Dictionary of Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms

The study of Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms has many connections to biological and medical sciences i..

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Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary 32nd Edition

Understand and correctly use all the latest terminology in today’s ever-evolving medical field with ..

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Pharmaceutical Dictionary: English - Deutsch - Français - Español

With some 7000 entries. The entries stem from the fields of production, quality control and assuranc..

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Pharmaceutical Dictionary

Pharmaceutical Dictionary in English German French Spanish (look up word from any language) (German ..

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Medical Terminology: An Illustrated Guide, 6/e

Medical Terminology: An Illustrated Guide, 6/e ..

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This concise and comprehensive dictionary gives information and definitions on medical terminology a..

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Αγγλοελληνικό Λεξικό Βιολογικών και Ιατρικών Όρων

Μετά παρέλευση επτά ετών από την προηγούμενη δεύτερη έκδοση του «Αγγλοελληνικού Λεξικού Βιολογ..

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