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Author: Brinjikji Model: 9781684200535
Unique case-based reference presents high-yield images and expertise focused on vascular neuroradiologyImaging in Neurovascular Disease: A Case-Based Approach by Waleed Brinjikji and Timo Krings is unique in its approach, detailing diagnostic and interventional neuroradiology cases based on ra..
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Author: Daniel Model: 9780190913779
Emerging as a new sub-specialization within the hospitalist community, the neurosurgery hospitalist provides preoperative risk stratification, advises on managing pre- and postoperative complications, and helps doctors make decisions about when to involve specialists other than neurosurgeons..
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Author: Manish K. Aghi Model: 9780323681681
This issue of Neurosurgery Clinics, Guest Edited by Drs. Manish K. Aghi and Lewis S. Blevins, will focus on Pituitary Adenoma. Topics include, but are not limited to, Molecular biology of nonfunctional and functional pituitary adenomas, Intraoperative Fluorescent Visualization of pituitary a..
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Author: Raabe Model: 9783132057913
"… the neurosurgical primer that every resident will own and study" - Robert SpetzlerGiven that the great majority of brain surgeries are preceded by a craniotomy, mastering the procedure is essential for junior residents. Choosing the appropriate craniotomy and executing it safely is the di..
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Author: Nathan Selden Model: 9780190617073
Part of the Neurosurgery by Example series, this volume on pediatric neurosurgery presents exemplary cases in which renowned authors guide readers through the assessment and planning, decision making, surgical procedure, after care, and complication management of common and uncommon disorder..
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Author: Oren Sagher Model: 9780190887674
Part of the Neurosurgery by Example series, this volume on pain neurosurgery presents exemplary cases in which renowned authors guide readers through the assessment and planning, decision making, surgical procedure, after care, and complication management of common and uncommon disorders. Th..
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Author: Ramez Kirollos Model: 9780198746706
Neurosurgery is a rapidly developing and technically demanding branch of surgery that requires a detailed knowledge of the basic neuro-sciences and a thorough clinical approach. The Oxford Textbook of Neurological Surgery is an up-to-date, objective and readable text that covers the full sco..
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Author: Dimitris Kombogiorgas Model: 9781536151527
This book offers a unique insight into the “medulloblastoma world,” and provides both a broad review and detailed analysis of this brain tumour. It starts with the history of medulloblastoma as a term, and as a distinct entity in nosology, and then explores in depth, the diagnosis, genetics,..
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Author: Dimitris Kombogiorgas Model: 9781634844574
This book acts as a unique insight into the ""cerebrospinal fluid shunts world"" and provides both a broad review and detailed information of cerebrospinal fluid and its shunts. It starts with the history of hydrocephalus and then explores in depth the physiology and pathology of cerebrospin..
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Author: Baaj Model: 9781626238558
The definitive guide to thoracic spine pathologies and state-of-the-art surgical approachesSurgery of the Thoracic Spine: Principles and Techniques by renowned spine surgeons Ali Baaj, Kumar Kakarla, and Han Jo Kim fills a gap in the literature, with content focused solely on pathologies and s..
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Author: Eck,Vaccaro Model: 9789386322708
This new edition has been fully revised to provide spine surgeons with the latest advances in their field. Beginning with an overview of surgical anatomy of the spine, the following chapters describe numerous surgical techniques for each section of the spine – cervical, thoracic, and lumbosacra..
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Author: Spetzler Model: 9781626232914
The ultimate guide to navigating and treating brainstem pathologies from master neurosurgeon Robert SpetzlerThe brainstem is one of the last bastions of surgical prohibition because of its densely packed ascending and descending tracts and nuclei carrying information to and from the brain. Alt..
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Author: Singh Model: 9781626235076
A unique, visually appealing, and easy-to-read guide on spinal anatomy, pathology, and management The management of patients with spinal conditions involves a team-based approach, with professionals and trainees contributing through their respective roles. As such, medical trainees need resourc..
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Author: Zerris Model: 9781684200214
Robust ABNS exam prep and didactic review of the entire spectrum of neurosurgery from A to Z The American Board of Neurological Surgery oral examination has undergone periodic review and revision over the years, with a new format instituted in spring 2017. This review book is specifically geare..
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Author: Macdonald Model: 9781626231108
A state-of-the-art neurovascular surgery atlas from internationally renowned neurosurgeon R. Loch Macdonald Neurosurgical Operative Atlas: Vascular Neurosurgery, Third Edition, by R. Loch Macdonald and expert contributors, reflects the latest advances in endoscopic, endovascular, microsurgical,..
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Author: Singh Model: 9781626236233
Pocket Atlas of Spine Surgery, 2nd Edition by Kern Singh and Alexander Vaccaro is unique in its presentation, utilizing multilayered visuals to delineate the most commonly performed spine procedures. High-definition intraoperative photographs are juxtaposed with translucent anatomic drawings..
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Author: Stamm Model: 9781626237100
Outstanding endoscopic skull base surgical resource presents cutting-edge approaches from multidisciplinary global expertsTransnasal endoscopic skull base and brain surgery have undergone major technical advances in recent years. The accumulation of experience and exciting technological innova..
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Author: Puffer Model: 9781626239272
A unique study guide for passing the American Board of Neurological Surgery primary examinationThe ABNS primary examination is an important step in the certification process, designed to evaluate candidates' knowledge and provide direction for continued learning. It requires many months of p..
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Author: Singh Model: 9781626235014
The definitive state-of-the-art resource on pediatric endoscopic endonasal approachesToday, expanded endonasal approaches (EEA) have revolutionized the surgical treatment paradigm for pediatric central skull base lesions. Specially adapted micro-instruments have been developed to permit passag..
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Author: Sughrue Model: 9781626234444
A unique resource on glioma leverages advances and firsthand insights to enact meaningful changeGlioblastoma (GBM) or glioma is an extremely aggressive and malignant brain tumor, with cell infiltration, rapid invasion, and a high frequency of relapse. The Glioma Book by neurosurgeon Michael Su..
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