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CBT for Chronic Pain and Psychological Well-Being: A Skills Training Manual Integrating DBT, ACT, Behavioral Activation and Motivational Interviewing

 The first clinical manual of evidence-based CBT skills for managing psychological issues assoc..

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Vertigo and Dizziness

Oxford Neurology Library Richly illustrated to assist in understanding three-dimensional s..

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Practical Ethics in Clinical Neurology (A Case-Based Learning Approach)

Almost every neurologist encounters ethical issues daily. This exemplary ethics text meets the needs..

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Physical Management for Neurological Conditions, 3rd Edition

Additional specialist editor - Dr Emma Stack Refined content but with the inclusion of 4 ..

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Oxford Handbook of Neuroethics

The past two decades have seen unparalleled developments in our knowledge of the brain and mind. H..

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Neuroscience of Neglected Diseases and Conditions

Covers diseases that affect the severely impoverished Provides information on how these diseases af..

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Neurological Disorders due to Systemic Disease

How do you identify which neurologic syndromes occur due to systemic disease?  Neurological..

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Intraoperative Neuromonitoring

The essential guide to monitoring neural function during intricate neurosurgery proceduresIntr..

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Handbook of Pediatric Neurology

Pediatric neurology presents so many challenges unique to young patients that it is in many ways a v..

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Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology of Stroke

Overview Practical for clinical use, this book contains diagnosis and management strategies for a..

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Barr's The Human Nervous System: An Anatomical Viewpoint, 10e

This classic, succinct, well-illustrated textbook simplifies neuroscience content to focus coverag..

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The 5-Minute Neurology Consult 2nd edition

This volume in the 5-Minute Consult series focuses on neurological diseases and disorders, as well a..

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Systems Biology of Parkinson's Disease

Overview This book shows how methods of systems biology have the potential to accelerate research..

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Schmidek and Sweet: Operative Neurosurgical Techniques, 6th Edition

By Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa, M.D, Professor of N..

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Practical Neurology 4th edition

This book is a practical, concise alternative to existing neurology textbooks. The outline format an..

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Neuropsychological Assessment 5th edition

Known as "the bible" in its field, this classic text is an essential resource for students lea..

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Neuroprotection Methods and Protocols

Overview This book examines current research into the role of neuronal death in cell signaling pa..

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Overview Cancer imposes daunting effects on the nervous system. Brain cancer is one of the most d..

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Myasthenia Gravis and Myasthenic Disorders

Comprehensive description of each disease entity Contains beautiful color illustrations ..

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MKSAP® 16 Neurology

 The 16th edition of Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program (MKSAP® ..

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Lishman's Organic Psychiatry: A Textbook of Neuropsychiatry 4E

The third edition of the now-classic text Organic Psychiatry by William Alwyn Lishman should be a pa..

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Handbook of Medical Neuropsychology

Overview Comprehensive in scope and highly detailed, the Handbook of Medical Neuropsychology prov..

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Emergency Management in Neurocritical Care

Rapid response, assessment and management are crucial for neurocritical situations Acute neurologic..

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Down Syndrome: From Understanding the Neurobiology to Therapy, Volume 197

Down syndrome (DS) is the most common example of neurogenetic aneuploid disorder leading to mental r..

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Brain Mapping

The goal of this book is to make a link between fundamental research in the field of cognitive neuro..

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Aminoff's Electrodiagnosis in Clinical Neurology, 6th Edition

The New Edition of this respected reference delivers complete, practical guidance on current electro..

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Alzheimer's Disease Targets for New Clinical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Strategies

In recent years, a tremendous amount of effort has been focused on better understanding the fundam..

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Το βιβλίο αυτό των διακεκριμένων συγγραφέων στο χώρο της Ψυχιατρικής αναφέρεται σε ζητήματα που αφ..

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Youmans Neurological Surgery, 6th Edition - Online and Print, 4-Volume Set

Description Effectively perform today’s most effective, state-of-the-art neurosurgical procedures w..

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Treatment of Epilepsy : Principles and Practice , 5/e

In one convenient source, Treatment of Epilepsy: Principles and Practice provides a broad, detailed,..

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Principles of Therapy in the Epilepsies

Provides a concise, authoritative guide for all those involved in the care of patients with epilepti..

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Principles and Practice of Movement Disorders, 2nd Edition

Principles and Practice of Movement Disorders provides the complete, expert guidance you need to dia..

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Practical Guide for Clinical Neurophysiologic Testing

This book provides advanced content that begins where the Practical Guide for Clinical Neurophysiolo..

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Pediatric Neuroimaging 5th edition

OverviewDescribes the full range of pediatric disorders diagnosable by modern neuroimaging. This tit..

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Niedermeyer's Electroencephalography, 6/e (Basic Principles, Clinical Applications, and Related Fields )

The leading reference on electroencephalography since 1982, Niedermeyer's Electroencephalography is ..

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Narcolepsy - Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, and Treatment

The field of narcolepsy has developed enormously within the last 10 years. Indeed the understanding ..

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Memory Loss

Description: Memory Loss combines expert guidance, case studies, and diagnostic tests to help you ef..

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Management of Brain Metastases

An Issue of Neurosurgery Clinics, Volume 22-1Drs. Rao and D'Ambrosio will devote twelve chapters to ..

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Localization in Clinical Neurology 6th edition

This classic work is written for frontline clinicians who need to ask "Where is it?" when diagnosing..

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Laboratory Diagnosis in Neurology

Up-to-date, comprehensive, and beautifully illustrated, Laboratory Diagnosis in Neurology presents a..

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Handbook of Neuroendocrinology

Neuroendocrinology is the study of how the nervous system controls hormonal secretion by endocrine g..

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Handbook of Headache

Headache disorders are one of the most common disorders of the nervous system Headaches are in the t..

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Gray's Clinical Neuroanatomy

Description: Gray’s Clinical Neuroanatomy focuses on how knowing functional neuroanatomy is essentia..

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Cerebrovascular Ultrasound in Stroke Prevention and Treatment, 2nd Edition

Effective stroke therapy can be improved through real-time monitoring of the neurological and cardio..

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Brain Tumors, 3rd Edition An Encyclopedic Approach, Expert Consult - Online and Print

Meet the increasing need for effective brain tumor management with the highly anticipated revision o..

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Ataxic Disorders Volume 103

Description: A volume in the Handbook of Clinical Neurology series on ataxias. Features: A volume ..

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Advances and Technical Standards in Neurosurgery

Detecting residual cognitive function in disorders of consciousness (M. R. COLEMAN, J. D. PICKARD)...

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