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Critical Care & Emergency Med

Author: Susan B. Promes Model: 9781260025941
More than 800 case-based Q&A combined with the authority of the field’s leading text make this the best review for any Emergency Medicine examination!! McGraw-Hill Education Specialty Board Review: Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine Examination and Board Review, Eighth Edition delive..
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Author: Vincent, Moore, Bellomo & Marini Model: 9780323759298
Bridging the gap between medical and surgical specialties in critical care, Textbook of Critical Care, 8th Edition, offers a practical, multidisciplinary approach to the effective management of adult and pediatric patients in the ICU. An outstanding editorial team, led by world-renown..
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Long recognized as the leading text in this dynamic field, Rogers' Textbook of Pediatric Intensive Care provides comprehensive, clear explanations of both the principles underlying pediatric critical care disease and trauma as well as how these principles are applied. Led by Drs. Donal..
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Author: Gyorgy Frendl Model: 9781975192259
Designed for easy portability and quick reference, Pocket ICU, Third Edition, provides essential information that intensivists, residents, and nurses need daily in the ICU. Helmed by Drs. Gyorgy Frendl and Avery Tung and written by an expert team of contributing authors, this fully up..
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Author: Tate Higgins Model: 9780323680561
Description For nearly 40 years, Medicine for the Outdoors: The Essential Guide to First Aid and Medical Emergencies has been the take-along manual of choice for anyone venturing into the mountains, forest, desert, or on water. This essential guide provides highly illustrated, e..
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Author: Richard M. Schwartzstein Model: 9781975171094
Mechanical ventilators have long been an integral part of the care of patients with acute and chronic respiratory failure, and the recent COVID-19 pandemic has further underscored the need for greater understanding of the basic principles of their use in today’s ICU. Mechanical Ventilatio..
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Irwin and Rippe's Intensive Care Medicine, 9th Edition
Author: Richard S. Irwin, Craig M. Lilly Model: 9781975181444
Covering both the theoretical and practical aspects of critical care,Irwin & Rippe’s Intensive Care Medicine, Ninth Edition, provides state-of-the-art, evidence-based knowledge for specialty physicians and non-physicians practicing in the adult intensive care environment. Drs. Cr..
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Originating from the Ernest E. Moore Shock Trauma Center at Denver Health, this new volume in the Illustrated Tips and Tricks series, Ernest E. Moore Shock Trauma Center at Denver Health Illustrated Tips and Tricks in Trauma Surgery, provides succinct, precise information from Dr. Ernest E..
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Current Therapy of Trauma and Surgical Critical Care, 3rd Edition
Author: Juan A. Asensio, Wayne J. Meredith Model: 9780323697873
Drawing on the experience and knowledge of master world-renowned trauma surgeons, Current Therapy of Trauma and Surgical Critical Care, 3rd Edition, offers a comprehensive summary of optimal treatment and post-operative management of traumatic injuries. Ideally suited for everyday use, this practica..
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Author: Richard M. Leach Model: 9781119605867
Everything you need to know about Critical Care Medicine… at a Glance! Critical Care Medicine at a Glance, Fourth Edition provides a succinct, accessible, highly illustrated introduction to the care of the critically ill patient. Designed for medical students, junior doctors and ..
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Ciottone's Disaster Medicine, 3rd Edition
Author: Gregory R. Ciottone Model: 9780323809320
While medical specialists in disaster mitigation, preparedness, and response are needed worldwide, the initial phase of disaster response is almost entirely dependent upon local resources—making it essential that all healthcare personnel have a working knowledge of the field and stand ready to..
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Author: Eugene C. Toy Model: 9781264268337
Real-life cases for success on the emergency medicine clerkship and shelf-exam Experience with clinical cases is key to mastering the art and science of medicine and ultimately to providing patients with competent medical care. Case Files®: Emergency Medicine, Fifth Edition delivers..
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Author: Mark Harrison, Ala Mohammed Model: 9780198829133
Delivering Emergency Medicine involves constant challenges to the emergency clinician, seen in the frequency of severely unwell patients, the wide breadth of conditions encountered, and the urgency required in diagnosis and treatment. Concise, and, critically, accessible, Algorithms for Emergency..
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Author: John G. Hunter, Donn H. Spight Model: 9780323836043
Description: In this issue of Critical Care Clinics, guest editors Drs. Robert M. Kliegman and Brett J. Bordini bring their considerable expertise to the topic of Undiagnosed and Rare Diseases in Critical Care. Top experts in ..
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Author: Ali A. Asadi-Pooya, Michael R. Sperling Model: 9780729544368
Description: Now in its fourth edition, the Toxicology Handbook is Australia’s leading reference guide for quick and evidence-informed decision making on treatment of the acutely poisoned patient. The book has been streamlined and fully updated to provide a comprehensive yet concise..
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Author: Michael H. Crawford Model: 9789354651373
Comprising nearly 2000 pages, this two volume set is a complete guide to the field of emergency medicine and critical care. The second edition has been fully updated and new topics added, to provide the latest advances and information in the field. Divided into 250 chapters, the book covers all as..
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Author: T. Heather Herdman, Camila Lopes Model: 9789390595655
Comprising more than 1000 pages, Textbook of Critical Care is an extensive guide to all aspects of critical care. Divided into 14 sections, the book begins with discussion on general principles including recognition of critical illness, airway management, monitoring and mechanical ventilat..
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Description: For nearly 40 years, Rosen’s Emergency Medicine has provided emergency physicians, residents, physician assistants, and other emergency medicine practitioners with authoritative, accessible, and comprehensive information in this rapidly evolving field. ..
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Author: Arif O. Khan Model: 9780198853053
  Description Returning for its fifth edition, the Oxford Handbook of Anaesthesia has been re-energized by new editors and a specialist contributor team, while still retaining its much-loved, clear and concise style. Written for anaesthetists at all stages of their careers, from trainees ..
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Author: Pardo Model: 9780323796774
Description: Long regarded as the undisputed leading text of its kind, Miller’s Basics of Anesthesia provides comprehensive yet concise coverage of both basic science and clinical topics in anesthesiology. Under the experienced editorial leadership of Dr. Manuel C..
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