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Transporters and Drug-Metabolizing Enzymes in Drug Toxicity (Υπό έκδοση October 2021)

This book provides a comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of the relationship b..

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The Sanford Guide To Antimicrobial Therapy 2021 Spiral Edition 51E

The 51st edition of the leading clinical reference on treatment of infectious diseases and an..

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The Sanford Guide To Antimicrobial Therapy 2021 Library Edition 51E

The 51st edition of the leading clinical reference on treatment of infectious diseases and anti-..

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The Sanford Guide To Antimicrobial Therapy 2021 51E (Pocket Edition)

The 51st edition of the leading clinical reference on treatment of infectious diseases and anti-inf..

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The Pharmacy Technician's Pocket Drug Reference 11E

Small and light enough to carry comfortably in a lab coat pocket, this completely revised edition ..

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Stoklosa and Ansel's Pharmaceutical Calculations Sixteenth edition, International Edition

The gold standard on pharmaceutical calculations, this widely acclaimed text covers the full range..

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Self-Awareness for Health Care Professionals

Self-Awareness for Health Care Professionals provides ideas and models to enhance self-a..

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Real-World Evidence in Drug Development and Evaluation 1E

Real-world evidence (RWE) has been at the forefront of pharmaceutical innovations. It plays an i..

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Protein Kinases in Drug Discovery, Volume 124

Features: Contains timely chapters writ..

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Phytomedicine, A Treasure of Pharmacologically Active Products from Plants

Features: Discusses phytotherapeutic properties for a wide range o..

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Non-Pharmacological Interventions, An Essential Answer to Current Demographic, Health, and Environmental Transitions

Non-pharmacological interventions (NPIs) have become essential solutions for better living, preven..

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Natural Products Pharmacology and Phytochemicals for Health Care, Methods and Principles in Medicinal Chemistry 1E

Medicinal chemistry and pharmacology are closely associated fields, and the use of natural produ..

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Natural Pharmaceuticals and Green Microbial Technology, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention 1E

This volume presents some of the latest research and applications in using natural substances an..

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Nanotechnology-COVID-19 interface

This book highlights the role of nanotechnology concepts in the management of COVID-19 pandemic.&n..

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Nanomaterials and Neoplasms, Towards Clinical Applications

Nanomaterials have the potential to shift the paradigm for the diagnosis and treatment of many dis..

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Irish Medicines Formulary (IMF) 2021 / Φαρμακευτικός Κατάλογος Ιρλανδίας (Irish Medicines Formulary IMF 2021)

Information in IMF is presented in a scientific, easy-to-navigate and intuitive format.It is specifi..

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Immunization Handbook for Pharmacists 5E

This latest edition of the Immunization Handbook for Pharmacists provides practical and timely upd..

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Handbook of Nonprescription Drugs: An Interactive Approach to Self-Care 20E

Written and peer reviewed by experts in practice and academia, the 20th edition of the Handbook of N..

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Ferri's Clinical Advisor 2022

Description: Access immediate answers on the medical co..

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Design of Experiments for Pharmaceutical Product Development Volume II : Applications and Practical Case studies

This book volume provides complete and updated information on the applications of Design of Experi..

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Covid-19: A Critical Care Textbook

Description: With the major redeployment of staff durin..

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Complete Review for the Pharmacy Technician 4E

Complete Review for the Pharmacy Technician is the ideal manual for students entering fo..

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British National Formulary (BNF) 82 British National Formulary (BNF) 82 Joint Formulary Committee

The British National Formulary (BNF) is the first choice for concise medicines information. Truste..

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British National Formulary (BNF) 81

Trusted by healthcare professionals across the world to support confident decision-making at the poi..

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This new edition of the authoritative pharmacology text gets you fully up to date on key concepts ..

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Aulton's Pharmaceutics 6E: The Design and Manufacture of Medicines

The essential pharmaceutics textbookOne of the world’s best-known texts on pharmaceutics, Aulton..

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Transdermal Drug Delivery - Concepts and Application

Transdermal Drug Delivery: Concepts and Application provides comprehensive background knowledge an..

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Therapeutic Dressings and Wound Healing Applications

The latest research on techniques for effective healing of chronic and difficult t..

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The Art, Science, and Technology of Pharmaceutical Compounding 6E

The Art, Science, and Technology of Pharmaceutical Compounding, 6th Edition has been com..

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Systemic Drugs in Dermatology

Systemic medications are prescription drugs that work throughout the body. They are usually use..

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Remington, 23rd Edition - The Science and Practice of Pharmacy

Contains a comprehensive source of principles of drug discovery and development topics, especially..

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Pharmacoeconomics From Theory to Practice

In this era of finite budgets, healthcare rationing, medication shortages, and the global aging an..

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Pharmaceutical Patent Protection and World Trade Law

Patents, including pharmaceutical patents, enjoy extended protection for twenty years under the TR..

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Pharmaceutical Drug Product Development and Process Optimization, Effective Use of Quality by Design

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are constantly facing quality crises of drug products, leading to a..

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Pharmaceutical Biocatalysis Drugs, Genetic Diseases, and Epigenetics

Volume 7 of the Jenny Stanford Series on Biocatalysis deals with several different aspects of ph..

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Opie's Cardiovascular Drugs: A Companion to Braunwald's Heart Disease, 9th Edition

Authoritative, portable, and up to date, Opie’s Cardiovascular Drugs, 9th Edition, is the definiti..

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Neonatal Formulary - Drug Use in Pregnancy and the First Year of Life

Neonatal Formulary provides comprehensive guidance on the safe use of the drugs prescribed during ..

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Nanoparticle Drug Delivery Systems for Cancer Treatment

In recent years, nanoparticles—bionanomaterials with specific physicochemical properties—have gain..

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Nanomaterials for Clinical Applications Case Studies in Nanomedicines

Features: Summarizes the major nanomaterials used in clinical medi..

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Medical Pharmacology at a Glance, 9th Edition

The internationally best-selling Medical Pharmacology at a Glance is the ideal companion f..

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Medical Marijuana: A Clinical Handbook

Written by experienced clinicians for practicing physicians and other health care providers, this ..

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Learning from Disease in Pets, A ‘One Health’ Model for Discovery 1E

Learning from Disease in Pets: A ‘One Health’ Model for Discovery is the first encompassing refere..

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Informatore Farmaceutico 2021/ Print Edition / Πληρης Οδηγος Φαρμακων Ιταλιας με τιμες

L'Informatore Farmaceutico 2021: prontuario dei farmaci 2021L'informatore farmaceutico: il Prontuari..

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Handbook of Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Correlation 1E

First published in 1995: Combining the established disciplines of pharmacokinetics (PK), the rel..

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Handbook of Nonprescription Drugs Quick Reference

Provides a succinct summary of the most common self-care conditions for which community pharmacist..

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Handbook of Essential Oils 3rd Edition - Science, Technology, and Applications

Handbook of Essential Oils: Science, Technology, and Applications presents the development, use an..

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