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British Pharmacopoeia 2023 Hardback, Single-user online access, Single-user download COMPLETE PACKAGE


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Σύγχρονη Φαρμακευτική Νανοτεχνολογία - Βασικές Αρχές και Πρακτικές Εφαρμογές

Το σύγγραμμα Σύγχρονη Φαρμακευτική Νανοτεχνολογία. Βασικές αρχές και πρακτικές εφαρμογέςπεριλαμβάνει..

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ΔΙΑΤΙΘΕΤΑΙ και σε :  ONLINE  VERSION ( 1 ΘΕΣH ΕΡΓΑΣΙΑΣ ) 885 €  +24% ΦΠΑ ·&..

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Ullmann's Pharmaceuticals

Based on the WHO's Anatomical Therapeutical Chemical drug classification system, virtually all mar..

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Shargel and Yu’s Applied Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics, 8E

This authoritative guide has been updated with important new findings about drug therapy, product ..

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Rules and Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Distributors 2022 (The Orange Guide) MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency)

The 2022 edition of Rules and Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Distributors, known as ..

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Rules and Guidance for Pharmaceutical Distributors 2022 (The Green Guide) MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency)

The 2022 edition of the Rules and Guidance for Pharmaceutical Distributors, the "Green Guide”, is ..

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RNA Delivery Function for Anticancer Therapeutics

Book DescriptionThis book presents an overview of the current status of translating the RNAi..

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Poisoning and Drug Overdose 8E

A fully updated edition of the most popular guide to managing toxic exposures and ingestions―now s..

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Pharmacotherapy: Principles and Practice, 6Ε

Providing a solid evidence-based approach, Pharmacotherapy Principles & Practice ..

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Pharmaceutical Vendors Approval Manual A Comprehensive Quality Manual for API and Packaging Material Approval

Book DescriptionThis book provides stepwise guidance on how to evaluate, audit, qualify and ..

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Medical Regulatory Affairs An International Handbook for Medical Devices and Healthcare Products 3E

Book DescriptionThis handbook covers medical device regulatory systems in different countrie..

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Product Description  Η TIMH 2850  +6% ΦΠΑ συμπεριλαμβάνει ταχυδρομικά έξοδα και έξοδα εκτε..

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Experimental Design and Statistical Analysis for Pharmacology and the Biomedical Sciences

Description Experimental Design and Statistical Anal..

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Edmunds’ Pharmacology for the Primary Care Provider, 5Ε

Description: Build the knowledge and skills you need to safely and effectively prescribe dru..

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Drug Transporters Molecular Characterization and Role in Drug Disposition

DRUG TRANSPORTERSDrug transporter fundamentals and relevant principles and techniques, featuring..

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Drug Delivery Using Nanomaterials

Book DescriptionAfter the drug discovery and development process, designing suitable formula..

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Combination Drug Delivery Approach as an Effective Therapy for Various Diseases

Features: Provides an accounting of vital aspects on various combi..

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Chemical Linkers in Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs)

About this book The covalent conjugation of potent cytotoxic agents to ..

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British National Formulary ( BNF 84 )

The British National Formulary (BNF) is the first choice for concise medicines information. Truste..

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Brenner and Stevens’ Pharmacology, 6E

Description: More detailed than an outlined review but less overwhelming than an encyclope..

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Basic Concepts in Pharmacology: What you Need to Know for Each Drug Class, 6E

The up-to-date content and proven study techniques you need to pass one of the most difficult cou..

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Advances in Chromatography Volume 58

Book DescriptionFor six decades, scientists and researchers have relied on the Advances in C..

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Στα 35 χρόνια που πέρασαν από την πρώτη του έκδοση με τίτλο "Μαθήματα Πρώτων Βοηθειών για Επαγγελμ..

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Yaffe and Aranda’s Neonatal and Pediatric Pharmacology: Therapeutic Principles in Practice, 5E

The premier comprehensive textbook in the field, Yaffe and Aranda’s Neonatal and Pediatric Pharmacol..

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Transporters and Drug-Metabolizing Enzymes in Drug Toxicity

This book provides a comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of the relationship b..

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The Pharmacy Technician's Pocket Drug Reference 11E

Small and light enough to carry comfortably in a lab coat pocket, this completely revised edition ..

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Stoklosa and Ansel's Pharmaceutical Calculations Sixteenth edition, International Edition

The gold standard on pharmaceutical calculations, this widely acclaimed text covers the full range..

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Sterile Manufacturing Regulations, Processes, and Guidelines

Book DescriptionThis book highlights key ideas and factors to coach and guide professionals ..

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Spray Drying Encapsulation of Bioactive Materials

Book DescriptionEncapsulation of bioactives is a fast-growing approach in the food and pharmac..

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Self-Awareness for Health Care Professionals

Self-Awareness for Health Care Professionals provides ideas and models to enhance self-a..

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Recent Advances in the Science of Cannabis

Book DescriptionRecent Advances in the Science of Cannabis describes progress in a variety of ..

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Real-World Evidence in Drug Development and Evaluation 1E

Real-world evidence (RWE) has been at the forefront of pharmaceutical innovations. It plays an i..

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Protein Kinases in Drug Discovery, Volume 124

Features: Contains timely chapters writ..

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Phytomedicine, A Treasure of Pharmacologically Active Products from Plants

Features: Discusses phytotherapeutic properties for a wide range o..

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Pharmacology by Hitner: An Introduction, 8E

Pharmacology is incredibly readable, with short chapters that link theory to practice, content tha..

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Pharmacoeconomics From Theory to Practice 2E

Book DescriptionIn this era of finite budgets, healthcare rationing, medication shortages, a..

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Percutaneous Absorption Drugs, Cosmetics, Mechanisms, Methods 5E

Book DescriptionUpdating and expanding the scope of topics covered in the previous edition, Pe..

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Non-Pharmacological Interventions, An Essential Answer to Current Demographic, Health, and Environmental Transitions

Non-pharmacological interventions (NPIs) have become essential solutions for better living, preven..

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Naturally Occurring Benzodiazepines, Endozepines, and their Receptors Implications for Benzodiazepine Therapy and Withdrawal

Book DescriptionUnderstanding and addressing the current opioid crisis requires knowledge of..

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Natural Products Pharmacology and Phytochemicals for Health Care, Methods and Principles in Medicinal Chemistry 1E

Medicinal chemistry and pharmacology are closely associated fields, and the use of natural produ..

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Natural Pharmaceuticals and Green Microbial Technology, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention 1E

This volume presents some of the latest research and applications in using natural substances an..

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Nanotechnology-COVID-19 interface

This book highlights the role of nanotechnology concepts in the management of COVID-19 pandemic.&n..

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Nanomaterials and Neoplasms, Towards Clinical Applications

Nanomaterials have the potential to shift the paradigm for the diagnosis and treatment of many dis..

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Microbial Surfactants Volume I: Production and Applications

Book DescriptionBiosurfactants are the surface-active biomolecules produced by microorganism..

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Methodologies in Biosimilar Product Development

Book DescriptionMethodologies for Biosimilar Product Development covers the practical and ch..

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Medical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, 6E

By Derek G. Waller, BSc, DM, MBBS..

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