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Critical Care & Emergency Med

Author: Amal Mattu, William J. Brady Model: 9781119986164
ECGs for Acute, Critical and Emergency Care, 2nd Edition, Volume One, provides comprehensive guidance on the use and interpretation of the 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG). Celebrating the 20th anniversary since initial publication, this book is an essential teaching and reference text that help..
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This open access book, published by Springer under the Open Access CC BY 4.0 Licence in collaboration with the International Fluid Academy (IFA,, explores rationalized intravenous fluid therapy for critically ill patients. Despite being commonly prescribed in inpatient settings..
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Author: Catherine Williams, Amy Nickson Model: 9781119325819
Comprehensive introduction to the core specialty area of emergency medicine Presented in a user-friendly format, combining flowcharts and high-quality illustrations together for an easy-to-read experience, this Fifth Edition of The RCEM Lecture Notes: Emergency Medicine has been thoroug..
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Author: Calvin A. Brown III Model: 9781975190682
Long recognized as the gold standard emergency airway management textbook, The Walls Manual of Emergency Airway Management, Sixth Edition, remains the most trusted reference on this challenging topic. This practical reference, edited by Drs. Calvin A. Brown III, John C. Sakles, Nathan W. Mick, Jarro..
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Author: Dennis Purcell Model: 9780702083860
As nurses and other healthcare professionals become increasingly responsible for triage, assessment and treatment of minor injuries, this comprehensive training manual offers clear, reliable and up-to-date guidance for all those working in this rapidly changing field. The first text of its kind, wri..
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The Major Incident Medical Management and Support (MIMMS) course, developed by the Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG), is taught to healthcare professionals worldwide. Integrated into both civilian and military medical practice, MIMMS is the only international standard in major incident medical mana..
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Author: Taylor Johnston, Steven Miller, Joseph Rumley Model: 9780190885939
Critical Care: A Problem-Based Learning Approach provides a comprehensive review of the dynamic and ever-changing field of critical care. Its problem-based format incorporates a vast pool of practical, ABA board-exam-style multiple-choice questions for self-assessment, and is an ideal resource ..
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Author: Glenn Matfin Model: 9781119672852
Lecture Notes discusses the principles of the initial assessment, investigation, diagnosis, and management of adult patients with everyday Acute Internal Medicine (AIM) presentations and conditions. This textbook is wide in scope and covers topics ranging from initial identification of acute me..
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Author: Paul N Frank Model: 9780323847766
Anesthesiology and Critical Care Morning Report: Beyond the Pearls is a case-based reference that covers the key material included on the USMLE and end-of-rotation exams, with pearls for the Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3 exams. Focusing on the practical information you need to know, it teaches how to a..
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Author: Susan B. Promes Model: 9780198826989
Designed to complement the highly popular Drugs in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, this companion title provides high quality pharmacology practice questions for exam revision. Focusing specifically on pharmacological principles and agents, it is tailored for postgraduate exams in anaesthesia a..
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Author: Jeffrey DellaVolpe Model: 9780443111983
ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) is a crucial form of support for patients with respiratory failure, severe ARDS, COVID-19, and cardiogenic shock whose use has been increasing exponentially around the world. The ECMO Book offers a comprehensive yet approachable framework for understanding ..
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Author: James M. Cairo Model: 9780323871648
Ensure you understand one of the most sophisticated areas of respiratory care with Pilbeam’s Mechanical Ventilation: Physiological and Clinical Applications, 8th Edition! Known for its simple explanations and in-depth coverage of patient-ventilator management, this evidence-base..
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Author: Susan B. Promes Model: 9781108984423
Exams are an essential component of one’s training pathway in the quest to become a Consultant. For trainees undertaking a career in Intensive Care Medicine (ICM), sadly this is no exception, however, herewith is a suitable text to aid you upon that arduous journey towards the completion of yo..
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Fully revised for its third edition, the Oxford Handbook of Expedition and Wilderness Medicine continues to be the essential resource for all expedition medics and well-informed travellers, as well as nurses, paramedics, medical students, and other expedition members travelling in remote, ..
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Author: Kaushal Shah, Jarone Lee Model: 9781009055628
A fully revised second edition of a practical, easy-to-read and evidence-based text to assist healthcare professionals in the approach to the unstable and critically ill patient. Divided into sections by clinical scenario, the book covers the essential topics most often encountered in the emergency ..
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Author: Aleksandar N. Neskovic, Frank A. Flachskampf Model: 9781032157009
Echocardiography is the most powerful and cost-effective imaging technique for assessing patients suffering from unstable cardiovascular diseases. This didactically structured third edition of Emergency Echocardiography contains fully rewritten chapters by well-known, internationally recog..
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Author: Edward A Bittner Model: 9781975183790
With concise, full-color coverage of this rapidly enlarging field, Critical Care Handbook of the Massachusetts General Hospital, Seventh Edition, is your go-to guide for practical, complete, and current information on medical and surgical critical care. Edited by Drs. Edward A. Bittne..
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Author: John G. Toffaletti, Craig R. Rackley Model: 9780323899710
Blood gas tests are a group of tests that are widely used and essential for the evaluation and management of a patient’s ventilation, oxygenation, and acid-base balance, often in emergent situations, and along with blood gases are other critical care analytes measured on blood: calcium, magnes..
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Author: Anirban Hom Choudhuri, Ashish Verma Model: 9781032111773
Imaging in critically ill patients is a ubiquitous but challenging line of investigation for the physician as accurate interpretation is often difficult as patient cooperation during the procedure is grossly compromised, and the resultant image is often suboptimal. This book provides details on prin..
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Author: Richard S. Irwin, Craig M. Lilly Model: 9781975181444
Covering both the theoretical and practical aspects of critical care,Irwin & Rippe’s Intensive Care Medicine, Ninth Edition, provides state-of-the-art, evidence-based knowledge for specialty physicians and non-physicians practicing in the adult intensive care environment. Drs. Cr..
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