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Author: Bleier,Freitag,Sacks Model: 9781626235052
The use of endoscopic orbital surgery is rapidly expanding in modern day rhinology and oculoplastic practice. In the past two decades, endoscopic techniques have been adapted for lacrimal and orbital surgery. Significant advances have been made in endoscopic endonasal and periocular approach..
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Author: Nanda Model: 9780323509619
Learn from key leaders in the field of neurosurgery with the practical guidance presented in this first-of-its-kind resource. Complications in Neurosurgery uses a case-based format to explore complications across the full range of commonly performed neurosurgical procedures. As you review dozens of ..
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Author: Perez-Cruet,Fessler,Wang Model: 9781626236431
Learn state-of-the-art MIS techniques from master spine surgeons!Significant advances have been made in minimally invasive spine (MIS) surgery approaches, techniques, and innovative technologies. By preserving normal anatomic integrity during spine surgery, MIS approaches enable spine surgeo..
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Author: Sabat Model: 9780190603106
Explores all key topics related to Alzheimer's disease (AD) and dementia in an accessible, question-and-answer formatIdentifies strengths of people with AD in the areas of: thinking, emotion, memory, selfhood, creativity, spirituality, and social cognition/awarenessHelps caregivers to identify h..
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Author: Yu Model: 9781626232969
Skull base anatomy is extremely complex, with vital neurovascular structures passing through multiple channels and foramina. Brain tumors such as pituitary tumors, acoustic neuromas, and meningiomas are challenging to treat due to their close proximity to cranial nerves and blood vessels in ..
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Author: Peris-Celda Model: 9781604069006
Masterful 2D and 3D head, neck, and brain dissections provide unsurpassed insights into head, neck, and brain anatomy An internationally renowned and beloved author, educator, brain anatomist, and neurosurgeon, Professor Albert Rhoton has a special place in medical history. He was revered by stud..
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Author: Marcia Finlayson Model: 9781138072565
Features Features contributions from some of the top experts in the world in MS rehabilitationUses the International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health as an organizing structurePresents a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary perspectiveSummarizes asse..
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Author: Forsting Model: 9783132026810
Well-organized, concise, and abundant in high-quality images... -- AJNR...recommended as a helpful reference. -- NeuropediatricsThe imaging quality achievable in MR imaging today was inconceivable just a few years ago. No other subdiscipline has evolved so swiftly while placing ever-greater em..
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Author: Vaccaro Model: 9789351524946
 The Spine: Medical and Surgical Conditions is a complete, two volume, evidence based study edited by an internationally recognised team of spine surgeons based in the USA, China, Canada, Germany, Japan, Brazil, Egypt and India. The two volumes are divided into 137 chapters, across fourte..
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Author: Vaccaro Model: 9789351524915
 Recent Advances in Spinal Surgery is a comprehensive, illustrated collection of the most recent developments in the field. An editorial team of US-based experts ensures authoritative content throughout. Divided into seventeen chapters, this book covers the full spectrum of spinal condi..
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Author: Waxman S. Model: 9780071847704
A concise, highly visual overview of neuroanatomy and its functional underpinningsClinical Neuroanatomy, Twenty-Eighth Edition offers an accessible, easy-to-remember synopsis of neuroanatomy and its functional and clinical implications. Since many of us learn and remember better when material i..
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Author: Dimitris Kombogiorgas Model: 9781634844574
This book acts as a unique insight into the ""cerebrospinal fluid shunts world"" and provides both a broad review and detailed information of cerebrospinal fluid and its shunts. It starts with the history of hydrocephalus and then explores in depth the physiology and pathology of cerebrospin..
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 Spinal Disorders & Treatment: The NYU-HJD Comprehensive Textbook is a collection of concise and detailed reviews of spine disorders and management. There are separate comprehensive sections on basic science and clinical evaluation, non-surgical management, spinal injections and surgic..
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Author: Felten, O'Banion & Maida Model: 9780323265119
Ideal for students of neuroscience and neuroanatomy, the new edition of Netter's Atlas of Neuroscience combines the didactic well-loved illustrations of Dr. Frank Netter with succinct text and clinical points, providing a highly visual, clinically oriented guide to the most important topics in..
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Author: Kern Singh, Alexander Vaccaro Model: 9789351524939
 Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery combines up-to-date research on surgical techniques with high-definition surgical video and concise algorithmic evidence. Each of its sixteen chapters begins with a brief summary followed by imaging indications, instrumentation, a step-by-step surgical tec..
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 Degenerative scoliosis describes a side-to-side curvature of the spine caused by degeneration of joints between the vertebrae. The condition occurs most frequently in people over 65 years of age ( An aging world population and an increase in spinal deformities make this a rap..
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Author: Lévêque, Marc Model: 9783319345956
A rapidly growing field but with very few dedicated booksPresents current techniques, indications for the future but also history, pathophysiology and ethical issuesHelpful anatomical reminders and comprehensive information on the relevant pathologies and surgical techniquesAccessible to all medical..
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Author: Le Roux, Levine & Kofke Model: 9781437701678
Description: Ideal for neurosurgeons, neurologists, and intensivists, Monitoring in Neurocritical Care helps you use the latest technology to more successfully detect deteriorations in neurological status in the ICU. This neurosurgery reference offers in-depth coverage of state-..
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Author: Edward C. Benzel Model: 9781437705874
Description Build a solid foundation of knowledge based on the fundamentals and employ step-by-step instruction from Spine Surgery. Edited by Edward C. Benzel, this best-selling medical reference explores ..
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Author: Quinones-Hinojosa Model: 9781416068396
By Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa, M.D, Professor of Neurosurgery and Oncology, Department of Neurosurgery, Johns Hopkins University, Neuroscience and Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Director, Brain Tumor Surgery Program, Johns Hopkins Bayview, Director, Pituitary Surgery Program, Johns Hopkin..
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