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Neurology & Neuroscience

Author: R Martin et al Model: 9780323900522
Treatments, Nutraceuticals, Supplements and Herbal Medicine in Neurological Disorders offers readers a comprehensive reference on their potential for treatment in a wide variety of neurological diseases. Spanning various types of these compounds, this broad coverage allows readers to learn about the..
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Principles of Pediatric Neuropsychiatry through Complex Clinical Cases
Author: Agrawal, Faruqui, Bodani Model: 9780128184288
Principles of Pediatric Neuropsychiatry through Complex Clinical Cases provides basic diagnosis and treatment tactics, along with the tools that clinicians need to perform both a psychiatric and neurological “consultation,” including differential diagnoses and questions to ask. Read..
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Author: Karl Edward Misulis, Evan Johnson Model: 9780197578148
Practical Neurophysics: The Physics and Engineering of Neurology explores and explains the physical foundations of neurology with a principal focus on the technologies that we use for diagnosis and management. The physics of biologic systems is also discussed, in the context of interfacing with..
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Neuroradiology: Key Differential Diagnoses and Clinical Questions, 2nd Edition
Make efficient, accurate diagnoses and prepare for imaging exams with a multitude of differential diagnoses accompanied by hundreds of high-quality, unknown cases in neuroradiology. Neuroradiology: Key Differential Diagnoses and Clinical Questions, 2nd Edition, helps you master the skills you need f..
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Author: Qingchun Tong Model: 9780367744663
This book focuses on neuron signaling in the regulation of metabolism and body weight, and especially on methods used in these studies. Obesity and related metabolic syndromes have reached epidemic status, but still are no effective strategies for prevention and treatment. Body weight homeostasis is..
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Author: Paxinos et al Model: 9780323915830
MRI/DTI Atlas of the Human Brainstem in Transverse and Sagittal Planes presents a detailed view of the human brainstem in DTI/MRI. It is the first ever MRI or histological atlas to present detailed diagrams of sagittal views of the brainstem. Presenting data of unprecedented quality, images are juxt..
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Author: Bernard Bendok, H. Batjer Model: 9781684200436
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Author: Mark S. Greenberg Model: 9781684205042
The fundamental, one-stop global resource for neurosurgical practice in updated 10th edition Unlike traditional medical textbooks, the origins of the now legendary Handbook of Neurosurgery by Mark Greenberg took root in the late 1980’s in the notes the author kept while takin..
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Author: Suzan Uysal Model: 9780190943608
Neuropsychologists and other non-physician healthcare professionals who work in the field of neurology often struggle to develop a strong command of functional neuroanatomy and clinical neuroscience. Functional Neuroanatomy and Clinical Neuroscience fills this gap with a comprehensive intr..
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Author: Aatif M. Husain Model: 9781975183752
Readable, concise, and data-driven, Current Practice of Clinical Electroencephalography, 5th Edition, delivers a comprehensive overview of the dynamic field of EEG. Dr. Aatif M. Husain leads a team of internationally recognized authors who provide updates on established areas of clini..
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First edition received a prestigious 2010 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Silver Award for excellence in publishing An anatomical, patient-oriented approach to neurologic diagnosis from renowned neurosurgeons Despite strides in advanced neuroimaging techniques, what remains constant in the practice of ..
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Author: Allan H. Ropper Model: 9781265435998
For 50 years the field’s gold-standard text, Adams and Victor’s Principles of Neurology provides up to date treatment and management strategies needed to confidently handle both common and rare neurologic conditions. Presented in full color, this enduring resource meets the nee..
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Author: Kacharava Model: 9783132421462
A practical and succinct guide to neurophysiological monitoring for safer brain tumor surgery The surgical treatment of infiltrating brain tumors is an extremely challenging and often highly rewarding facet of neurosurgery. The decision-making process involves deeply human interconnections with..
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Description The use of electroencephalography (EEG) to study the human mind has seen tremendous growth across a vast array of disciplines due to increased ease of use and affordability of the technology. Typically, researchers study how the magnitude of the waves changes over time or how the rhyt..
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Author: Eugene C. Toy Model: 9781975191153
Clear and concise, The Only Neurology Book You'll Ever Need provides a straightforward and comprehensive overview of neurology. It covers all of the important neurologic diagnosis and management issues, along with clinically relevant anatomy and physiology. Written by Drs. Alison I. Thaler a..
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Author: Bertil E. Damato Model: 9780702083402
  Description: The Systems of the Body series has established itself as a highly valuable resource for medical and other health science students following today’s systems-based courses. Now thoroughly revised and updated in this third edition, each volume presents the core knowledg..
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Standardized Infant NeuroDevelopmental Assessment (SINDA) has been developed as a screening instrument for infants aged 6 weeks to 12 months corrected age, to assist early detection of infants at high risk of neurodevelopmental disorders. It is the first developmental instrument to allow a comprehen..
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Author: Chen and Guyenet Model: 9780323915342
Features: Explores the assessment and treatment of neural disorders of breathing Identifies neural complications of respiratory diseases Includes SIDS, stroke, Parkinson's, dementia, epilepsy, muscular dystrophy, and more Table Of Contents:..
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Author: Derya Uluduz, Istanbul Üniversitesi Model: 9781108821254
Description Stroke is the second leading cause of death and major cause of long-term disability, directly impacting the quality of life, worldwide. Strokes with more rare, and unknown causes unfortunately receive little to no attention due to the heterogeneity of disorders and a poor understandin..
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Author: Vikas Dhikav, Kuljeet Anand Model: 9789390553075
Principles and Practice of Neuropsychopharmacology: A Clinical Reference for Residents, Physicians,and Biomedical Scientists is a concise yet comprehensive book that discusses the drugs used in the treatment of neurological and psychiatric diseases from the perspective of practicing clinic..
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