proced..
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Author: Tubbs,Loukas,Hanna,Oskouian Model: 9781626238893
Dedicated guide to the lumbar plexus provides invaluable anatomical and surgical insightsThorough knowledge of the lumbar plexus and its branches is crucial to achieving positive patient outcomes, especially with newer surgical approaches. Many of the nerve branches are formed within the psoas..
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Author: Riascos,Bonfante,Calle Model: 9781626232372
Essential neuroradiology cases and board-type Q&A review to help you pass your exam!Neuro Imaging Second Edition from Roy Riascos, Eliana Bonfante, and Susana Calle features 100 new cases along with two board-type multiple choice questions for each. This latest edition features state-of-th..
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Author: Ellenbogen Model: 9780323431408
Description Perfect for anyone considering or training in this challenging specialty, Principles of Neurological Surgery, 4th Edition, by Drs. Richard G. Ellenbogen, Laligam N. Sekhar, and Neil Kitchen, provides a clear, superbly illustrated introduc..
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Author: Singh Model: 9781626236233
Pocket Atlas of Spine Surgery, 2nd Edition by Kern Singh and Alexander Vaccaro is unique in its presentation, utilizing multilayered visuals to delineate the most commonly performed spine procedures. High-definition intraoperative photographs are juxtaposed with translucent anatomic drawings..
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Author: Gagliardi,Gragnaniello,Mortini,Caputy Model: 9781626232167
One-of-kind textbook provides comprehensive tutorial on cranial anatomy with step-by-step text and visuals Dissection in the anatomical laboratory is a mandatory component of training for neurosurgeons. Acquisition of highly technical skills is a long and arduous task, requiring knowledge of co..
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Author: Jallo Model: 9781626233416
"This book is the most useful summary of present knowledge about epidemiology, pathophysiology, assessment and management of spinal cord injuries today. It is a great book that deserves a widespread distribution among spine surgeons and physicians involved in the treatment of spinal injuries..
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Author: Macdonald Model: 9781626231108
A state-of-the-art neurovascular surgery atlas from internationally renowned neurosurgeon R. Loch Macdonald Neurosurgical Operative Atlas: Vascular Neurosurgery, Third Edition, by R. Loch Macdonald and expert contributors, reflects the latest advances in endoscopic, endovascular, microsurgical,..
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Author: Gross Model: 9781626231115
A state-of-the-art guide to evolving functional neurosurgery approaches from world-renowned innovatorsFunctional neurosurgery focuses on improving the lives of patients with epilepsy, movement disorders, pain, and psychiatric illnesses. In recent years, approaches ranging from open surgery to ..
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Author: Hanna Model: 9781626234901
Practical Q&A guide enhanced with unique diagrams and tables to ace the ABNS primary exam! Neurosurgery Primary Examination Review: High Yield Questions, Answers, Diagrams, and Tables by Amgad S. Hanna addresses the knowledge gaps in currently existing neurosurgical board study guides. It i..
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Author: Puffer Model: 9781626239272
A unique study guide for passing the American Board of Neurological Surgery primary examinationThe ABNS primary examination is an important step in the certification process, designed to evaluate candidates' knowledge and provide direction for continued learning. It requires many months of p..
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Author: Agarwal Model: 9781626238220
The quintessential guide providing a one-stop roadmap to a neurosurgical career!Neurological surgery is a complex, highly selective specialty. For medical students and residents, navigating a huge array of neurosurgical information can be overwhelming. Neurosurgery Fundamentals by Nitin Agarwa..
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Author: Guyuron Model: 9781626236929
The definitive guide on migraine surgery from the world's leading authorityAn estimated 11.7% of the U.S. population or nearly 38 million adults and children suffer from migraine headaches. A severe and highly debilitating type of headache, migraine is the third most common and eighth most d..
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Author: Benarroch Model: 9780190209407
Information summarized in Key Points boxes for quick reviewText that is highly illustrated with figures and tables to improve comprehensionColor-coded pages for each section to facilitate easy navigationDescription Fully updated and revised according ..
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Author: Adams Model: 9780190206895
Provide clinicians the necessary neurologic information for the diagnosis and management of common neurologic problemsThe book addresses three main areas: the neurologic examination and diagnostic testing, common neurologic symptoms, and common neurologic diseasesIllustrated with many tables, fi..
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Author: Slikker Model: 9780128094051
Table of Contents: PART I. CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR MORPHOGENESIS OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEMAn Introductory Overview: Cellular and Molecular Morphogenesis of the Nervous System  Cheng Wang1. Brain Morphogenesis and Developmental Neurotoxicology   Karl F. Jensen and Je..
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Author: Hadjipanayis,Stummer Model: 9781626237148
The definitive textbook on state-of-the-art fluorescence-guided neurosurgery Advances in fluorescence-guided surgery (FGS) have resulted in a paradigm shift in neurosurgical approaches to neuro-oncological and cerebrovascular pathologies. Edited by two of the foremost authorities on the topic..
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