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Percutaneous Absorption Drugs, Cosmetics, Mechanisms, Methods
Author: Nina Dragićević, Howard Maibach Model: 9781032022079
Updating and expanding the scope of topics covered in the previous edition, Percutaneous Absorption: Drugs, Cosmetics, Mechanisms, Methods, Fifth Edition supplies new chapters on topics currently impacting the field including cutaneous metabolism, skin contamination, exposure to protein allergens, i..
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Pearls and Pitfalls in Skin Ulcer Management
Thought as a primary reference on cutaneous ulcer management, written in a clear style by multidisciplinary experts and carefully edited and crafted, this volume covers of the complex topic of Wound Care, highlighting Pearls and Pitfalls in Skin Ulcer Management: from anatomy, epidemiology, pat..
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Problem Based Learning in Dermatology (August 2024)
This book presents 15 cases as studies in how to reach a diagnosis from a presenting patient. It covers 15 major topics in clinical dermatology as a succinct reference for dermatology clinicians in practice, also offering a concise revision guide for those in training, from medical students and resi..
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Lookingbill & Marks’ Principles of Dermatology, 7th Edition
Perfect for medical students, dermatology first-year residents, dermatology nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and other primary care physicians, Lookingbill & Marks’ Principles of Dermatology is a concise, abundantly illustrated, everyday reference for dermatologic diagnos..
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Dermatology in Pediatrics First edition (August 2024)
Highly illustrated and easy to use, Dermatology in Pediatrics, by Drs. Donald Shenenberger, Bernard Cohen, Jonathan Glass, and Joel Spitz, is a practical, everyday reference not only for dermatologists and dermatology residents, but also for pediatricians, family medicine physicians, and other clini..
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Dermatopathology, 4th Edition
Using an enjoyable, easy-to-understand approach, Dermatopathology, 4th Edition, combines online lectures and vast labeled image collections both in print and online to provide a uniquely effective learning package in this challenging subspecialty. Dr. Dirk M. Elston, Dr. Tammie Ferringer and colleag..
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Dermatologic Procedures in Office Practice, 2nd Edition
Author: Richard P. Usatine, Daniel L. Stulberg Model: 9780323930628
Now in a convenient and easy-to-use softcover format, Dermatologic Procedures in Office Practice, 2nd Edition, offers clear, step-by-step guidance on the many dermatologic procedures successfully performed in the office setting. This highly visual reference provides full-color photographs and drawin..
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Atlas of Pediatric Dermatology in Asian Skin
Accurately identify and effectively treat skin conditions on Asian pediatric patients The ability to identify rashes and disorders on the skin of non-Caucasian patients is now a professional obligation. Written by three leading experts from Singapore, along with top experts from around the globe,..
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Self-Assessment in Dermatology, 2nd Edition
Author: Jonathan Leventhal, Lauren L. Levy Model: 9780443114779
Test your dermatology knowledge and prepare to ace your exams with Self-Assessment in Dermatology: Questions and Answers, 2nd Edition. Featuring more than 600 questions that follow the American Board of Dermatology exam blueprint, this convenient study tool provides authoritative, up-to-date informa..
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The Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations: Integumentary System, Volume 4, 3rd Edition
Author: Bryan E. Anderson Model: 9780323880893
Offering a concise, highly visual approach to the basic science and clinical pathology of the integumentary system, this updated volume in The Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations (the CIBA “Green Books”) contains unparalleled didactic illustrations reflecting the latest medical kn..
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Clinical Cases in Atopic Dermatitis
This concise practical guide is designed to facilitate the clinical decision-making process in the management of atopic dermatitis by reviewing a number of cases and defining the various diagnostic and management decisions open to clinicians. It is well illustrated and diverse in scope, enabling the..
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Facial Architecture
Model: 9781786981295
This book is aimed at health professionals (dental surgeons, doctors, biomedical doctors and pharmacists specialising in esthetics) who want to learn more about orofacial harmonisation techniques. It will cover step-by-step botulinum toxin techniques in the three thirds of the face and therapeutic a..
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Genodermatoses are often considered rare diseases seldom seen by practicing clinicians, but as a result, professionals often have little experience or confidence with their diagnosis when they are called upon for a clinical case. This text presents a comprehensive illustrated overview of almost 2..
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DESCRIPTION User-friendly and highly visual in approach, Spitz's Genodermatoses: A Clinical Guide to Genetic Skin Disorders, 3rd Edition, is ideal for dermatologists, pediatricians, and family physicians for both board preparation and clinical practice. Drs. Jennifer L. Hand, Joel L. Spit..
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This new edition of an established resource provides an extensive look at the practical management, both medical and surgical, of all forms of hair loss. Proper examination of the patient with hair loss is discussed in depth, as is androgenetic alopecia, the most common cause of hair loss. The autoi..
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Author: Zoe Diana Draelos, Jeffrey S. Dover,Murad Alam Model: 9780443118081
Stay on top of more than "just the basics" concerning cosmetics and skin care and deliver the state-of-the-art expertise your patients are looking for. Procedures in Cosmetic Dermatology: Cosmeceuticals, 4th Edition, improves your knowledge and expertise with the cutting-edge cosmeceu..
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Author: Ronald Johnston Model: 9780702084478
Comprehensive, concise, and superbly illustrated, Weedon’s Skin Pathology Essentials, 3rd Edition, provides expert, easy-to-read guidance on key diagnoses in dermatopathology for pathologists and dermatologists in practice and training. This clearly written, well-structured text/atlas is ideal..
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Author: Noreen Heer Nicol Model: 9781451188783
An official publication of the Dermatology Nurses Association, Dermatology Nursing Essentials: A Core Curriculum is the the definitive source for concepts and practices in dermatology nursing. It serves as an excellent review tool for certification, as well as day-to-day interaction with patients. C..
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Author: Griffiths Model: 9781119709213
Description The latest edition of the world’s leading dermatology textbook Rook’s Textbook of Dermatology, 10th Edition is the most definitive, comprehensive and illustrated reference work in dermatology worldwide. Fully updated by experts from around the world, the book highligh..
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For dermatology residents and trainees, as well as those in clinical practice, Dermatology is the leading reference for understanding, diagnosing, and treating the full spectrum of skin disease—and is the key resource that residents rely on throughout their training and certific..
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